March 6, 2017
By Kenziekaye BRONZE, Lyons, Michigan
Kenziekaye BRONZE, Lyons, Michigan
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It was a quiet night on the boat. As I look out into the cool calm ocean I start to see dolphins of far into the light of the sunset. It was a nice time to sit by the railing and enjoy the view as i started to wind down after a fun filled day. Everything seemed so perfect until all of the sudden I hear glass shattering and gun fire followed by the screams of horrified passengers. I finally realize that terrorist have taken over the boat. In a state of shock and panic I quickly searched for a small lifeboat. There were none left. The ropes look like they were unevenly cut. Filled with panic and fear, chills started to run down my body. I was quickly trying to find a way to get off this boat before I was found and held captive or worse.

Before i could talk myself out of it I was plunging into the cool ocean water with the life jacket, I grabbed of a hook on the railing. I didn't really have a plan other than floating with the life jacket all the way to the island I could faintly see off in the distance. The sun was already going down and it would be dark soon i knew that if I was going to make it to the island before it was too dark to see, I would have to use the swimmer legs i had three years ago with my senior year of high school.

I swam hard and fast until finally i had reached the warm, soft sand that was cooling down from the beating sun all day. As I layed on the beach filled with relief and exhaustion, I started to realize that yes I had escaped the terrorist on the boat, but now there was a new problem. I had realized i was now stranded alone with no food or water and I did not have anyway to signal for help.
As I had started to panic about what i was going to do I heard a light growling sound. I looked over to the bushes at the end of the beach where i heard the growling come from. I slowly started moving closer to find out what the noise was coming from, I grabbed a stick that was nearby and got close enough to where I could poke the bush. After a couple of seconds out popped a dog. It was a cute one, looked like a baby pitbull. It was grey with some black around the eyes. I started to think of names for it and decided to come up with smokey. I dropped the stick and got closer to the dog. It looked young so it must have a mother nearby somewhere.

After looking for the mother or anyone else on the small island for what seemed like hours the sun started to come up over the horizon. It was a beautiful sunset, filled with a mixture of orange and red with a dash of pink.  I knew i had to start thinking of a way to get off of the island and fast. I had finally came to the idea of building a small raft for me and the cute grey puppy i had found.
I spent the day looking for supplies to build my raft. After gathering all of the logs and vines I could i put it together.  I’d slide the logs together and use the vines as cordage to wrap them around one another. After several hours later, the raft was together.
I slid it across the beach and down into the water. I slowly crawled onto the raft, as soon as it started to float away from shore I saw the water start to rise to the top of the logs. I knew it would not be able to support my weight all the way to land. I paddled all the way back to land. Once I reached land i tried to think of another way to get off this island.
After my trip across the water with my raft, I finally figured out a way I could try to get help and that was by making a signal fire. I had to gather all the dry sticks i could find. Once i got the sticks i had to figure out how I was going to light the fire to get help.
I decided I could spin one piece of wood on another to make a small fire and I could keep adding to it. The minute I started working on the fire I knew that it would not work because i did not know how to start a fire by myself. After twisting the two sticks together hopelessly, I sat there helplessly waiting for a miracle to happen. I had lost all hope and i just wanted to die. I didn't want to have to worry about getting off this island anymore. I gave up.

After what seemed like forever, I started getting sharp pains that felt like knives in my stomach and throat. I had gone two days without food and the only drink i had was gross seawater that i knew would kill me if I continued to drink it. I feared for my life at this point and was doubtful that I would ever get off this island. Just as I felt weak and feared for the poor pups life and mine, a miracle happened.

I could barely see over the sun shining into my eyes, but out in the horizon i saw a boat. I couldn't see the logo on the small boat very well but it looked like one of those police boats. It had a black on the bottom half and the top was white with what looked like a small window in the middle. I felt so relieved i could have cried. I stood up and started to shout with what i had left of my voice. Between me shouting and the noise from the motor on the boat, it must have woken up the pup. He had come over to where i was standing at the edge of the water and was barking. The police must have heard my shouting and his barking because they had turned the boat and it was coming straight for the island.

We were going to be saved. “We are finally getting off this island!” I cheered to the pup. I picked him up and twirled him around in circles with joy. When the boat had finally reached the beach, I held on to smokey and jogged down the beach. When I had finally reached the boat, a man came out and helped me get on the boat. Finally i was leaving the island with the furry little pup snuggled in my arms. I was going to keep little smokey safe from now on.

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