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March 6, 2017
By 13338 BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
13338 BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
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The day of execution has arrived. I was laying down on some sort of substance, totally unaware of the danger that was about to occur this day. In front of me stood a tall and muscular man twice the size of me. In his hand he was carrying something, sharp and jagged, which what looked to be some kind of weapon. But what looked even more ugly was his face. His face was torn apart, scars all over exposing his hideous and gut wrenching face. After carefully examining his face I looked around to see buildings made of stone all distorted and locked as if the could topple at any moment.

Then around me I saw another person, but this guy wore some sort of robe most likely a priest no doubt. What he was doing was ranting about how to not trust any body and to be aware of anything that might be a threat. He was getting atlases and and cheers from the people around him, them two were in agreeance with what he was preaching. But I just knew that he was using thatm to tell everybody that we are the real threat and that's what he just said.

“Ladies and gentlemen, you have been gathered here today to witness the the slater of these muntins.””They have been rebelling against the empire and we had enough.” “It is time to get rid of these halogens once and for all,It is time to put an end to their rain.”

After he said that dreadful and horrifying speech, the burly and muscular guy grabbed the axe in his hand getting ready to cut my head off! But before I heard that there was some horrifying screech in the air getting closer and closer. But what appeared was even more horrifying than the screech we just heard.
Over the mountain appeared a dragon huge and coming right for the city. Before people had time to react the dragon landed on the top of one of the buildings and lighting the city on fire. I stumbled and fell to the ground traumatized and shocked of what happened. I managed to get to my feet scoring inside to one of the buildings trying to catch my breath. Inside their was someone helping a human that was bleeding out.

But before I could help him, one of the other prisoners told me it was time to get moving and we didn't have much time. So we started to head of towards the top of the tower when the dragon burst through the building and grabbed one of the soldiers and flew away. Giving us an opportunity to escape I leaped through the hole in the building and continued to follow him till we stopped near a keep where one of the other guards were heading in the same direction we were and told to me:
“Come with me not him he deserved to die but if you come with me I will make sure that you will live and I will find you a rightful place on the throne.”
However, since the other prisoner that helped guide in the right direction, I decided it would be best to go with him so I entered the keep with him.

Chapter 1: Freedom        

Disgusting. The keep I just entered smelled of rotten flesh and and I was right. In front of me laying on the ground was a corpse looked old about 80 and was burnt to a crisp. It seemed like has been her forever but due to his severe burns I bet he died recently buy the dragon that attacked the city.

I asked the guy if he might now why the dragon attacked but he said “ I don't have a clue why the dragon attacked the city, I am just as clueless but I know someone who might. As soon as we get out of here I will bring you to my brother but first let's find a way out.”

  So he asked me to come closer so he could release me from these chains then we continued on our way. After he released me he told me to go over and retrieve something out of the chest. Once I opened the chest I looked inside to find what I was waiting to find for some time and that was a sword. But this sword was no ordinary sword you see usually swords have some sort of imprint or marking that defines it as one but this one didn't.

What it did have that no other sword had before is an enchantment you see enchantments are so called magic because what it does is ads extra damage and an effect on anything it touches whether it is a fire, ice or posing damage. Now this might not sound very important but it is very useful during combat and I am sure I will need it when the time comes.

So I picked up the sword and then we continued on our way. As we were walking down a narrow corridor, I heard some strange noises coming from above and which I realized was the dragon coming back so we hurried up so we wouldn't be crushed by the dragon that could be crashing in at any moment.

  We also noticed that as we got closer and closer we saw more and more blood draped all over the wall leading us to what looked like one of his friend because as soon as we caught a glimpse of him he hurried over to him and said,
“ Oh no, it looks like one of the imperials got to him first we should keep moving. Here take this you will need it to defend yourself you never no how could come…”

As sone as he said that we heard people running down the other corridor which was locked by a big gate.  As the guards were running down the hall the started screeching weird words that I couldn't quite make out but I had to hide fast because as they were sprinting I caught a glimpse of one of the soldiers weapons.

So, I hurried to the side of the gate getting ready at any moment for the gate to slide open giving me a chance to attack, but as the got closer there was dead silence almost like the guards. All of a sudden, just disappeared into thin air but then I realized why there was no noise because as soon as the guards stopped for a breather the dragon swooped down and crashed into the building slaughtering the guards on site for a second, blinding me and knocking me to the ground. As I opened my eyes, I saw a big glow coming right towards me. 

Not having enough time to react the other prisoner that lead me through, dived, and saved me from other and a possible sudden death. After he saved me from death we halted and hide around the corner of the gate waiting for the dragon to leave but he continued to walk towards us as then decided that now is my chance to strike.

I grasped my sword and hit it at the dragon blinding and staggering it telling the dragon to go away. The dragon did fly away but I am sure it will be coming back so we grabbed anything else we needed and continued forward.

The way that we were headed was a lot stranger more quiet than ever even thought almost every other corridor we walked through was filled with dead bodies or a rotten stench but this hall didn't include any of those things which was making me think something strange has happened here and sure enough as we turned the corner here is what we saw. In front of us was three middle sized guy with blunt weapons in there hand blood soking there bodies head to toe and they to smelled of rotten flesh which explains why the corridor we walked through was spotless.

They didn't even know we were here until one of the turned around and spotted us. So I quickly swing my weapon at them hoping that I wouldn't miss, but I managed to swing him right in the nuggets making him fall to the ground shaking in pain but the other bandits maned up and swing back at me but this bandit wasn't so lucky instead he swing and managed to it himself knocking out on the floor with the other bandit. So the other bandit ran the other direction and fledd. These bandits had the worst fighting skills I have ever seen in my life they didn't even manage to put a scratch on me even with the weapon they had in hand and I wouldn't of expected that from bandits due to them being well trained in combat.

I remember once I ran into a bandit that where to skillful I decided to run and I came out just fine better even but I didn't even have to try to stop but besides them being awful at combat the bandits had a different attire from the other guards roaming the city because of the amor not being made entirely out of metal makes them less intimidating they weren't as much of a threat but the real question is why where the bandits in this place at the time did they snuck through while the city was being attacked or did they somehow slipped buy without being noticed but whatever the reason was I beat it was just to achieve gold so they could bath in their wealth like most bandits do when some place or someone is under turmoil but besides all of that we had to find a way out of here and quick so we continued to walk. As we kept walking we ran into what looked like to be a cave so we entered through it while we were on the lookout for any trouble but unharmed, we kept moving until we ran into a bear.
“Oh my, another creature.” I said in a high pitched voice but we continued, quietly sneaking around him trying not to be caught but we managed to get through him but I heard a cold chill in the air so I knew we still were not only. As we were walking, I decided to examine what was in here but really there wasn't much to see.

In here there was no stench of death now blood or dead bodies just a cold chill running down my spine which I know is a sign that it is time turn around but then I heard a noise coming over near the waterfall but this was a grone not a shot and it was a lot more frightening than the screech the dragon did so I went over to investigate,my friend falling behind him to being suspicious of what that noise was to my surprise and friting display the creature was not a human but a undead corpse. Its body was all entangled his face looked dried up and his eyes started to glow when he looked my way. I ducked before he could see me telling my friend what i saw “what is it” said my companion.
“I think it was some sort of undead”.
I know those things how did they get in her well don't even go near them, they might not like deadly but these zombies are not just zombies these also used to be very old nords relating back close to the second ara itself I don't know exactly how they turned into zombies but I don't want to find out we should keep moving.”

So it made me think what might of the second ara been like because to find these creatures way back then would be a horrifying experience but I would find out soon enough so we continued to move and slipped by the undead silently without dring to arouse him we went around the cave and found an exit just out of reach when the undead that I found jumped out of nowhere carrying a sword huge and coming write at me. I ducked and he missed given us enough time to slipe by him, running towards the exit, but the guy I was with wasn't so lucky. As soon as I left the cave I looked behind me expecting to see my companion but he was nowhere to be found so I peeked through the hole to see him lying on the ground and I looks like he didn't make it. I started to mope and cry acking at the feeling that he is dead but I had to get going with what time I have before dark so I headed to the next village a few miles away expecting to be jumped but relieved continued onward heading towards the in. I headed up to the nearest in and while I was in there I asked around where I could find someone knowing about the dragon but no one had clue as to what I was talking about so I decided it was time for me to get to sleep and get some shuteye so I asked the In ceper for a bed and gave it to me for free so I laid down in bed closing my eyes thinking of what just happened never ever want to experience that ever again but I know that what I just experienced isn't even comparable of what I will experience.
  Chapter: 2 The Meeting 
I was woken up by a sudden noise that made me jump in my bed, but I couldn't quite make out what barged through the doar but I could definitely hear what they were saying.

“ Hello can you hear me.
“Yes I can hear you, but I can't see you.” Here you got something on your face wait what is this”.
As she took this of my face I could make out what she looked like. Her face was all clear no scratches or scars to be sean but the gunk she took off my face looked familiar what it was is the gunk I saw on the undead's face and it never appeared on my face until now.

It was very unusual for it to appear right now but she didn't hesitate to respond. “Oh and buy the way my name is Nancy I am sorry to barge in like this, but I heard that my brother died and I couldn't ask but how did he die.”
“Well he died when we were heading out of the cave and a monster appeared and ate your brother.” “Well that's tragic I never would've guessed he would of died this song but enough of being deprived it is time for me to tell you what to do next”

So we exited the building while I noticed the innkeeper was looking at me odd and I never would've none why. But once I exited I had to at least observe the outside for a second. Outside well let me tell you obote that. Outside was beautiful, there was a lot of plantation, Trees of all color, shapes in sizes fanu every where and a bunch of people all around which was hard to take my eyes off all of these things but I managed,continued walking down the path with my newly met friend and we sat down to have a little talk.
“So the reason I came to you so quickly is because I need your help telling someone about the dragon attack and I will tell you where exactly you have to go”. “I need you to travel all the way to whiterun and tell the ural about the dragon attack, he needs to know right away but first let's get you suited up.”

So with that in mind she lead me to the blacksmith where he gave me some new made armor and a great sword for my travels. Yet don't have a clue is to why they are giving me all this stuff but with the look on their faces the insisted I need them so I grabbed the weapons and armor and headed towards the road right before she said “and oh please be carefull out there we really need your help we don't want you to be killed or anything” So I continued on my way down the road into the deep and dark forest. Their is where for the first time I have ever seen a wolf up close but luckily he didn't see me because I don't want to be his next meal. So as I was walking buy It I looked at to see that this wolf is the most biggest I have ever seen probably a male wolk probably due to his size. But to see no wolfs buy there side is really spectacular because usually wolfs are accompanied by other wolves usually to hunt down prey but I didn't care why just needed to slide by him lucky I did and that is probly wont be the last time I see one of those and hopefully they don't catch me.

So as I walk closer and closer out of the wood I start to see an outline of the city she just mentioned getting more and more visible by the second and soner the city became entirely invisible showing what appeared to be a big city with what appeared to be the looks of some kind of building jutting out of the city. And for the first time I saw guards surrounding the city, even guardbanding the front gate. But I didn't let that distract me from getting into the city so I continued down the path. When I was almost about to get inside the city one of the guards said

“holt the city is closed with the dragon about we are not letting anybody in.” “But you must I have important news for the jarl about the dragon attack.” “Well I see well in that case go on in”. So I enter the city not expecting any welcome or how do you do but what I didn't expect was this. In the sky I heard a shout that made the sky tremble which attracted the attention of the guards. The guards started to accuse me of making that shout but I insisted I had nothing to do with it but they didn't let me off that easily.

They made me pay a fine for my disruption but I had no gold to give him so the guards instead of arresting me they took me into where I think is where the jarl lives and placed me right in front of the jarl. The jarl didn’t catch my attention just yet so it gave me time to think. What I thought is that after after talked to the jarl I would try and find a companion to help me on whatever quest they will asking me to accomplish. But the problem is that I don't know where I would look. I haven't been in this city very long and finding someone is nearly impossible but I decided I will just ask around. So then in waited for the jarl to stop talking and then I preceded to talk to the jarl.

“Um excuse me sir can I have a moment with you.” “Of course what is it you need.” Well its about the dragon attack.” Now you were in that attack.” Yes I was and I need your help.”  Well I am glad your here and I know why.” “You do.” Yes I need you do go and a coming my fellow tropes of a matter that needs attending.” Yes what is it.” Well I need you to fight a dragon.” What I can't fight a dragon I don’t have any protection.” Oh sorry I forgot to give you these.”
In his hands he held a full suit of armor all made out of stainless steel. It made me feel a little more comfortable that I would be protected but it didn't change the fact that I haven't been in this kind of situation before. I have never really been good at fighting and to fight a dragon is just way to hard to accomplish so I almost decided not to do it but instead I decided that it would be best. So his friend led me out of the building to what looked to be sum beating up watchtower.

You can definitely tell something has been here because outside there was fire everywhere, The buildings collapsed, chunks of stone scattered around the place and surprisingly there was one guard inside the watchtower poking his head out. I could tell that he was waiting to be rescued he too looked almost as bad as the building, him being caked in dirt, blood running down his torso and his head with a big gash in it. He looked surprised to see me, coming write for me. As he got closer, I had my sword in my hand just in case he would attack me. Thankfully he didn't but boy oh boy he had something surprising to tell me.

“Sir can you please help me.” “Let me guess a dragon came.” How did you know.” Well I was told that a dragan has been spotted here and I was told to investigate.” Well you didn't come at an opportune time because the dragon has already been here.” “Where did the dragon go to.” “Well the dragon went all the way over to those mountains.” Well you can go back to the city, we will just wait until it comes back.”

So with that said the guard went back to the city and we waited. The first sign we could tell the dragon was coming is that as we were waiting we here a very loud screech very much like the scream I heard from the other dragon. It was a lot louder as time went by but a few minutes later and the dragon came into view. We couldn't quite make out what type of dragon it was but there was no denying that it was a dragon. I couldn't of been the last dragon that I came in contact with due to this dragon had a shorter wing span and the size was tremendously different.

This dragon was a lot faster to which didn't help me at all. The guards didn't see the dragon wich didn't give me a lot of time to improvise. So I decided that would really quickly run to the watch tower and hopefully the guards would spot me retreating and follow me into the watch tower.

Well I was rone at least partially rone. What happens is the group of guards didn't see me but likely I caught the wood elf's attention. So the wood elf followed me into the watch tower right before I caught a glimpse of the dragon swooping down and picking one of the guards up and throwing him in the air.

The dragon caught the guard in mid air, using its razor sharp teeth to comp right through the guards middle section, exposing the guards intestines. The dragon bite through the guard so hard that the bottom section of the guards body flew and hit one of the other guards in the face, blood oozing all over the guard's body. In shock the guards ran a away letting us be stranded with the dragon alone.

We were scared also but we weren't just to leave and let the dragon destroy the city so we went over some options to kill the dragon. Our first option was a bit risky but the most realistic option. It was that we were just going to right out of the watchtower and attack the dragon. But this option was the most risky considering sense we didn’t have very good protection or very good weapons so our next option was that we would look around the inside of the watch tower hoping that we would find better weapons to destroy the dragon.

So we split up in all different directions looking for anything that might be any use to use. But as we were walking I remembered something. When I was in the building with my other companion I remember I collected the sword from the chest and the sword that he gave me so before my other companion started looking for weapons I shouted over to her and gave her a sword and dusuced a plan to defeat the dragon.

“Okay I have a plan.” What's the plan.” Well what I need you to do is distract the dragon.” What are you crazy it will kill me” Well first here me out, all you have to do is lure the dragon away from the watchtower making sure the dragon is focused on you then I will jump ot and kill the dragon.”  “Well you got us this far so I will go out and distract the dragon.”

So first we waited till the close is clear and started. So as the dragon died down that is when my companion ran out of the watch tower and shouted,trying to get the dragon's attention. The dragon really quickly turned around breathing fire but likely the fire singed the top of the grass. As she dodged the dragons attack I snuck up behind the dragon waiting for a chance to attack. Then The dragon instead of attacking stood their for a second and then all of a sudden turned around using his tail to hit me in the face.

He did knocking me to the ground bruises and gashes all over my face. The dragon didn’t hesitate to retaliate the dragon almost hitting me when my companion jumped wright on top of the dragon's head slicing the dragon's head in half. The dragons dead body fell revealing insight to what looked to be a chewed up guards armor and a few pieces of gold. The dragon was covered in blood as was my companion which had blood scattered all over her face.                    








Then through the portal, I pressed on. Through the portal straight away I saw 3 shady looking figures. They were all pale looking and they all could be seen through.  I went up to them to point me in the right direction, but none of them know I even existed. Hey did however stare in my direction but could not tell I was here. So I asked one more time but still no response so I continued forward.

Walking seemed very strange compared to when I was in the real world. I felt like there was always someone behind coming to get me but there wasn't really anybody hear besides those ghosts I found back there but as I was walking there was something really peculiar right in front of me. In front of me was what looked to be a dragon and a dead dragon at that. The dragon was ripped dry of its skin exposing its bones and very sharp teeth. But the dragon was supertote buy a cliff which is holding up the dragon.

The place I was going to enter didn't seem very welcoming, that of in front of me blocking my way was this huge and burly guy about 10 feet tall staring me right in the face. He seemed shocked to me the standing there and started to laugh. He managed to stop laughing and asked me

¨What are you doing in sovngarde only people who have died come to sovngarde so what has brought you here.” I have come to talk to the elders and I was told they are here.””You are correct but I am not letting you in unless you can defeat me in battle.” “What kind of battle.” “Well a fight of course and if you win I will let you through.” “Okay I will fight.”

So, the battle has begun. First the guy picks up his sword. He swings it at me but it misses falling to the ground. I then proceed to pick up my sword when he pushed me to the ground picking back up his sword. But I didn't let that slight push stop me. I then grab my sword and swing it at the giant this time my weapon hit him in the back.

He screeched and hollered and grabbed the sword from his back slashing it at me. I duck and barrel rolled out of the way. The giant hen instead of trying to hit me he charged at me and in the that very instance I dodged his attack and he hit one of the rocks.

It seemed he had enough so he halted and surrendered. He moved out of the way and I continued into the building. The building I Entered made me halted and stopped and locked around if I could find how I was looking for. I didn't know exactly how I was looking for only based of the image I saw of him he had facial hair but nothing else I could identify him by. Could however tell what he might of locks of base on his closes.
Almost everybody in here was wearing some sort of ragged outfit but I found three guys that stood out. They were in fact wearing different closes but I didn't quite get there watching quite yet so I ran over them trying not to attract much attention seeing as this place is full of people. But they still didn't see me so I manned up and taped one of them on their shoulders this time getting there attention.

They turned around looking at me strangely not knowing why I was here but they still talked to me and said. “Oh hello, why have you cam to sovngarde” “Well the dragon eldwin is said to be located here.” “Oh, so you are the dragonborn.” “yes that is me.” Well in that case we better hurry, meet me outside of the castle.”

So without anytime to waste he really quickly sprang out the doar and I followed him out. We meat right in front of the castle like he said then he told me to wait here he then, with his other companies, preceded to use there shouts. Like me they could use the voice of dragons to destroy them. The shout they were using was the shout called clear skies. The place here was covered in fog which was very dense. After a little while I noticed it wouldn't go away, so I joined up with them helping them clear up the fog. It didn't go away right away but a little bit later it did.

And that is when edwing appeared. He was out bigger than when I first encountered him yet he was a friting as I had last encountered him his teeth jutting out from his gomes his piercing glare and his dark blue eyes.

He didn't quite see me yet but he knew I was here so that gave us a chance to hide. So I ran over towards the rock where I had defeated that giant not that long ago and waited. The waiting some subsided when I heard a loud crash and a boom telling me that welding has landed and the dragging preceded in saying

“Where are you dragonborn you can't hide forever”.  He said that But I wasn't going to come out of hiding just yet, but when I said that here he came. I didn't know exactly what I would do but I decided this would be best.

“Vous rada da.”

The shout blasted aldwin across the plain giving me and my companions a chance to attack. We really quickly followed that dragon that fell and we went full force on him. This dragon seemed indestructible because every hit we landed on him didn't damage him and what he said didn't reassure me of it

“You fools you can kill me only a dragon shout can, opps did I say that out loud.” “Yes you did.”

So I use the shout one of my friends taught me but before I could the dragon used its tail to wipe me across the ground where then the dragon proceed to walk towards me. When he got to me the dragon reached in and tried to bit me where my companion jumped in front of him and killed him. So I decide now is my chance. I then used the shout on the dragon. When the shout hit the dragon it fell to the ground where the dragon started to disintegrate leaving behind a pile of bones. We then left the dragon be and we rested a bite and I decide to think of what to do next. I decide I would ask the giant I fought on how to escape. He then said he could teleport me back but before he responded.

“ I can not appreciate you enough for what you have done, we will always remember you” I couldn't bare to leave and I couldn't believe that this is over and none of my friends managed to survive but I know when I will return I will be reminded of what I used to know.

The author's comments:

What inspired me to write this is my love for games ad the specific game skyrim wich is alll about adventre/mystery. I didnt fully complete my story for how long it is but I do have all of the elments that make up a story. And that is why I am reriting the story over again but I am still sumiting this one so I hope you like it.

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