The Flood

February 18, 2017
By jameskim0320 BRONZE, Great Neck, New York
jameskim0320 BRONZE, Great Neck, New York
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      It was Christmas and Holly received a bicycle as her Christmas present. Her mother, Alexandra, also bought one for herself and so they decided to go camping in a nearby forest. They biked through the overgrowth and found a flat area to camp in. They had a great time together. Soon they heard thunder rolling through the skies. They realized that they were in trouble, and all of a sudden it began to pour. They stayed inside their tents throughout the entire night. The rain still continued to pour and the water that surrounded them began to rise. Their only escape route was to climb the trees. Under unfortunate circumstances, all their equipment was washed away. Holly and Alexandra began to worry about what was to come. Their only food supply was a loaf of bread that they had been saving and they nibbled on it to conserve the bread. The rain continuously battered them and they used their coats to protect the bread from getting wet. Everyday was filled with the sounds of pattering rain as well as the sounds of falling trees. One night, there were some birds that came and they ate all the bread, leaving Holly and Alexandra with nothing to eat. Both of them were feeling very hopeless because they lost their only source of food as well as the fact that the flood was continuing to rise. They were left with only one option. Alexandra proposed an idea. The next day, she lost a leg, and her daughter was satisfied.

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