On The Run

February 10, 2017

A loud knock wakes me from my sleep. I get up as my door is kicked in. I look at who it is, and it is my best friend Tyler.

He looks at me with a scared look on his face and says, “Get everything you can in less than 10 minutes and meet me in the backyard.”

I grab my 9 millimeter, all the bullets I have for it, my stash of money (only 2 grand), and some clothes; then I head to the backyard. Tyler has his truck waiting there.

    “Throw all of your stuff in the back and get in.

Inside the truck Tyler looks at me nervously and says, “They found them.”

I ask, “How did they find them?”

He says, “I don’t know but we have to go. The cops are looking for us.”


“How do they know it was us?” I ask.

Tyler says, “I left my mail down there by where we hide all of them, and it had mine and your name on it. They even got the army looking for us.” Tyler looks at me and says, “I knew we shouldn’t of stole all of them guns from the army. The money was good; we almost sold all of the guns anyways. We should have paid more attention on where we were hiding them.

“It was your idea, Tyler. You said, ‘Let's steal guns and sell them.’ Where are we going to hide?”

Tyler says, “We are going to live in the woods. I have a secret hideout. It is about 50 miles away from our city, That should be good.”

When we get to the secret hideout, I go in the cabin and there is nothing but a bed and some blankets.

He says, “This we have to do until the cops die down.”

The first night isn’t that bad, but we have to live out here for a little while. I still have my gun, so maybe I can kill something for breakfast. I start walking through the woods, spot a squirrel and shoot him. I go back to the cabin and Tyler has a fire built. We get some clothes hangers and make a rack to cook the meat. It isn’t a lot of food but it will have to work until we figure out what we are going to do. After breakfast we get into his truck and try to sneak into town to get some gas, food, and other things we might need. The cops have every entry and exit covered.

“We can’t make it to the next city unless we get gas,” Tyler said. “Maybe at night they won’t be covered anymore.”

Night time rolls around and we don’t see any cops, so we drive into the city. We pull up to a gas station and fill the truck up. On our way back to the cabin, we get pulled over.

When the cop comes up to our vehicle, he says, “Get out of the vehicle.”

Tyler hit the gas, and now we are being chased by the cops. They chase us ten miles, and then they throw out road spikes. We hit the spikes, get out of the truck and run into the woods. The cops aren't far behind us. We see a river, and it’s either jump in or go to jail. We decide to jump, and the cold water instantly puts me into shock. Luckily, the cops don’t chase us into the river.

We float about two miles down the river before getting out. We walk another mile when I hear leaves being crushed and limbs breaking in the distance. I tell Tyler to back up slowly, and right when we turn around, we get tased by cops.

Tyler and I wake up in a cell in handcuffs and shackles.

The first thing Tyler says is, “We have to escape out of this prison.”

I say, “How in the hell are we supposed to do that? This is the highest security prison in the world!”

Tyler looks at me and says, “We will find a way.”

A prison guard comes to our cell and get us. He says that we have to go to court. I walked into the courtroomand sit in front of the judge.


He says, “I already know what y’all did, and there is no getting out of it. I sentence y’all to life in prison.”

They guards take us back to our cell, and we start planning our escape.

Tyler says, “Why don’t we just wait until one of the guards walks by and tell him that I need a doctor? When he opens the door to come into our cell, we’ll hit him in the back of the head, grab his gun, and shoot him.”
I say, “Okay.”

So we wait until right before bed for the guards to come by our cell. The plan worked like a charm.  Once the guard was dead, I take his keys and unlock our handcuffs and shackles. We come upon another guard, so Tyler shot him. Then, we go to the main office and open the other cells. The prisoners all come out and help us escape out the front gate and into the woods.

Suddenly, there are gunshots behind us. I reach a creek about the time I realize that Tyler is not with me; the cops have him again. I have to either leave him or go back to jail; I choose to keep running. But now it feels like something has jumped up and bitten me right in my back. I look for a good spot to hide, feel my back, and realize I have been shot. I crawl into a tunnel by the creek and lie down, It is getting hard to breathe and my vision is blurry; I know I am dying. I only have about 30 minutes to live, so I make myself comfortable and wait to die.

The last thoughts that go through my mind are “I have had one hell of a life” and “Good luck, Tyler.”

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