February 9, 2017
By klgreen BRONZE, Simms , Texas
klgreen BRONZE, Simms , Texas
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      On Thursday, October 31, 1985, I woke up to the dogs barking over the ridge as I was walking out the bedroom door and light caught the corner of my eye causing me to be startled. I jerked my boots on, sprinted through the door, and Jumped onto the four wheeler. I heard a man screaming,  like he was jumping onto someone or trying to run my dogs off. It took a while until I could get the four wheeler to start, but when I did, I put that darn thing into first gear and hauled butt through the meadow. As I was coming over the hill i seen a old blue f-150 parked behind a bush. There  was an very tall and muscled man standing behind the truck as he was hiding.

      He looked every bit of seven foot tall and probably weighed around three-hundred pounds as he was hiding behind the truck I crouched down behind the hill and watched him for around ten minutes he never moved then I thought maybe he's trapped but  Then I seen him come around to the other side of the truck. He opened the back door throwing something in and then i seen it. My dogs  were trapped in the back as if they had been knocked out or smothered. Forgetting my gun at the house I stayed  behind the hill waiting for him to get farther nuff down the road then I started the four wheeler and followed him  down the road so far behind to were he cannot see me.             

     He lead me to an old cabin to witch looked abandoned for years. I watched him unload my dogs one by one. I would have called the cops but it's me and him. As i was making my way back towards the house thinking on how to get him back. When i got home i loaded my 12 gauge and was about to set out when he pulled up towards my house. He got out of the truck and started his way up the porch i backed up into the corner ready to fire he knocked the door open coming inside. He had an older model colt in his left hand and was pointing it directly at me i went to pull the trigger and it was a dud he walked towards me and jerked me off the ground quicker than a crack head jumping on dope. Then out of the blues a dog ran into the house biting his ankle long nuff for me to get free.  I tied him up and integrated him and went to get my dogs back. Thanks to that heroic dog on that late thursday night I would have probably been floating with the angels in heaven.

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I Injoy Hunting, fishing,  basketball, and football 

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