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November 16, 2016
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I had just arrived at the China Southern Airport, an hour early like always. I work as an international translator. So, I pretty much travel the world and help people understand the language spoken there. I was traveling with a small chinese family called the Wan family. They are very rich and are paying for all of my expenses. There was Mr. and Mrs. Wan, plus their two children. Their son Sasuke and daughter Biyu. They were traveling to America, they would not tell me why, they are going to visit a friend in New York and they don’t know how to speak to them. This whole situation kinda bugs me but I am just doing my job.
By the way my name is Qbert Pham. I know it's a weird name but the author is a weird person, so I can’t control anything. Ha! Broke the fourth wall. Back to the story, I was going through customs right after Biyu and a buzzer went off. I realized I forgot I was wearing my nose and bellybutton rings. I casually stepped back to take them out and was shoved back through by Mr. Wan. I was going to tell him what I was doing but the customs inspector grabbed me and dragged me out of the way and throwing all my stuff at me. I just stood there for a good thirty seconds with a confused and shocked look on my face.
I shook my head and turned around going over to a bench and putting my shoes and earrings back in and putting my backpack on my back. I watched Sasuke, Mr. Wan and Mrs. Wan walk to flight 243. I furrowed my brows because I didn’t see Biyu. I went to put the tub back and a security guard grabbed my arm and was dragging me over to a shoot that wasn’t boarding yet. They shoved me onto the plane and the only other person besides me and the pilots was Biyu. I went over and sat next to her, she looked terrified. Biyu was clutching her stuffed dragon that she carries around, I looked at her and spoke calmly in Mandarin Chinese.
“Where are your parents and brother?” She looked at me as if I were insane and didn’t answer me. I was starting to wonder what I had gotten myself into. I heard the plane engine start and I buckled up… there wasn’t even a flight attendant to show us safety procedures. The plane started moving when I noticed Biyu was struggling with her belt and reached over to help her and she suddenly started crying hysterically.  She clutched my arm so tight that I wasn’t sure if she was human.
I sat there and comforted her until we took off and right as the wheels left the ground, she passed out. I was so worried but I kept quiet so I could listen to the pilots talk but no words were being said. I was suddenly feeling very tired, I was trying so hard to stay awake but I was too weak. I ended up falling asleep.
A few hours later I work up and I saw the pilots open a small pill bottle and take two pills out and put them into each others mouths. The next thing I knew, they were laying face down on the floor having violent seizures. Foaming out of the mouth like a rabid dog and suddenly there was an explosion in the back of the plane. I grabbed Biyu, who was still sleeping, I held her tightly and could feel the suffocating feeling of the free fall we were taking in the death cage we called a plane.
I feel the plane as it starts to spin, we are falling faster and faster then suddenly I was pinned against the wall with Biyu on top of me and I was screaming. I looked up and the next thing I saw was flames erupting as we hit what I was guessing was land. Flames engulfed the small plane and all I could think was ‘I’m gonna die’... Then I blacked out.
I woke up to the smell of smoke, I looked down at myself and saw it wasn’t me. Every move I made hurt so bad I was practically sobbing, I started looking for Biyu. I couldn’t find her anywhere. I decided that she had died in the plane crash, I was still amazed that I had actually survived. I am not Christian or anything but it must have been a miracle. I finally got away from the junk that was called a plane. Walking around like a dazed chimp who ate one too many bananas, I tripped over a root and fell face first into a bunch of what I thought was mud.
Then it started burning my face and I realized that there was no way it could be mud. I started screaming in pain. I started running around until I hit a tree dead on and fell flat on my back. Sitting up quickly I tried wiping off the burning goo off my face. I finally got it so I was able to see out of one eye and I noticed a little pond just a few meters away. I dragged myself over to the pond and started washing my face and it felt as if I was peeling off my skin little by little.
After what felt like hours of torturing myself getting, what I am guessing is sap off my face. Sat back and leaned against a boulder that was behind me. I finally had a few minutes to process exactly what had just happened. I hug my knees tightly and start shaking because I had burst into a fit of tears and screaming.  I did this until I couldn’t physically cry anymore. I finally looked up and noticed that strange birds were in the trees and just staring at me.
I brushed it off and stood up. I decided that I was gonna go explore and see if I could find something that would help me survive out here. It started, I was just about to leave the weird wooded forest like area and I heard laughter and screaming. It was all around me and I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from so I ran towards the beach to escape the noise and it finally stopped. I was about thirty feet from the shore line. I turned around to look back at the dense forest area and I shivered.
I started to follow the shore until I come across one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. There was a magnificently large waterfall with clear water and  rainbow forming at the bottom from all the mist mixed together. I was stunned, and I smiled with a look of pure joy on my face. I walked towards the small pool that the waterfall poured into. Worried that I would hear those noises again, I was looking around frantically. Once I had reached the pool I reached down to scoop up some water but I couldn’t break the surface. It was almost like glass.
I thought I was just hallucinating at first. Now hallucinating sounds like a freaking dream.  I kept pressing against this weird glass like substance, but no matter what I did. I could not break it. I looked into the water below the barrier. It was taunting me! I was getting angrier and angrier. The more I looked at it the more I wanted to make it shatter like a glass ball and a bat.
I stormed off to find something to hit the surface of the water with I saw this large rock looking thing. It had a slight glow to it. I picked it up and ran to the water and chucked it at it. It worked, the glass shattered. Everything fell away and now that “pool” was just a black hole in the ground that I couldn’t see the bottom of. I fell to my knees and was contemplating if I should jump or not.
I decided against it.
~~~ Three Years Later ~~~
“Who needs clothes when you are alone” I laughed at myself and skipped around the forest buck naked. I was humming an unknown tune to myself. I had gotten quite fond of the constant laughing and screaming I heard. I would often laugh or scream back and I loved it. I tried for a long time to get help. Everyday for a year I would spell out help in the sand in every language I remembered.
I was used to being clumsy and tripping over stuff. The thing I tripped over next made me laugh so hard that I got a present from it. I even got a new friend out of it. I tripped over a tree root and landed face first in that same mud but i was so used to it that it honestly felt good. It was also a great hair removal. I looked up and saw Biyu… she looked absolutely dreadful.
“Biyu! It’s me Qbert!” I smiles big and goofy at her as I wiped off my mud mask. I forgot that she didn’t speak english and I picked a mushroom that was right next to me and I ate it. I was giggling like there is no tomorrow, then there was a spear next to my face and I smirked knowing she was so hungry that she was gonna try and eat me. What an idiot! I looked at her and noticed how frail she looked.
“We can’t be friends if you are gonna try and kill me.” I walked around her and she didn’t move. Biyu clutched her make-shift knife tightly. She wasn’t gonna try and take me on… Come to think of it how the hell has she been surviving? She was only maybe ten or eleven when we got on the plane. I didn’t care anymore I was ready for a friend. Then again I was ready for a friend, who isn’t gonna talk back.
I laughed myself at her and before she could stab me, I took her knife and threw it away. I remembered the burning mud and laughed,
“Ready for a spa day!” I grabbed her by her hair and shoved her face into the mud. I held her there while she thrashed and hit me. I was sitting on her back and using the bottoms of my feet to shove her face deeper into the mud. Watching her struggle was making me hungry so I picked my mushroom that I was forced to drop earlier. I ate it happily until she finished struggling and I got off her. I grabbed her hair and tugged it but her face was stuck in the mud or sap or whatever it was. I huffed a little annoyed and yanked on her hair and heaved until her face was finally free. Except her face wasn’t free… It was still stuck in the mud. I was really confused, I was wondering if I ate too many mushies. I looked at the front of her head and all that was there was a skull. I shrugged and took her body to the edge of the bottomless abyss. Then we jumped…
I watched the blackness just absorb me. My hand was still clutching Biyu’s cold hand. I was laughing so hard, eventually I went silent. I wasn’t sure what way is up or down.I suddenly started getting flashbacks of my life, or at least what I could remember.
I remembered The bad times, like when I lived with my family in Orange County, California. My parents had to give me up to an orphanage when I was 11, because they couldn’t afford to take care of me. I always told myself that I would find them again someday… I never did. Then again, there were the amazing things in my life. The most memorable event that happened in my life was being able to travel the world with the wonderful job I was able to get. I smile a little. I looked down and I saw myself lying on a giant rocky circle in the middle of a large lake. That's when I realized I was gone.

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