Panthers Magical Adventure

October 25, 2016

Panther got out of bed, doing the same thing every morning. He gets dressed, eats breakfast, and makes his coffee. Panther can't stay awake without coffee. Panther heads to his charm holder, and grabs his stone out of it. This stone is no ordinary stone, this stone gives him his magical powers. When this unique stone is with him, he can use his magical powers and charms. Long ago when Panther was young, he was one of the few children who were tested on. His parents refused to let the scientist test on him. The parents were killed, because they wanted to test on Panther so badly. So, when the scientist did the test, they implanted half of a stone in his heart. When the other part of the stone is with Panther, the stone in him pumps magical blood. The scientist trained Panther for years, until he was old enough to move out. There have been more people that have been tested on, but the scientists later ran out of stones, for they were hard to find. This stone can be cool to have, but it can also result in very dangerous adventures.

Panther lives in the village of Volcania. He loves this town because there are very nice people, and there are a lot of things to do. Volcania is a small town, with lots of things to do. Panther wanted something to do, ao he decided to go bowling. Panther loves to go bowling, but because it was Sunday, it was closed. Instead, he went to his favorite restaurant. It was about lunchtime, so there were many people buzzing by to get there. Instead of driving, he decided to use his teleportation charm. “Pocko” he said.The world turned black, then he was there. Suddenly, he heard a scream. He didn’t like the sound of it, so he started heading over to see what was happening. “Looks like no lunch for me” he says under his breath. He starts running to see a man getting robbed. It was no ordinary robbery, the robber had flames in his hand. “Hey, you!” Panther said. The robber turns towards Panther, and his eyes told him this wasn’t going to be pretty.

The robber quickly says “reetora,” but Panther dodges behind a dumpster.
“He really is trying to kill me,” Panther says. This certain spell explodes the target to a million pieces.
The robber starts getting frustrated, so he yells “fugite,” and the dumpster floated towards the sky, and the dumpster gets thrown across the street.
“Get out of here!” Panther yelled to the man, and he got up and ran away.
The robber was then furious, and he starts screaming spells. He didn’t have the best accuracy, so most of the spells were completely missing him.
“This is my chance,” Panther thought, and he said “Partina” and the robber froze in place. “That was to close,” Panther said to himself.

Panther headed home, it had been a long day. He decided to eat and then go to his basement. After he ate, he started heading for the basement, which was turned into his training room. As he was about to get to the bottom of the stairs, a training dummy popped out of nowhere. He wasn't expecting this, but he quickly muttered “reetora” and instantly the dummy exploded into a million peices. Looking at that dummies pieces reminded him that this could had been him. He turned the corner, walking into a small training room. It had many corners, and a dummy darted out of one of them. He yelled “jardio” and the dummy flipped backwards and landed with a thud. More dummies came toward him, one on the ground and the other up on the ceiling. He quickly yelled “Tartis” and the dummy on the roof slammed on top of the other dummy. “I think that’s enough magic for today” he thinks to himself. “Fiyo” he says, and the whole mess is cleaned up. He goes upstairs to rest and do some chores around the house.

Panther had a very bad night of sleeping, like usual. He could never forget that day when his parents were killed. He wanted them back so badly. He finally got to sleep, and it felt like five minutes later he woke up. He went out to get his mail, and he gets a letter from an old friend. He opens it up, and it read.

Hello friend, this is very secret, so don’t tell anyone. I have heard off some secret bad guy organization. I haven’t got all the information, but I know they are going to try to do something with the crystal holding the Earth together. If you can come meet up with me at rapopallas, then we could talk this over. Sincerely, Rick. Rick was, and still is, a good friend. He was one of his buddies when training with the scientists. He hated that place, just a bunch of fast food junk, but he really wanted to go on an adventure, and see his best friend. He quickly packed up, excited about what could happen next.

He pulled up in the parking lot, and saw his friends car parked. Panther was very excited, so he went into the restaurant without locking the car. He saw Rick sitting alone, in the corner of the restaurant. Quickly, he walked over there and sat down. They said they’re hello’s, and Rick got to the point.”I didn’t think they would go that far, trying to destroy villages” Rick said in a hushed voice.

“I know, but we must tell the others about this,” “This could be very serious” Panther said. Rick looked as if he was thinking.

”We need a plan” Panther said, after Rick had said nothing.

After a minute of thinking, Rick’s eyes got wide.”I think I’ve got one, but it’s a little crazy.

Rick and Panther got in their cars, and they went to get as many wizard friends as they can. About ten more wizards came, the others had stuff to do. Luckily, about eleven wizards is all they needed for the plan, so it worked out fine. First, They needed a big platform. They set it up, and put some heavy stuff on top of it. When the charmers walk under it, Panther will say the disappearing charm,weepara. All the items will fall down, but they should be fast enough to dodge it. When they are getting up, Panther and his friends will quickly say the freeze charm. After that, they will take the stones, and throw them in large barrels. At last, they will throw them in the river and that will be bye-bye forever.

“This actually might work!” Rick says after they discussed it for the millionth time. Everyone murmured in agreement. Panther and his crew weren’t sure about when they would attack the village, so they had to stay and wait. Three days later, they heard about some trouble in the village.

”Ok guys, this might be it” Rick says.

“We only have one shot, so if we miss, that's it” Robert said. Everyone was a little nervous, but they spread out and start hiding. After about an hour, as they were about to get out of hiding, they heard them. Panther got ready to say the spell, sweat dripping from his forehead. They all walked under and stopped. Panther laughed to himself and thought,This is just perfect. Before his chance slipped away, he quietly said “weepara,” and the rope holding the platform disappeared. Almost all of them got hit, but about three dodged it. Everyone got out of the hiding spots, and they all yell “partina!” and all but five were frozen. “This is going to be an easy battle” Erin said. “Fugite” says one of them, and he picks up a dumpster. The dumpster is thrown at Panther, but he quickly dodges it. Panther then realizes that he is the robber from that one day. While thinking about that day, he notices that there were only four charmers, so he quickly runs away to all of the frozen charmers. He finds the missing charmer, and figures out that he was trying to unfreeze his friends. Panther quickly yelled “jardio” and the charmer is viciously thrown backwards. Panther got very excited, that’s until three more charmers had risen up from the help of their friend.

They all stood there, warming up for the battle. “Jack, Rick, George, I need you here quickly!” All three charmers heard him, and they started running toward him. All three at once say “reetora,” but Panther blocked it when saying the shield charm, arma. He hears footsteps behind him, and is thankful that his friends came quickly. All seven of them start to battle. Panther singles out one of them, and starts firing all the charms he knew. “Ignis” Panther says, and the fire hits him square on. It didn’t do much, but it still help make his opponent weaker. His opponent yells ”reetora!” and it hits panther on his hip. Panther closes his eyes, waiting for his death. Nothing happens, and Panther realizes it bounced of his belt. A sigh of relief came out of Panther, but he remembered he was still in battle. Panther yelled “Tartis” and “reetora” but his opponent was fast. While rolling out of the way, he yells “Tartis” as well and Panther slams on the ground. Panther gets up, but as he’s getting up, the charmer slams his shield into his head. Panther is back on the ground, feeling very queasy. He looks up, and saw the charmer standing over him. The charmer looked down and said, “You're as good as dead.”

Panther closes his eyes, looking away. This is the end, Panther thought, tears running down his face. The charmer started to say the spell. “Reeto” he says, but is stopped mid word. Panther looks up to see him flipping backwards, and Panther shouted, “Reetora!” That charmer was gone forever. Panther looked back, and Smiled when he saw his friend Rick. “Rick!” Panther said.”Rick, thank you so much, you saved my life!” Panther exclaimed.

“No problem at all, just helping a friend in need.” Rick said, smiling.

They hugged and went out to see what happened with the others. When they got there, they saw that there was still some battles. Luckily, all of their friends were still alive, but most of the charmers were also alive. Rick and Panther quickly joined a fight. They both started firing spells. Rick said reetora, but it barely missed the charmer. Panther decided to say jardio, and it hits the charmer square in the chest. The charmer goes flying, and ends up landing in the river. He floated away, going who knows where. Panther turns around to see pure chaos. Spells were flying everywhere, people being thrown across the battlefield. Panther wanted this to end, so he yelled to Rick,”We need to take everyone out, before this gets to crazy!” Panther and Rick split up. Panther ran by one battle, and he sneaked up on the charmer. He whispered “fugite” and the charmer started flying. Panther put his hands back, and launched the charmer out of site. Panther started laughing with his friend, then they got serious and helped the others. Panther and his group outnumbered them by a lot, so it didn't take much longer. Finally, after hours and hours of fighting, Panther finishes off the last charmer. All of them jump up and celebrate. Just as they finished the high fives, the ground started shaking. Panther had already new what was happening
Panther yelled “get in the mountain and help me take the crystal and put it back in place!” Everyone ran towards the gigantic mountain, and went inside the cave entrance. They ran past pointy rocks and deep ravines. Finally, they entered the giant room where the crystal was held. Panting, they all sat down to take a small break. They saw the crystal slowly moving down, and went to fix it. While fixing it, panther saw some stranger on the other side of it. Panther stopped and ran after him, and while running told everyone to keep forcing the crystal up. Panther chased him throughout the caves of the mountain. Just as Panther was catching up, he forces many rocks to fall almost on top of Panther. Panther yelled “vi” and the force made the rocks explode in front of him. One of the rocks hits the stranger, and he falls with a big thud. Panther says “partina” and he freezes in place. Panther faints from all of the exhaustion.

Panther was woken up by Rick. “w-where am I?” Panther says

“Don't worry, you’ll be alright.” The doctor says

“Panther, you passed out from all that work.” You helped save this town, and possibly the world!” Rick exclaimed.
Panther gets up, but gets a severe headache, so he lays back down.

“Panther, I want you to get some rest, ok?” The doctor asked. Panther didn’t feel like getting asked twice. Panther woke up again, but only the doctor was the only person there. The doctor looked very worried, so Panther asked him, “What’s up, doc?”

The doctor said “We have some bad news for you.”

Panther asked “what is it?” The doctor paced around the room, looking sad.

“Panther, do you remember that charmer that you exploded in the air?”

“Yea, I do, but why?” Panther asked.

“That person, he was your dad,” The doctor said sadly. Panther laid down, trying to hold back tears. Questions flew around his head. How did he survive when I was young? Why didn’t I recognise him? Panther asked the doctor how much longer he was supposed to stay, and the doctor said about another day. Panther went home the next day, still extremely tired from the all of the work.He just wanted to be alone for the next few days. Panther went to bed, ready for his normal life to start again.

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