idk man

November 2, 2016

As the iron bars slammed shut brian knew that this was going to be a long trip. Its been four months since that day. It was cold and way too bright we were about half way the mountains. How long had he been in this cage with these people he didn't know. Most of them had either lost their minds or were simply broken. He stood up to look outside the cage. “Pine, a bit of snow, fire,”he thinks, a guard hits square in the face with a snow ball. He falls he eats the snow off his face. It's all the water he's gotten in a week. He lays there a husk of bone and skin all his muscle and fat are gone. A ballista dolt tears through the side of cage throwing it to its side. This throws around brian and the others in a violent roll with their already frail bodies. Rage filled screams and clanging of metal is the last thing he hears before he passes out from the shock. He wakes up with a slight warmth at his feet. It feels so nice he almost wants to go back to sleep. He looks down to see a fire slowly getting closer to his feet. He jolts up only to see that the whole cage is on fire. Looks around and he now notices that others are burning and dead, “that's why it smelled like food”  he noticed the hole the ballista bolt left in the wall and crawls out. As his feet touch the cold ground he looks around only to see dead guards and a dead batch of raiders. He took the best/intact armor and clothes he could off the dead guards and raiders. As he walked away from the bloody scene, he looked back and thought “a job well done” 

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