Not Alone

November 3, 2016
By RohanEnglish BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
RohanEnglish BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
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This is a story about four friends needing to survive to see their families again. This story takes place in July 2016 and it is in California. It all started when Rob invited his friends Tom, Rachel, and Sarah to come on to his yacht and have fun. The yacht was suppose to go to Hawaii and then to Hong Kong. The yacht was going to set sail on July 2 to Hawaii. All of his friends were really enthusiastic and excited to travel around the world. The first few nights Rob and his friends were having a lot of fun sailing. When they arrived in Hawaii they spent some time doing stuff there like surfing and visiting famous places.

After they left Hawaii they set sail for Hong Kong. One night there was a big storm outside and most of the people on the yacht just thought it was a small storm. Rob and his friends were all in one room when everything started to go wrong. There was a big wave that hit the boat and the boat started to sink. Immediately Rob and his friends got some supplies and got onto a lifeboat. All the workers on the yacht tried to make it to the lifeboat, but unfortunately were not able to make it to the boat.

Sarah one of Rob’s friend was freaking out yelling, “We are all going to die.”

As the boat was sinking everyone on the lifeboat looked at each other and they all knew they might die out here. After a few days out in the sea they started to run out of food and other essential supplies. There plan was to rationalize the food so it would last longer.

After a few more days at sea they arrived on an island by the namekyl of Chin Chin island. After they reached the island all of them started hugging each other and had tears in their eyes. After they arrived on the island they all searched for food and water. After a few hours of searching they were able to find edible food and drinkable water. As they were eating, they all heard a loud noise come from deep inside the island.

Tom who was the smartest in the group said, “ We should go check what that was.” Tom also said, “Be careful we don’t who or what made that noise.”

They all went quietly deep into the forest to see what that noise was. As they were looking what made that noise they came across a lot of skeletons and arrows.

Rachel said, “ I don’t  think we are the first people to get shipwrecked on this island.”

As they were searching more and more they found some people that were doing something. The clothes those people had on were battered and they looked like they were beaten earlier. As the Rob and his friends were watching from a distance they so another man come in with very nice clothes on telling the people to work or they were going to be killed.

Sarah said, “They look they are being held captive or they are slaves.”

After they the people were done working they went somewhere. Rob and his friends devised a plan where they split up to follow the workers. The plan was to follow them and return to the shore they arrived. After they did that they all went back to the shoreline to discuss what they saw. Rob said, “I saw all of them get on a boat of some sort.”

The next day they spent most of the day searching for more food and water. As Rachel was looking for food and water she was captured by the people they were spying on the other day. Tom, Rob, and Sarah did not realize that Sarah was in trouble until they realized they had not seen her for more than a few hours. They all started to worry that something bad happened to Rachel, so they searched part of the island to see if they could find Rachel. Rob and his friends all realized that she might have been taken by those people they saw the other day. They knew where the boat was located so they all gathered some materials to find the boat and take Rachel back.

The next day the all set out to find the boat to find their friend. When they located the boat they had to devise a plan to get on the boat. Their plan to get onto the boat was to look like the the people that were being held captive. They all made their clothes look really dirty and tore them a little so they can get onto the boat. They all grabbed some very sharp rocks so if anything went wrong they can defend themselves from anyone that attacks them. When they got onto the boat they were not able to locate Rachel but they did find that they were a lot of people being held captive there. Their plan was to make alliances with all the slaves and break them out and find their friend Rachel from there.

Tom said, “ Do you think it is a good idea to make alliances with people that we don’t even know.”

Ron replied, “ This is our only chance to save Rachel.”

As Tom and his friends were kept captive they started talking to all the captives and told them about his plan. The plan was to ambush the guards and take over the ship so everyone can go home. Everything was suppose to take place the next day when they had to go outside the boat to do stuff.

The next day they all went outside to do some stuff and then all the captives and Tom and his friends beat up the guards. After that their plan was for someone to put on the guards clothes to trick everyone and release the rest of the captives. The person that put on the guards clothes was Tom. While Tom was releasing all the captives he was at the same time looking for his friend Rachel. For some reason Tom was not able to find Rachel. All the captives and Tom and his friends took over the boat. Tom was about to lose all hope but then he sees Rachel in a cell. He releases Rachel from the cell. They all return to California and tell everyone about what happened to them.

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