Through my eye

November 3, 2016
By Alexy BRONZE, Mancos, Colorado
Alexy BRONZE, Mancos, Colorado
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Epilogue: The man walks in. “You're not allowed here. You could get my new invention.” “Your invention is a disease to destroy the weak and find the strong.” “Of course. Mr president will love ruling over a truly strong nation, while the other countries whither.” He smiles. “Drop it now. Mr president ordered me to destroy it.” He drops near the other man “Hope you get sick.” “I already was vaccinated” and looks in my direction.

“Come on. I want some donuts, El chapo.” I say.
“Really? I woke up at 6 am to you donuts, Pressia. I'm not gonna, drive yourself.” El chapo says.
I text my friend, Hey, can u pick me up? El chapo to lamo, to get me. I hear it ring, I am going to come. Why El chapo so lame? He used to be cool. :( I pack my things, hoping she comes sooner. Ding-Dong. I rush to the door and hug her.
“UM, Lady?” she says. It’s not her! Its El chapos friend El gato, he always sneaks around like a cat.
Then Aubrey comes, “Who is this?” she says and wrinkles her nose. I walk out the door and hear
”Hola , ¿está la hija de El Chapo ?”  I respond
“sin El Chapo aquí, y si era yo no le dejó entrar .No deje que el golpe de la puerta en el camino de vuelta.” He says “Hola Sra cuerdas, espero que les guste esta historia .” “no.” i say and run to the car. We drive until we see someone stumbling across the road towards us.
“The end is near.” he coughs and we drive on.
¨What was that about?¨ Aubrey asks.
¨Ï don´t know.¨ I shiver. I turn on the radio.
¨Breaking news: A deadly disease on the move. It originated near Tree street.¨ Oh no! I live on tree street.
¨Let's go to the beach for the day.¨ I suggest. ¨Let's just get away from this city.¨ Aubrey says taking the intersection toward Denver 1,254.24 miles away. We see a traffic jam with 1 small lane open that was closing fast. Aubrey hits the gas and speeds up and soon passes the traffic jam laughing. I laugh with her, it's the only time I may laugh in years. We find a restaurant and see a diseased person. ¨Oh mi dios, su otra persona enferma . ¡correr! Guardar su auto , Aubrey !¨ I scream in spanish. I break the glass and help Aubrey. But it's too late she is scratched and will catch the disease  soon. ¨Hola amigos!¨ I turn around and see a guy.
¨Ella es herido! Ahórrese !¨ ¨Yo hablo inglés¨ he says. He explains that if we clean the wound, she might not catch it. His name is Bradwell. He takes us to a camp, there is lots of tents and sick people. I am taken to another camp, a camp for soldiers.
¨I´m not a soldier!¨ I protest, but he pushes me into a tent. He scowls and frowns. I am in a tent with 2 other people, a 12 year old girl and a 17 year old boy. I  grin my best to let them know I´m friendly. I sob for hours. I am 16 without a friend nor a family. We sit there and here an alarmed voice, ¨The detonations are coming.¨
The boy grabs me and helps me into a bunker, he also helps the girl and locks us inside. ¨I had to save you, even if I can’t save my little sisters.” He pants.
¨ You didn't have to. I can relate to losing people. Aubrey was my friend and she got me away from the disease and my family probably caught the disease.¨ I say hugging him. All of a sudden a blast knocks everything black. I wake up, I see someone crying above me. I sit up and look around. All around me is death and despair. The person looks at me, it’s Aubrey! “Aubrey! I thought you were dead.” I said. “I thought I was dead too until he woke me up and told me i was immune.” Said Aubrey.  I hug her, and then tried to get up. “Your leg!” says Aubrey. I looked at my leg, it was broken. When I look around there is only a few survivors, “Leave me.” I say. When she left I began to crawl around. I find a branch and pieces of rope. I tie the branch on and get up, it’s weak but I can stand. I head toward what looked like a camp, I see a hill with a dome and people inside the dome. I slowly walk towards it cautiously. Soldiers come out and I back away but they are  fast and I am slow. They grab me and I hit and kick hoping to get out of their deadly grip. I fall asleep quickly and wake in a white room. I scream and scream until one comes in. “Hi. What’s your name?” he says. “Pressia.” I lie. My name wasn’t Pressia, it was Cally. “My name’s Andre. How did you get in here?” He says. I tell him my story. I hear footsteps in the hall, he hides in the closet. A tall man comes in and looks around. “Hello, I apologize for taking you away from their but I need more people to live in here. How did you survive? Hardly anyone did.” he says “A boy hid me in a cellar along with another girl. I think they died.” I say. “Interesting… Get better.” he says and walks out. For days I sit in bed and look at the wall. The boy went out days ago so I am lonely. I get up and I can walk , I am dressed in a nightgown. I open the door and walk around following the signs to “Dr’s room”. I come in a door and see him. “Hello! I see you are better now.” He walks me down to a place with a lot of clothes. “Pick.” he says and walks out. I see a T-shirt and jeans and walk out of there looking like I was here all my life. The Dr walks me down to room, it looks scary. I come in and see a man. He looks like me. “I have been looking for you Cally.” he says with a smile. “I go by Pressia, Who are you?” I say. “Pressia. When you were young your mother died and I gave you to El chapo. I am as he says El gato but my name is Tom Harvey.” he says. “I have someone for you to meet.” He walks me to a city, big like San Francisco. He takes a train and walk out to a nice street. My “Dad” walks up a set of stairs and leads me to an Apartment. “This is Luke!” he says. A person my age comes up. “Hi.” he blushes. My dad leaves me alone. “This place must feel like a death trap.” Luke says. “No kidding.” I say.  “You're very pretty.” he says. I blush. I am scared and I run out the door. “Wait!” he calls. But I don’t stop. I run to the edge of the city and start hitting the glass. He grabs me and drags me away. I wake up in a white room. MY dad sits there. “Pressia! You need to control yourself.” he says. “He scares me.” I say stubbornly. “I am arranging to marry you and him. You can’t stop it.” he says. I run out and try to find a way out. “Hey! You!” I look and see the boy who visited me. “Are you Pressia?” he says. “Yes.” I say. “You're my sister! I knew it.” He says. “I have to run. No time for gibberish.” I say. I run out and look for anything sharp. I see a piece of metal. I grab it and start trying to break the glass or whatever it was. I see Luke, He grabs me and takes me to a room. “Are you crazy? They’ll get you if you get out and you’ll be stuck here. I was taken from the detonated area and stuck here. I tried to get out too!” he says. “But then I was crazy and not like now.” I run out to the people and start  going crazy. Now I sit here in a room with food and water, for eternity waiting to get out before I go insane. But a familiar face breaks through, “Pressia” a guy calls. “HUH?” i say. “I am the boy who saved you.” He says. I look, it’s Luke. “Come on, help me break free.” he says. I run to him and hug him but he touches my lips, “Stop!” I scream. “Come on. All I desire is you, Bae” he says. “How dare you call me poop!”  I say. “What!!??! I thought it meant that I liked you.” He says, dumbfounded. “It means poop!” I say disgusted. We run to open door and run out. “We’ll survive! We just have to make it to the village. “ I say. He carries me, trudging through the dust storm. I get up and walk with him too, I'm afraid I’ll slow him down.The village is filled with guards and they grab us and toss me until I lay there in his arms. I am dying.

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