Flash Forward

November 3, 2016
By daltondalecki BRONZE, Ormond By The Sea, Florida
daltondalecki BRONZE, Ormond By The Sea, Florida
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I’m the best at what I do for a reason, I work as a detective for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and I was born with a very special skill. I have the ability to see into the future and know when and where things will happen, this makes me very valuable to the FBI. I found this skill around the age of 13 when I frantically ran to my parents room telling them of a mass terror attack on the White House building that I was sure would happen. They brushed me off and told me I had nothing to worry about, but sure enough, four days later the White House was hit with one of the biggest terrorists attacks since 9/11. Since then I dedicated my life to using my ability to help mankind and prevent disasters such as this, the thing is I can only focus on one future event at a time and I’m not always sure if it's a blessing or a curse because I live in constant fear of what is to come.
I didn’t know where to go or who to tell about this that would make me not sound crazy, I had only shared this with a few of my closest friends and even they laughed in my face and thought I was joking around. I went to the local police station when I turned eighteen and I looked at there current list of missing criminals and I pointed to the man that had been committing gas station robberies and told them when and where he would hit next. Although out of the blue they told me they would look into it and sent me away, the night of the supposed robbery the police station sent a few squad cars up to hide out at the gas station and wait for the time I told them he would rob the place. Exactly how I said it would happen he ran into the store armed and masked only to be met by a team of police. The police called me in for questioning that same night and I told them every that had happened in my life and what I saw in my head. This is where my career started, they got in touch with the FBI seeing as this was quite over their head and I allowed them to come pick me up for research. They ran me through multiples MRI’s and X-rays but have no idea why I know the things that I do. They took me home the next day and told me they would be in touch, after running all sorts of backgrounds tests and things of that nature they got back to me the next week and told me they wanted me to prove it. I was eventually picked up as a member of their team and that’s just the beginning of my story.
“We need to go now! Their gonna be leaving tomorrow and we haven't even left the country yet!” (Flash forward 10 years, my team and I are leaving for the middle east to stop a group of terrorists that plan to come attack the US). After the flight over from America, our helicopter meets pilot meets us up with the SEALS and we get ready to attack. I had an extremely uneasy feeling about this mission although I could not put my finger on why, but so far everything was going smoothly and all I had time to focus on was making sure this went as planned. We arrive outside of the house at 2:00AM and the SEALS along with one of my men go in first, the door shuts and there is a sudden flashing of guns going off and loud bangs echoing through the house but we wait around the outside was as planned. That minute seemed to go by for hours until I heard the relieving “All clear chief come on in”, coming from one of my men. I walk in with the rest of the team behind me to see the SEALS are gone and only blood remains behind. “Where are the SEALS?” I say to my man inside, only to hear the distinctive sound of a gun c***ing behind me, I look back and find myself staring into the barrel of a Glock 45 being held by one of my own men. It was at this moment I realized, I and the SEALS had been set up.

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