Roller Coasters

November 7, 2016
By Anonymous

Almost everyone in the world enjoys roller coasters. The best part is going up a big hill, just sitting there hearing the constant sound of people behind you screaming and hearing the loud sound of the coaster. Click, click, click, then all of a sudden you reach the top of the hill, there is a dead silence then, you fall down the hill and you get that tingly feeling in your stomach and keep zooming throughout the roller coaster going up and down and side to side, enjoying the breeze in your face, and enjoying looking at everyone else screaming and having their hair fly in there face as if they just got caught in a tornado.

It was the summer of 2016 I was celebrating my birthday and my parents said I could bring a friend to Kings Island. I wasn’t sure if I should’ve been happy or scared because I didn’t like the roller coasters that went too high or fast.

So we got to Kings Island, put on sunscreen then went in the amusement park. Jonah, my friend that I brought was dying to ride on the Diamond Back which was one of the only rides I was scared to get on.

“Quit being so scared it’ll be fun!” Jonah says

“I guess so….” I said not sure if I should be scared or not.

We get in line and I’m super worried I was hoping the ride would close so I didn’t have to ride it, but the line kept moving forward, until it was our turn to get on. I was scared to death. We get in the very front of the ride, because Jonah wanted to have a good view.

Then we started to go up the hill. Click, Click, Click, went the coaster as both of us were screaming, except Jonah was playfully screaming and I was scared screaming.
“You ready mason this’ll be awesome!” Jonah says excitedly
“No I’m not ready is there a button to stop the ride?” I said nervously
“Suck it up butter cup,” Jonah says sarcastically.  

And down we went falling down a 200 foot drop, I thought I was going to throw up. We were going in loops, and curves, which was jerking us back and forth. I started thinking, “maybe this isn’t too bad, I actually really enjoy this! Woohoo!” I went as we were zooming throughout the coaster, and Jonah yelling to me even though I can barely hear

“You liked it didn’t you?” Jonah questioned

“Yeah I never thought it would be this fun” I said excitedly

“I told you I’m always right!” Jonah said

Then the coaster came to a stop, and the ride wasn’t even over yet. We all thought maybe it was just a maintenance problem but it turned out to be worse. Someone who worked at Kings Island came over and started yelling so everyone would hear us

“Don’t worry everything is fine the ride just had a quick pause.” The king’s island guy said

“Do you think we are actually ok?” Jonah questioned

“Um let’s hope for the best and it just starts up again” I said nervously

Then we hear the coaster trying to start, Chug, Chug, Chug. Then it whirred up and went on with the rest of the ride. We got off and everyone was talking to each other and saying they were going to sew Kings Island for stopping in mid ride, Jonah and I were confused.

“Why are they so mad no one got hurt or were in any danger?” I say

“I heard one dude got whiplash from the sudden stop” Jonah says

“Well he’s just being a wuss he probably just got whiplash before it happened because we were going so fast.” I say

“True but you never know because it didn’t happen to us” Jonah said

We decided to keep riding rides, I wasn’t too scared of any else except for the drop tower. Which was exactly what Jonah wanted to ride next. I was scared again. Why did he have to want to ride that ride why not any else.

“Come on its fun remember when you were scared on the diamond back but then enjoyed it? It’ll be just like that just go on with me” Jonah said impatiently

“I guess your right come on let’s go get in line” I said nervously

“That’s the spirit!” Jonah yells

So we get in line and I still am super nervous because it raises us up super high. “Great.” I said to myself. We get on the ride and we start raising up so slow. Every inch it grew was every inch more I wanted to get off. We finally get to the top and it has a sudden pause then we hear another guy on the microphone.

“I’m sorry but the ride won’t seem to drop it must be stuck on something” said the king’s island guy

“Oh that’s freaking fantastic what now” Jonah screamed

“This must be a dream two rides in a row has broken down” I said nervously   

“It seems that the program has shut down its acting up, I will try to get it up and running again” the Kings Island yelled

“Today junior.” Jonah yells as if he was trying to get a rhino to charge at him

“No kidding.” I say agreeing to Jonah

The tower we were on started screeching as if it was about to fall.

“That doesn’t sound good.” I say

       “Oh god!” Jonah yells

We fall and reach the bottom and we decided to just take a little break and hope the coasters would start up again. We went over to the vortex but that was closed for matinence so we decided to go back later to see if it would be fixed, we decided to go to a log ride with a drop that got you soaked.

So we get in the ride and it’s already soaked from the previous rider and we were ready to get wet because it was such a hot day in the amusement park.
          “Were about to get so wet” Jonah said excitedly

“Yeah it’s going to feel amazing” I say

We start moving and go up the hill and it’s kind of scary because there were no railing to keep us in the ride to keep us from falling out.
            “Uh oh” I say nervously

We fall down the drop and I get a big splash of water in my face and couldn’t see then a big object hit me and it felt like it had been a person falling out of the ride.
             “Jonah!” I said as I cleared my eyes
             He wasn’t in the ride anymore…

Jonah was floating above the water by the coaster we were in. Was he knocked out or dead? I thought. I was freaking out I got out of the coaster and got into the water and swam to him, I kept yelling his name.
              “Jonah wake up please don’t be dead, wake up!!” I yelled

He got up and started laughing as if it was a joke.
               “Hahaha I got you so good bro!” said Jonah as he got back on the ride.
                 “What what what do you mean?” I sound questionably
                “It was a prank bro.” he said laughingly

“ I told the matinence guy to keep stopping the ride to make you scared then a guy threw a teddy bear at you when we went down the drop and I got out of the ride to scare you!” Jonah said
               “That was not funny I thought you died.” I said impatiently
               “Yeah now let’s go on other rides and actually enjoy them” Jonah said happily
                “Ok you better not do anymore pranks” I said

We go to the next ride which was called “the Vortex” I wasn’t scared about this was, because I’ve been on it before. Through the rest of the time at Kings Island we had fun riding the rest of the rides together, but he should know that I am about to get him back on this prank…

The author's comments:

I was inspired to make this by showing jonah's and my relationship together and i love writing about action themed stories and mix it with my life.

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