Alltime Treasue : Harris's Story

August 30, 2016
By dylanIsSilentlyJudging BRONZE, Suffolk, Virginia
dylanIsSilentlyJudging BRONZE, Suffolk, Virginia
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Written with help from Jackpot-the-Great.


Fallon FBI Field Office

Harris Montgomery, a new FBI agent, is about to discover a secret that will save thousands of lives...but endanger his own.

(Camera shifts to a small FBI building, where a man walks in.)

???: Morning, Harris.

Harris: How ya doing, Charlie?

Charlie Hale: Good, Harris. How about yourself?

(A man in a white suit and sunglasses walks up to them. He’s a caucasian male with gray buzz-cut hair, and a scar on his left cheek.)

Man In Suit: Gentlemen, I have to leave on an assignment. You two watch over the facility.

Harris: Yes sir.
Charlie: Yes, Agent Morris!

(Agent Morris leaves the building. Charlie goes to work in the small office he shares with Harris. Harris; however, goes to Agent Morris’s office.)

Harris: *opens door* Never been in here before..

(It’s just another office, with a folder that says ‘Classified’ on it laying on a desk. Harris opens it anyways.)

Harris: It couldn’t hurt to see what’s in here...let’s see...cure for cancer? Is this real? Charlie, c’mere!

Charlie: Just a sec!

(Charlie walks into the room, and looks through the files with Harris.)

Harris: I have a buddy of mine who’s a doctor. This could help him and everyone else a lot!

Charlie: We’d lose this job, though, and I can’t afford that. I have three kids and a wife to feed.

Harris: Tell you what, Charlie, I’ll take this over to the doctor. If you see Morris, make something up.

Charlie: Gotcha.

(Scene shifts to Harris giving the files to the doctor.)

Doctor Newton: Incredible! I’ll show this to my superiors as soon as I get the chance! How’d you come across this, by the way?

Harris: ...It’s classified.

(Harris looks at his watch.)

Harris: I gotta get back to work now. See you ‘round, old man.

Newton: *laughs* Take care, now.

A few days later at the agency

(Camera cuts to Harris and Charlie working in their office. Agent Morris storms into the room with a newspaper.)

Morris: Montgomery!

Harris: How can I help you, sir?

Morris: I told you not to snoop around my office! Now my ass is going to get handed to me because of you -

Charlie: If you don’t mind my interrupting, sir, I helped him -

Morris: Just get out of here and don’t come back!!

Harris: Before we leave, why was releasing the cure for cancer so bad?

Morris: I’m not letting you know THAT.

(Camera shows Charlie and Harris leaving the office and entering Charlie’s car.)

Charlie: Man, what an asshole.

Harris: Well, it’ll be nice not working with him anymore.

Charlie: Yeah, I guess..I just need to find a good-paying job.

(Camera cuts to Agent Morris on a payphone.)

Morris: Send some agents over here ASAP. We need to take out two former agents before they sell out any more of our secrets.

Man on the other end of phone: They’re on their way. Neutralize them or you’re in deep trouble, Morris. And I won’t back you up THIS time.

Morris: Yes sir.

(Morris hangs up the phone.)

Downtown Fallon, Nevada

(Harris is at his house when someone knocks on the door. He sees Charlie and his kids on the other side.)

Charlie: Listen, Harris, we have to get out of here. The FBI could come by at any moment.

Harris: You sure, Charlie?

Charlie: Unfortunately, yes. While I was eating out with my kids, they came by my house and tore the place up. They got my wife.

Harris: Sh-*remembers the kids*-oot.

(Harris hears a window break. An FBI agent climbs in it and goes over to Harris and Charlie.)

Charlie: I’ll start the car, you take care of him!

Harris: Right!

(Charlie and his kids run out the door.)

Agent #1: I’m afraid you’re all going to die.

(The agent pins Harris to the wall by his neck.)

Harris: You’ve got me?

Agent #1: Definitely.

(Harris kicks the man in the stomach and runs out to the car. He jumps in and it speeds off. An FBI car with a machine gunner follows.

(Scene cuts to a high-up road leading to the top of a canyon.)

Harris: Can you go any faster, Charlie?

Charlie: I’m trying!!!

Harris: Everyone duck!

(The gunner opens fire and kills the kids and Charlie, and hits Harris in his shoulder. The car swerves left and falls into the canyon.)

Harris: Uh-oh.

(Harris jumps out of the car and grabs a sturdy branch hanging out in the canyon’s wall.)

Harris: Phew. Can’t let them see me.

(Harris hears talking, and then the agents’ car speeding off.)

Harris: Now I just have to get up…

(Harris starts climbing up and nearly falls when he steps on a loose rock.)

Harris: Crap!

(Harris eventually gets to the top, and looks back into the canyon.)

Harris: That...was an interesting day.

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