The Subspace

July 21, 2016
By scratchycat BRONZE, Salt Lake City, Utah
scratchycat BRONZE, Salt Lake City, Utah
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One a day in time, when all in the world of Nintendo was still, there were people from another planet who got tired of their king. They decided to go to another planet and see if they could have another living. They spotted a planet far, far away after travelling hundreds of miles. They did some research on the planet and figured out that people were living there, so they geared up and landed to fight. It was really calm on the planet and no one really noticed the enemies until they fired the first bomb attack. Then the thing broke into chaos.

There was a lot of chaos going on in the Mushroom Kingdom because the planet was taken over by Primids and other guys. At first no one noticed because they were at the smash tournament in the stadium. Then Mario noticed, and he fought the Primids, but there were just too many. One of the Primids was a Summoner Primid who summoned Petey Piranha, and Petey captured Princess Peach and Princess Zelda.

Mario then noticed what Petey Piranha had done, and he went and fought until Petey was defeated. After that, Mario saw a star come from the star and crash down on Luigi, Mario’s brother. The newcomer was Kirby. Kirby said that he saw what was going on and decided to come down and help the Bros. Then Peach and Zelda decided to join the crew. While this was happening, Pit was watching from up in the clouds, and he told Palutena that he would be back after joining the crew. Palutena said that Pit must go because there are just too many Fire Primids up in the clouds; Pit fought all the Primids and then the skyworld was clear. He came down and joined the crew.

In the distance far, far away, there was a zoo that had a giant stone statue that was chasing Lucas. He tried running away, but he tripped on a wire; Ness went in front of him and defeated the stone statue, and they decided to go get out of the zoo. A couple miles away, there was a forest that was called the Jungle Japes. There was a house in here where the two monkeys Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong lived. Apparently a Primid who was thought to be blasted to infinity landed in the forest, and they thought that their neighbor did it. They then went and fought Yoshisaur Munchakoopas, which was a bad idea because Yoshi had Fox and Falco over. They fought the monkeys and the monkeys got defeated, so they decided to join the crew to go on in the journey.

Over in another world, there were Pokemon: Pikachu, Squirtle, and Charizard. They are all friends with Ash, and they had to run out of their home quickly because they saw some type of giant dinosaur-like creature. The creature was named Bowser, who chased them to the smash stadium and Mario then defeated Bowser. Now they have joined the brawl. In a long distance, there was a guy called Link. He was calling for Zelda, who was gone. He wondered where Zelda had gone, so he called Nabbi and Nabbi said that Zelda is down at the stadium defending the Mushroom Kingdom.

Next in a city next to the stadium was an apartment where Wario lived. He was watching the entire thing, and he thought he could make success and use of the fight, so he went in and turned Mario into a statue. Wario had also turned the other players into statues. When Luigi saw what Wario had done, he went and fought Wario, defeated him and took the trophy gun and made Wario a trophy and turned Mario back to normal along with the other people. Now that the entire crew was set, they went and defeated the real enemy, the Master Hand. Once they defeated the Master Hand, all of the Primids, Flooows, and Spears despawned and all was back to normal. They saw a person knock on the door. It was Captain Falcon and Rosalina, the protector of the cosmos. Rosalina said that the crew did a great job and they wanted in. After that, they went and joined the crew, polished off the remaining Primids, and went onto the mothership. In there they found about a hundred Primids. They decided to go and fight the Primids. They fought the Primid captain and took down the ship, which crashed into earth. Once the ship crashed into earth, there was an explosion of Primids and rapid primid fire. Everyone got affected, and they fought the Primids. They had to fight the Flooows first because once you attack a Flooow, they will regain to maximum health. They went after the fire-Primids next, which were shooting fire. They deflected the fireballs back to the ship. They then took on the blaster Primids, which will shoot bombs. They deflected the bombs into the gas of the ship, which blew up. They then went and fought all the Primids, gathered a smart bomb, told fox to put it in his ship, and everyone boarded the ship and set off the fire bomb, which set the ship ablaze.

One of the Primids survived, and that one got a smash ball, which he then used to turn into a super sized Primid. Once he was supersized, all the fighters tried fighting the Primid, but they all got blasted to infinity in a big mass hit except for Mario and Luigi. Lakitu saw what was happening down there and he went and tossed Mario and Luigi a star of invincibility. Mario and Luigi finally defeated the giant Primid, got out of the area, and all of the crew got respawned by the masterhand. Everybody thanked Mario and Luigi for rescuing them, and they all had a party. Waluigi saw the Wario statue and gave him a one-up, which brought Wario back to life. They then went to the store and bought a bullet bill blaster. Wario and Waluigi thought it would be a good idea to try and fire a bullet bill, but Ash saw it and deflected it right back at them, which chased them for a long time. After the chase, the Wario bros grabbed onto it, and they got blasted to infinity.

So after that they joined the crew and all of them had a good time. The next morning Pit checked all of the world for danger. He went out, and he found blue, yellow, red, and green alloys, which he and Meta Knight fought. They were waiting at the stadium in the middle of training, and Pit and Meta Knight fought all of them. After the training and the celebration, they headed back home. Yoshi, Mario, Luigi and Peach went back to the Mushroom Kingdom, Link, Nabbi and Zelda back to Hyrule, Pit and Palutena back to the sky world and all of the others went home. The fight ended and everyone went home very proud. A trophy hit Mario in the head the next day, and it was the rare winner’s trophy. They put the trophy into Peach’s display house. That is the end of the Subspace Emissary.

The author's comments:

I got this idea from a very famous game called the Subspace Emisary

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