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Dungeons of Doom!!!

In a far away village in the mountains there was this huge cave that goes up and down several levels. From the first level you would think that it is just a normal cave but once you go up a level the cave is full of monsters. But in this village people hunt the monsters for sport.
In this village there was a 17 year old boy named Caine who just got his license to go hunting in the caves. He got a free weapon from his grandpa called a flair which was a sword that was made of fire. Then he went and spent his savings on armor. The armor wasn’t that protective because it was just a leather vest and a pair of thick jeans but he knows that as he gets further in the cave he will be able to pick up armor and money. He also knows that every ten floors he gets past there is a store that he can buy weapons, armor and potions from.
On his way to the cave he stops and buys a health potion. Now that he as at the cave he goes inside and goes up to the 1st floor. What he encounters is so scary that he never wants to go in the cave again. He encountered a ton of dead bodies and a savage looking beast. The beast was 12 feet tall with razor sharp teeth and red skin. It was an ogre that looked as though he could be shrek's brother. The ogre looked at him and raised his eyebrows as if to say “Who the heck is this nerd”. Then the boy screamed. The ogre thought “seriously not this again”. As soon as he saw the ogre raise his club he ran back out of the cave so fast the ogre didn’t even see him leave.
The boy ran for help but everyone else was too scared to go into the cave because the ogre killed most of their best hunters. So the boy had no other choice then to save his money and buy better weapons and armor so he can take on the ogre himself.
As the boy saved up his money the village produced more hunters that could fight in the cave. The boy finally saved up enough money to buy a steel sword and steel armor.
No that he has better equipment he is ready to go back into the cave. As he packs up to go back into the cave one of the other hunters comes up to him and says that he wants to join him to kill the ogre. His name is Johnny. He’s 18 years old, he’s 5ft 9in, he weighs 200 pounds and he’s really strong. Caine agrees to let Johnny go into the cave with him. They plan to leave in the morning.
In the morning Johnny and caine grab their bags and get on their way. On the way to the cave Johnny buys a iron long sword and gold plated armor. Finally when they reach the cave they stop and take a deep breath. Then they walk in…
When they get inside they see the ogre just standing there staring at them. All of them just stand and give each other funny looks. Then suddenly the ogre raises his club and charges. Then the two boys jump out of the way and they charge the ogre. Caine slashes the ogre’s leg with his sword and the ogre stumbles. The the ogre swats at Caine with his and and smacks hi against the wall. Then Johnny slashes the ogre with his sword and stabs him in the foot. The ogre collapsed. Then when Caine comes to his senses, he stabs the ogre in the head and kills him. When the boys leave the cave, the whole village is waiting outside to congratulate and cheer them on.
In the end the boys became heroes and they also cleared the way for other hunters who want to explore the different levels of the cave.

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