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January 28, 2016
By lovebug1 GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
lovebug1 GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
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Just a regular day, I awake to the cool breeze and fresh smelling trees. Rising from my rest, blinking my eyes rapidly I look out at my surroundings shaking my feathers and twisting my neck, stretching my tiny legs as I inch forward my stomach begins to rumble. Hunger builds up urging my body to hunt for breakfast. Standing at the edge of my home strings of hay lay under my feet, I decided to take an adventure. With my chest poked out and my beak held high I take off into the air. Dodging tree branches as I swift through the wind chill searching for the perfect spot to plant my beak I feel my eyes begin to widen.   “There it was” I said to myself.  Diving straight down as if I weren’t going to stop I skidded across the dry dirt. Piercing my sharp beak into the center of the platform numerously I began to make a hole. Sensing that breakfast was near I wiggled my head into the ground, soon enough I pulled up a juicy one, warm and squirming I attempted to guzzle it down. In the process of my feast a couple others come along side me trying to interrupt the peace. They stood around me with hunger in their eyes mesmerized by my breakfast. Suddenly they all jumped closer to me, simultaneously trying to get a bite of my meal.  “Hey this is my food” I shouted with my mouth half full trying to escape.  It was one against three; everyone stared watching like it was a showdown. Finally gaining the strength to swallow the worm whole I flew away fiercely. Spotting a stream from up above I drifted back to grown level, dusty from that little tussle I took a dip. I floated downstream flapping my feathers in the water as an attempt to clean myself off.   After my mid-day splash I just flew around looking for other mischief to get into. Spotting a park I stopped to take a load off, walking on my nimble feet I spotted someone under the slide. Getting a closer look I could hear the person calling for my attention. Hoping in the direction of the stranger I figured she was friendly.   “Come here little birdie” she whispered holding out her hand  Feeling comfortable I flew to her hand, landing on her wrinkled knuckle I could a smell bitterness. Inching up her dusty coat I could see she didn’t have much. Her clothes reeked and her teeth were rotten. We stared at each other for a while her cheeks rosy red and her eyes ocean blue, I could tell she needed a friend.   Leaving the park I flew past tons of people shuffling through the streets I decided to sit on a cable line. Chilling on the line with others of my kind trying to keep balance, we all chirped away plotting on our next victim. I knew it was about that time especially since I had recently had breakfast. A group of people walked by and like clockwork we all dropped a bomb and fled the scene.  

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