That One Zombie

March 7, 2014
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My name is Steven Jacobs. I was selected by the government, to protect the human race, if the zombie apocalypse ever happened while I was alive, I would fight for the life and good of mankind itself.

I just graduated from high school, bought my own house, and was about to start my lifelong dream of becoming a doctor, but it took one morning for everything to change.

I awoke one morning to the sound of my cat (Mr. Whiskers) howling in the hallway, and someone knocking on my front door. I got up and walked downstairs. I opened the door and found the mailman standing holding a letter.

“This is for you” he told me as he shoved it towards me.

“Thank you.” I replied.

I walked back inside my house shutting the door behind me. I sat on the couch and stared at the letter. It had an official White House stamp on it. This must be pretty important. I opened the envelope and read the letter aloud.

Dear Mr. Jacobs


You have been selected to become an official warrior to fight in the upcoming zombie apocalypse. In one week a cab will show up and take you to the airport, the cab driver will give you your ticket to come and meet me in Washington D.C. When your plane arrives there will be a chauffeur waiting outside. He will take you to the White House, where you will receive further instructions. We hope you have a safe trip.


President Jarrod Watson

I read the letter over a couple of times to make sure I was reading it correctly. The letter was sent on the twelfth and today was the eighteenth. Maybe they have the wrong person. I am not fit enough to fight in a zombie apocalypse.

After I read the letter more than five times I ran upstairs to my room and grabbed three suitcases. I didn’t know how long I was going to be there so I just packed a weeks worth of clothes.

After I triple checked that I had everything I would need for my surprise trip to D.C. I finally thought I could sit down and relax for a minute, but I totally forgot about finding someone to pet sit Mr. Whiskers.

I scrolled through all the contacts on my cell phone four times until I finally thought of the perfect person. My Aunt Sharon.

I hit the send button. It rang two times before someone answered.


“Aunt Sharon it’s me Steven, I know this is last minute and all, but I need to ask if you could pet sit Mr. Whiskers for a couple of weeks while I am down in Washington D.C.?” I asked.

“Of course! I always enjoy having Mr. Whiskers’ company” she said excitedly.

“Thank you I will be over in a few hours ok.”

“Ok see you then. Bye.” she answered.

“Bye.” there was really no point in saying that because she had already hung up the phone.

I grabbed his ten pound bag of cat food, a couple of toys, and his water dish and put it by the front door.

I walked down the block to a little orange house and knocked on the door.

Aunt Sharon opened the door, and helped me bring in all of Mr. Whiskers’ stuff. She asked if I would like anything to drink or eat, but I politely declined.

We spent about ten minutes talking about what had happened in the past week or two, but I never mentioned the letter. I wanted to keep it private.
The next morning I woke up to the sound of a car honking in front of my house.
They're here already? Wow they really waste no time in getting people from point A to point B I suppose.
I gathered all my things and loaded them into the back of the taxi.
“Do you mind if I run inside and get something really quick.?” I asked the driver.

“Fine but make it quick” he answered.

I ran inside and dialled my best friends phone number.(Jeremy) He was the only person I knew I could trust with this type of information.
It rang and went to voicemail.

“Hello you’ve reached Jeremey Hoover. I cannot get to the phone right now, please leave a message and I will get back to you later.”
“Hey Jeremy I need you to call me when you get the chance it is kinda important.”

“Come on kid I don’t have all day!”
I ran outside and locked my door.
When we arrived at the airport the driver gave me my plane ticket. He helped me get my bags out of the trunk. Then sped off in a cloud of dust.

I made it through airport security, and had to rush to gate twenty-four. I got there just in time to board the plane at the last minute.
When we landed in Washington D.C., all the passengers excitedly made their way through the crowd, off the plane. When I got off, I saw a man in a black suit holding a piece of board with my name on it. I walked up to him.

“Are you Steven Jacobs.?” he asked me.

“Yes I am” I replied.
He followed me to get my bags then escorted me outside to the limo. He helped me load my luggage into the trunk.
It took us thirty minutes to get to the White House.
“Just go up to the door and tell security your name they will escort you from there, now hurry up and go. I have forty-five more people to bring here.”
I walked up to the door.
“Name” a tall man said.
“Steven Jacobs”
“Right this way sir” He said.

I followed him down a really long hallway to a giant pair of doors. I believe this was the president’s office. I followed him to a room with a blue door.

“You will be sharing this room with your roommate. The president will be here to explain more to you soon, I would suggest unpacking first.” and with that, he walked back the way we came.

I opened the door and my mouth dropped. I couldn’t believe who my roommate was.

“ Jeremey, you were chosen too?’’
Jeremey had that really surprised look on his face. Like he couldn’t believe that I was standing right there in front of him. That explains why he didn’t answer his phone. Well at least I know someone that I can work with.

After I unpacked, the president walked into our room.

“Thank you for coming on such short notice. Tomorrow you both will begin your training at Shalton Zombie Defense Academy.” He handed us a sheet of paper. “These are your schedules. The whole world is depending on you.”

Through our three months of training, we learned how to hold a sword correctly, how to make perfect shots with a bow and arrow, to make sure we hit our target exactly where we want to.

We received our weapons and gear. We were allowed to return home, and be on call if anything suspicious happened.

When I got home I went to my aunts house to pick up Mr. Whiskers. I took him home and unpacked all my clothes.

After being home for about ten weeks I got a call from the president to prepare for war.

I looked outside and saw about thirteen zombies walking outside my house. I quickly ran upstairs and put on my gear. I also grabbed a couple of weapons, and then ran outside.

I saw them standing there surrounding someone. I couldn’t make out the person, but I knew they were in danger. I started doing what I had to do to get through the crowd of zombies.

I saw that they were surrounding a zombie. I realized that the zombie was Jeremey.

I ran inside my house and boarded up everything. Because of what had happened to my best friend, I would never step foot out of this house again. Because of the fact that I ran out of food in two weeks I never lived through the zombie apocalypse.

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