Mackinac Island revolutionary war Part 2

December 12, 2013
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Known as Drake Sovereign. he was born into one of the richest families known to man, (two if you count his mothers fathers business that was rated number one most published books for five years in a row), but his fathers business is much bigger than that.

Passed down from five generations now ( someday, Drake would be the sixth), his father specializes in bionic engineering (such as advanced robotic arms and other ‘replacements’ for the human body) and is growing to something like eleven and a half billion dollars in profits alone.

Of course, with those numbers, his father could afford a mansion (but Drake know’s it only as the house) with high tech security just to keep the family safe, or at least that’s how his father puts it.

Although, Drake could never see why their family felt insecure, because we always have the guards, the butlers (who were always armed with three throwing knives, a eighteen inch boning knife, and a nine millimeter side arm, which were only designed to only carry the ammunition that was designed for that gun, from keeping thieves from stealing them and selling them) the maids, and law enforcement once we realize someone tried to break in.
But of course, Drake’s father recommended that he had his employees build a new type of security system, just for their house alone, so that no burglar could hack the system.
Thinking that that was a little bit paranoid on his fathers part, he forgot, only for a moment, what his mother was like.
She make’s sure that all of their food is prepared to perfection, freshly cut. Drake’s family could only have a certain type of products, that his mother approved of, Drake had all of his clothing tailored to his mother's approval, and she had even assigned one of the maids to even have his own teeth brushed!
Though some of those things had it’s own benefits. They never had to worry about anything, and nothing could trouble Drake and his family.
Until now.
Ever since the American government shutdown, people were starting to uprise on the island (of all places, Drake heard that every piece of fudge made there was made with pure deliciousness, and from the trip, he hoped that he would have a chance to sneak out and try some) and Drake’s father hoped in terminating (as he liked to put it) the problems.
And Drake knew that his father was worried, because if a influence like him couldn’t help settle down the riots, then who could? Every time that Drake saw him smile, he could see the bags under his eyes start to get heavier from nights of endless sleep, and his deep green eyes, that were once filled with happiness, looked dull and a sense of dreadful worry.
So far on the island, there have only been citizens walking around the island, refusing to work, except for making food products, and refusing to pay taxes and regular fines (like water, gas, and electrical bills). But besides that, no other problems have been reported, although it was enough to get the American government stirred up.
But, since the government has stopped running, there wasn’t any way to solve the problem, until the new bill was passed through congress. But until that can happen, the fate of America rested in the hands of it’s people, not the government.
“Plane 10-5372 to tower, over.” The pilot confirmed into the radio.
All that was given in response was a long hiss of static.
Once again the pilot tried to make contact with the tower, “Tower, come in. This is plane 10-5372, do you copy?”
Once again, only static came in response.
The pilot spoke to Henry, “I’ll try to contact to the other pilots and see if they can contact the radio tower.”
As soon as Henry pulled on a headset of his own, Drake could see the shimmer on a metallic object launched into the air.
Then the a quick shudder began in the back of the plane, causing the plane to shudder and have it’s windows erupt into small pellets the size of rain drops, and some the size of a piece of hail.
Shards of all kinds lept for Drakes flesh, drilling him with a blinding pain.
The plane started to fly out of control, starting to drop in elevation, starting to spiral down to the depths of lake Huron, making out a clear image of the scenery difficult to comprehend.
“Plane down! Plane down!” Drake barely heard Henry tried to report to the other planes.
Then the icy cold water made the plane crash with a shudder, and lake Huron started to take ownership of the plane, sinking all that was within in, even the passengers, slowly rising to let them know that the end was near, that they would surely find their deaths at the bottom of the Lake, if they even were lucky enough to survive that long.
Then all faded to darkness as Drake’s head went below the surface.
Evan, once again, woke up to the sound of lighting and pellets smacking against the house, not allowing Evan to sleep.

Escaping the thin layers of the bedding sheets, (that helped keep Evan warm on nights like these), Evan scurried for a match, and, using the very last one in the box, stroke it against the rough edge of the box. Fumbling around the clutter on the desk, Evan found the lantern and shimmed the light into it, and started the candle into a blaze, and set it back on the desk.

This has been the third night in a row that Evan’s been awakened by the call of God through the dreams, but Evan could never remember what the Lord had commanded of him, no matter on the level of concentration that Evan applied to the situation.

So once again, Evan went through a daily bible reading, then finding no success of remembering the dreams, Evan tried to a daily devotional involving Lee Strobel’s book, ‘The Case for Christ’, but once again, Evan couldnt figure out the dream.

Evan thought deeply, then finally thought, “The only hard part of coming to concluding about what God has sent to me is not able to ask him…”

Then, the answer became absolutely clear, the answer was in the question itself. Evan sat back on the bed and started to pray,” Dear Lord, I thank you for all that you have blessed me with on another day here on planet earth. I thank you for the blessed life you have given me, with a warm house to keep me warm at night, and I thank you for sacrificing yourself on the cross to our sins.”

“And tonight, I’ve also come before you to ask if you will allow me to listen to you, and seek guidance as you give me a role to take on here, to bring others closer to you. In Jesus name, Amen.”

Although Evan gave heart in every word that was spoken, Evan couldn’t find any new memory, not even a slight stimulation.

Becoming very tired all of the sudden, Evan crawled back into the thin sheets of the bed, and started to rest.

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