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I woke up on a Monday morning in a room filled with sports posters, a bed and a giant desk. I in a way sleepwalked my way to the bathroom because the shower gets me going everyday. After my shower I dwindled down the grand spiral stairs down to the kitchen to make myself some bagels and cream cheese. After I finished my breakfast, I went back up the stairs, across the hallway and to my room to pack my bag. I thought about the doctor's appointment I had later. Walking to school like I always do I headed out the door.

My feet aimlessly glided down the very scenic path in what I call the quiet half mile of enjoyment. The path had trees among the side which leaves just seem to enclose the path. I looked down at my student ID it read Arion Corman, seventh grader and I live in Seattle, Washington. I am 5 foot 1, have green eyes, and a over the top curly afro. When I got to Wycoff Middle School I realized that I still had a half hour till school started so I walked through the walkway which surrounded the oval parking lot, through the gates and to room 2, my first class. The building itself appeared white with a blue trimming on the top. I dropped my bag off in front of the class and went to go walk with my friends Patrick and Clayton. We talked about our sports teams that played yesterday the Seattle Seahawks and the Oklahoma Thunder .We like them because they used to be the Seattle Supersonics and then the relocated. In first period math, we learned about coordinate planes which bores me because we seem to learned about that every year. I walked into my next period, science I thought about the poster I had to about cells with my friend, Charles. We worked really fast and nearly finished the poster in one day. Brunch followed science, so I went to the the array of basketball courts and played basketball until 3rd period. In third period period history we learned about the the renaissance era. After that in Literature we discussed questions from a book called A New Way To Live, which describes changes in lifestyle over the year and if the new changes are good or bad. Then I had lunch which developed into nothing special and played basketball on the same court after that. Then I continued to what I call the fun part of the day I had elective 5th and PE 6th. For my elective I choose computer science because I thought it would be good to learn. It turns out today we would be using our code to program robots which turned out to be very fun. In P.E though my smiles turn upside down into a frown because we had a mile to run. I ran the mile around the muddy quarter mile oval. As I passed the clock with my last effort looking back to see that I ran the mile in 5:54. Celebrating
After school ended my mom told me to get in the car because we got to the doctor's office for a checkup. I was surprised at first, but then I realized that I hadn’t gone in a while so I went with it. We reached the place which from the outside didn’t look that impressive. On the inside it actually looked like a place that you get a checkup. In the office it had a bed with wax paper on top for I guess sitting, a sink with cabinets on top and a big box of needles that freaked me out. When the doctor Mr. Clack he looked at the x-ray in my left leg for any structural damage he gasped in astonishment like he had seen a ghost and stormed out of the room with my mom and immediately started talking. I tried to keep myself calm, but the fact that my leg could be completely messed up wasn’t helping too much. The next thing I know my mom forced me into the car, drove me to the hospital and I woke up 3 days later in one of the hospital beds with my left leg covered with gauze and tape.
Luckily my mom stood right next to me so I asked her what happened.
“Your left leg had very serious structural damage that didn’t allow you to walk and run at your full speeds, they said that it would make you run 20-40% faster.” I have already gotten calls from trainers asking if you want to train with them for the olympics.” she said.
I felt astonished because I’ve always wanted to go to the olympics to watch, but I had never thought about competing in the olympics. It looks like my mom set me up with a big decision to make should I leave school and my life in Seattle or should I turn down the chance to compete for a gold medal in the olympics. It turns out that it Saturday morning which meant I had just missed 3 days of school. The doctor had taken off all the gauze and tape from the surgery and told me that I am clear to leave the hospital. When I got home I talked to my dad and mom about what decision I should make. They didn’t state a
clear on their opinion and told me that they would support me in either decision. Then I went on Gmail and chatted with my closest friends and they didn’t believe me, so that didn’t help at all. when I got is 10:00, so I tried to fall asleep that night and couldn’t. I just kept on rolling back in forth on my plush and cozy tempurpedic mattress and just not sleeping. When I finally fell asleep it wasn’t that much better my dreams overwhelmed me I thought about if I choose stardom I could win a gold medal for my country which would be my dream, but I would have to give up things like family, friends, video games, and basketball. If I choose school life I could just have a normal life get a nice house raise family and live with comfort, but life would be as rewarding. And in the morning I made a decision that would change my life, I choose to take stardom over my regular school life.
The next day I meet up with my trainer who appeared somewhere around 6 foot 4, very skinny, bald, black, and wore black track shorts and a yellow nylon tanktop. This made me nervous because it reminded me that for the rest of my life while competing I would have a age, physical and mindset disadvantage. The trainer’s name was Mo and at first he gave me a long 3 hour talk about himself, the history of the sport, what you can expect to be doing for the rest of my the 3 years before the olympics. The next couple weeks of my life became the best of my life. I found out the my leg surgery had made me able glide across the track surface like a puck gliding on ice. Running, now a totally different experience. I didn’t feel tired after the runs and actually enjoyed running. Off the track life turned out to be great too. I still had kept in touch with my friends and made new ones.
Then the day that me and my trainer had circled on our calendar, the under 18 nationwide 1 mile races I could really should people here that I am the truth and deserve to qualify for the olympics. The event took place in New York which floated my boat nicely because I have never went to New York and always had wanted to go. Me and Mo went to New York 3 days early because we thought that it would be enough time to get our feet wet in the event, but it wasn’t the next thing you know the 8 competitors are lining up to start to start the event. When the gun sounded I got off to a bad start because I could never really get good with using starting blocks. I had made it all the way from 7th place to 3rd in the first lap. In the second lap I had climbed 1 more spot and now looking to take the lead. In the third lap I was unsuccessful in taking 1st place, but closing in. On the last lap things got crazy I took him in the corner, but he took me in the straightaway and with one corner left I went all out and passed him, but as I was pulling away he clipped me of the leg leg and went tumbling immediately grabbed for my surgically repaired left leg. Woke up later in a hospital bed a scene much too familiar and informed that I had broke my left ankle and couldn’t continue trained. This meant I am going back to school anyways.

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