Jimmy the Apple

October 18, 2013
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There once was an apple who learned how to talk, his name was Jimmy. He was a jocose fruit, everyone who met him enjoyed his present. In Fruitvill everyone was living the idyllic lifestyle, but every year there was one day that the humans come to harvest the little fruits. He had everything he could ever wish for because everyone loved him. But, one thing he wanted the most was to go to school. Not a school for fruits, but the ones with human children. Jimmy dreamed all day and all night about going to a human school and interacting with the human children. He imaged them as little cute fuzzy cotton ball. Jimmy’s mother always tell him to “Quit dreaming Jimmy and go outside and enjoy the sun.”

Jimmy knew that one day his dream will come true no matter what everyone else thought. Jimmy is a wonderful student in fruit school, he had straight A’s. He told all his teachers about his dream and all of them laughed. Jimmy sometimes wonder why no one believes him. Was there a secret about the humans that he didn’t know? Jimmy went home to his mother with a question,
“Mom? Why don’t you ever talk about dad?”

His mom always answered
“Well, there nothing left to talk about.”

Jimmy never really knew what she meant by that, but today he had to get this question answered.
“Mom? Can you please tell me what happened to dad?”

His mom said
“well honey, there is only one thing I will tell you, the humans made him disappear from our lives, they took him from me when you were 6 months old.”
“That’s why I don’t like you dreaming about humans, and dreaming about going to a human school, they are all evil and heartless beings!”

Her story made Jimmy miss his father even more, trying to hold back his tears, he didn’t want to make his mom cry as well. Jimmy limped to his room heart broken, laying in his bed he thought about the father he never met. The next morning he went down for breakfast, mom had cooked up some new fertilizer and it smelled good. Jimmy consumed some fertilizer and ran out the door to catch the fruit bus to school.
“Hey Jimmy, you ready for school today?” said Jimmy’s best friend Peter the Orange
“Yup, I’m always ready.” Said Jimmy

Jimmy and Peter laughed and joked on their way to school. When the bus stopped everyone got off. Jimmy and Peter walked to their classroom talking about their dream jobs.
“So Peter, what is your dream job?” asked Jimmy
“Well, I want to be a doctor, I heard they make a lot of money,” Peter replied
“What do you want to be?” asked Peter
“My dream is to one day become the president of the US, then I’ll show them humans who’s boss!” said Jimmy

School went along as it always did, when it was time to leave Jimmy got his bags and ran to the bus stop. What Jimmy didn’t know was today was the day that all fruits were afraid of. Today was “Harvest day”. The sky darken, the ground shook as if there was an earthquake, the booming footsteps of the giant humans came down like thunder, the terrible cry of mothers losing their children to the humans full the dark gloomy sky. Jimmy didn’t know what to do for this was his first harvest day. From behind the bush a hand came out picking up Jimmy and putting him into a basket. Jimmy shouted from the top of his lungs trying to get help. Everyone was in chaos, branches fell from the heavens crushing everything under it. Jimmy thought of his father and what his mother has told him. He held back his tears and accepted his faith.

It was dark inside the basket, Jimmy could hear the loud screams outside. He looked around to see if anyone he knew was here.
“Hello? I’m Jimmy, is there anyone else here?”

No one answered him, so he thought he was alone. He tried to move around the basket, but he bumped into something hard right next to him. The hard object told him to keep his voice down.
“Why?” Jimmy whispered
“The humans don’t know that we can talk.” Replied the mysterious object.

This somehow did not surprise Jimmy, he just sat there in silent and waited for this all to end. Jimmy fell asleep on the way. He woke up not knowing where he was. He felt isolated, not knowing there were hundreds of other fruits in here with him. The basket finally came to a halt and everyone inside listened carefully and did not dare make a noise. The lid came off and sunlight rushed in blinding everyone inside. It must have been days now since they saw daylight. The fruits were placed into small buckets and washed with freezing water. After they were washed the humans placed them in small bags and emptied all the air inside. They were then shipped to a local market were they were unpacked and put on display. Jimmy watched as the humans took small bites from people that he had knew. One man was about to pick Jimmy and put him in a bag to take home, Jimmy shouted “Stop! Why are you eating these poor people?” The fully grown man fell backwards, tripping over himself as he tried to get away from the talking apple. Everyone at the market all stared at Jimmy with scared and surprised in their eyes.

News of the talking fruit spread like wild fire throughout the world. From then on people stopped eating fruits and started to accept them as a race of their own. Many people were upset about the fruits being banned from the markets. But, overall the fruits were accepted in a society that used to eat them. Jimmy became a famous super star all over the world. Every country wanted him to come and visit them and tell them about the secret life of the fruits. Jimmy’s wish came true, he was allowed to go to a human school with human children. He also went back to FruitVill and got his mother. His mother was really happy to see him and started to burst into tears the moment she saw him. He was the most famous and popular in the world at this moment, but like all good things it had to come to an end. He lived an ordinary life after everyone was uses to talking fruits.

Jimmy studied hard in school and graduated college. We went to law school and study to become what he wanted to be the most. He wanted to become the president of the U.S. Jimmy was now in his early 30’s and he ran for president in the next coming election. He won and became the 50th president of the United States of America. He also came up with a health care program called “JimmyCare”, it became very popular among the fruits since they were so easily bruised and injured. Jimmy was president for 8 years. In those 8 years everything changed, all the fruits were able to apply for a citizenship. Jimmy was one of the greatest and smallest president who ever lived in the white house.

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