The shield of swords.

August 17, 2013
The world changes as I sit in this ever still position. As I see the world around me shifting and flowing. I can’t but help but sense something terrible is to come, if that time shall come I will awaken and fight for this world that is ever changing. For that was why I was created by my master thousands of years ago. For now I will sleep and wait for that time to come. Until then mankind. Protect what’s dear too. Like I have been doing for thousands of year. – The statue.

“Man this sucks. Another Friday night and I’m all alone. Well I might as well order a pizza” As Terrence was mumbling to himself about another Friday night. A couple of guys mugging a old lady caught his eye and he shouted out “HEY! Stop what you’re doing right now!” the two thugs caught off guard didn’t care to look who was yelling at them and stopped and ran. He then ran up to see if the young lady was ok. She looked up with a great smile and said “Thank you so much mister, I see a great destiny in your future” Terrence just shrugged the comment off and proceeded to check if the woman was ok. He then began to walk the old lady to her home witch wasn’t that far away from his own. Once the lady was back home and safe he headed to his house passing a park he usually passes every day. But this day he decided to take a rest for he had been working all day and looks up to a well sculpted statue that had a fierce look but someone felt caring. After Terrence had a few minutes of rest he went home to head to bed for it was starting to get late. Once he got home he made him some left over pizza from the other day and watches a couple hours of TV before heading to bed. Has Terrence was getting ready for bed he felt a chill go down his back. He thought it was just because it was cold and headed into his warm covers to fall asleep. Soon he was in a deep sleep and dreaming. Terrence dreamt he was in the park from earlier in front of the same statue and it spoke to him “young warrior I fear a day of darkness is upon your race, I was created to guide the one who noble and kind.”

Terrence then replied: “me? But I’m just a writer, what about me makes me a warrior?
“you are the one who is noble and kind to all who are in need. Such as earlier you helped save an elderly woman”
“That does not make me a noble warrior”
“You underestimate yourself boy, look deep into yourself and you’ll see where your bravery comes from”
Soon Terrence woke up from his bizarre dream; He merrily didn’t think much of it. Soon he was on his way to his office to write a paper about a newly open park. He greeted everyone as he did every day, he got to his desk begin to work on his laptop and such like a regular day. Then out of nowhere a couple of guys wearing mask barges into the office waving around Guns and yelling at everyone to get on the ground. Terrence be calm did as they said. He had noticed that he was scared or afraid of these men. But he was looking for a way to stop them. Soon one of the armed criminals shows his back to Terrence and he makes his move tackling the man to the ground and fighting for the gun once Terrence got the gun he then aimed towards the other man. The other man noticed the struggle and starts’ aiming just as Terrence was and in a blink of an eye Terrence shot the criminal’s gun out of his hand. The cops soon arrived afterwards. Terrence and a few other co-works were then questioned about the situation and an officer told Terrence “you know kid, your one crazy son of a b****. Most people wouldn’t even think of trying a stunt like that” Terrence felt almost like he had done the world some good. Then he soon remembered that bizarre dream he had. Because of the incident everyone had the day off. Terrence decided to go to the park where the statue was at. Once there he looks into the eyes of that statue and he thought he could see the statue looking back at him. He shook his head thinking he must have been in shock because of what happed earlier . But as he looked back up the statue looked down at him and smiled then spoke “I told you boy. That you were a noble warrior” Terrence now scared out of his mind began to back up but fell “no need to be afraid boy I’m on your side, I’m your guardian and guide” Terrence still shaken up looks back up. “How do you know what happed today? And how you are able to speak into my dreams”the statue just laughed“there’s a lot you must learn boy. But for now let us go into my home” the statue beginning to walk on all fours resembling a lion walked into the center of the park and a door appeared. Terrence was hesitant to walk into it but the statue urged him. Once they were both through. Terrence took a look around and saw a beautiful tropical beach and turned around and asked “where are we?” the statue laughed and just replied with “A beach, shall we get started?” Terrence just looked at the statue with a confused looked “get started with what?” “your training boy” the statue replied “now sit down and focused on yourself and only yourself flush out the sound of the waves and wind” Terrence unsure on how to accomplish this task begin to try it anyways. After a few minutes he noticed he wasn’t hearing anything. Only complete silence. Once he noticed this he begin to vision the statue witch then stated “good job. Not imagine what you would use to defend others and protect them” Once Terrence figured out what the statue was saying he begin seeing himself using two single blade swords. As soon as Terrence saw that his vision stopped and he begins to hear the waves again. He then noticed a couple of single edge swords to his sides. They were beautiful like a god’s weapon With a black and red handle and carvings of lions on the slither. He then picked up the two swords as the statue said “this are not your weapons but instead your shields. They will protect those around you. But be warned if missed you they will only harm you” Soon afterwards Terrence awoke in his bed gasping for breath as if he just had a nightmare. He then begin to look around in a somewhat panic and got dressed rushed down to the park, to the statue. Everything seemed normal. The statue was not moving and wasn’t talking it was just a statue of a lion. As it had always been Terrence somewhat relived headed back to his home. He then sat down on his couch eating some more left over pizza thinking about what he had just experienced. Thinking to himself “was that really just a dream? It felt too real!” Terrence remembering what he had done in his dream at the tropical beach, He decided to try what he had done in what he thought was a dream. He begins to flush out the sound soon the statue appears in his vision and spoke “what you had experience was not a dream my boy. That truly happed. Go ahead try and summon your shield of swords” Terrence then begins to see the two swords he saw before and out of nowhere they appeared in his hands. He was not longer meditating but he could still hear the statue say “a terrible darkness is upon the human race. And you are the one who will stop that fate from coming true” Terrence unsure how to do such a task asked “how am I suppose to do that?” the statue gave a small laugh and said “go to the tallest mountain in the west and you will find a swords master. She will teach what you’ll need to know” Terrence still unsure agreed to it and looked up a map of his area. He found an unnamed point on his map. He somehow knew that was where he needed to go. Terrence decided to pack light and head out to his destination. As he was leaving his home he noticed a couple of guys acting odd outside. He just went on his way until he noticed the two guys were following him he soon begins to run as fast as he could and the two men ran after him he took a turn into an ally and was soon cornered. The two men pulled out a couple of pistols and aimed at Terrence and said “we can’t have you going anywhere” they pulled the trigger and a loud bang was heard Terrence put up his arms to block the bullets and he heard the two guys drop after hearing a ding when he looks this two swords appeared and formed a shield in front of him and the two men were lying on the floor. Terrence not wanting to be questioned by the police on what had happen for he didn’t even know for himself ran away as fast as possible heading into town to find someone to take him to the mountain he had found on his map. Once in town he looked into a special bar for people who go on adventures that could guide him safely to his destination. When he entered the bar, the life in there came to a standstill to all look at Terrence. Once he looked back at everyone he went and sat at the bar and just asked for a water, at a guy at the end of the bar gave a slight chuckle and then spoke towards Terrence “why don’t you man up and get yourself a real drink kid?” Terrence turned towards the guy and said “I’m not here to drink. I’m here to look for some help” the man now laughing uncontrollably said “I knew you would come sooner or later, Terrence” Terrence shocked at how this guy knew his name was also confused and started to really wonder who he was and then asked “who are you? And how do you know my name?” the man stopped laughing to give a reply and told Terrence “I’m your guide to king’s mountain.” Now shocked and comply out of words. Terrence just sat there and finished his water. The men begin to say something. “My names James, Now shall we get going?” James just begins to walk to a motorcycle he had parked outside for some reason he had a second one like he had been expecting Terrence to show up. He then threw a helmet at Terrence and said “if you don’t know how to ride you’ll learn quickly” He then just got onto the bike and Terrence got onto his. Terrence was soon following James down a kind of ghost like road. Looked like no one had road on it for years or even decades, it was almost peaceful and Terrence soon was in a Terrance not worrying about a thing. But just as he got into that trance, James yelled out “Look out!” he then looked up and saw something fly down towards him witch made him wreck and slide a good few yards on the pavement once on his feet. Terrence knew how to summon his swords. He then had his swords out and ready to defend himself. But just as he pulled them out the flying beast had vanished and Terrence was confused as to what just happed James came over to tell him that they were guardians of the mountain and once they saw Terrence’s swords they knew who he was and stopped attacking. Just as James finished his explanation the beasts landed in front of them and begin to say “we are the guardian hawks. And we will server you on your quest now hope on our backs and we will carry you to the top of the mountain. James not questioning the giant hawk birds jumped on one of their backs. Terrence still confused didn’t care to question because he knew he wouldn’t be able to understand that much of what is going on, and hoped on to the other one’s back. The two hawks took over with a great down force with their wings. For some reason the hawks flew low to the tree line, Terrence not sure why asked. “Why are you flying so low?” the hawk answered back. “Because young warrior we do not want to be spotted by blades of blood” Terrence not feeling like asking more questions just stayed quiet until they got to their destination. Once they reached where they were going. Terrence looked at the amazing building before his eyes. And the plants around it, it didn’t make sense for these plants to be growing in a place like this. But it was almost tropical. Soon James and Terrence was greeted by a young lady who was about the same age as Terrence and looked beautiful. Terrence was in shock at her beauty and then James snapped him out of it. Terrence now trying to act casual was making a fool of himself.

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