Growing up Super (Preview)

June 3, 2013
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They're gone, the ash on the ground is the last remnant of my family. The sirens off in the distance cannot break me of the spell holding me to the spot on the ground. My eyes are wide open and I can feel the tears streaming down my face as the spreading flames in the forest burn around me. When the cops show I'm picked up and placed in the squad car it doesn't get very far before the car is melted down into molten scrap. My screams pierce the night and a man whose face was shadowed by the hat on his head was able to hold me without being incinerated. I could only see his smile but at that time I was happy because maybe I finally found a home, maybe i finally had a family.
(13 years later)
The alarm clock went off and I spent a good five minutes trying to smash the stupid thing. I sat up and took a huge yawn scratching my bed head and throwing open my curtains to let the sunlight in. Well...would have let the sunlight in if it wasn't five o'clock in the morning. I could smell bacon sizzling and knew Nana was making breakfast for the big day back to school so i quickly cleaned up and dressed in my typical black polo with my infamous red hoody. I quickly packed my bag and slipped my bracelet on before heading downstairs and stealing some bacon straight out of the pan. Nana just glared at me but rolled her eyes as I kissed her cheek and ran off to the best high school and most unorthodox in the world: Super U.
Super U, Institution for the youth who proudly serve justice...supposedly anyway but it's like any other normal school with the exception of our students able to exceed speeds that break sound...or kids who can fly or whatever. That's out upperclassmen anyway all our underclassmen start off as being sidekicks and work their way up to the big powers unless you're me and my friends though. We are part of an elite and advanced group of young heroes who's powers were granted as children, we are the Advanced Power Program, or A.P.P. for short.
I am the "leader" of our unstable little group and it is our job to stabilize our powers for the greater good of humanity or that's our schools mission anyways but high school is a crazy place.

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