April 26, 2013
By Reema SILVER, New Delhi, Other
Reema SILVER, New Delhi, Other
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It was a cold January morning, all the children of Mount Brook High School were extremely sad because their winter vacations had ended and the school was to re-open today. Many children woke up unwillingly after being threatened by their parents, some had to be dragged out of the bed and others got to bathe in bed that morning. The children cursed the school for not extending their vacations and moaned as they got ready to face yet another day of teachers banging dusters, the screeching noise of chalk writing on the board and heaps of homework.

However, the children were happy to see each other again. Suddenly a terrible sound was heard. It was the school bell; everyone had to gather in the ground for school assembly, Sigh!

The class teachers took the attendance and from there the children were taken to the ground in front of the school for the morning assembly. The children stood there for a little more than half an hour. The principal gave a welcome-back-to-school-after-your- vacations speech. After that the children were made to move back to their classes.

What they saw when they returned was every students dream come true. There were no books to be seen in the entire school. The children could not find their bags either, the library shelves were empty. It was as if every book had magically disappeared from the entire school. The teachers failed to calm the students and every student went mad with happiness, especially the ones who thought they had failed in their mid – term examinations. Everyone took to the corridors. The school became an absolute mess. The principal kept instructing the staff what to do, but most of them were too busy in enjoying the moment rather than listening to him. The security staff was called to settle the students but the children were far from listening to what they were saying.
Children were seen wishing each other happy independence day, some children even found the Indian flags from the 15th august celebration and went running around the school shouting “bharat mata ki jai”. On the contrary the keeners of class IX were awfully sad because the chapter of algebra had to begin that day. They came up with a mastermind plan, for they were the geniuses. The school was in frenzy, and they decided to take advantage of it. They went to the reception and called the police. The police felt that it was a matter too complicated for them to solve and forwarded the case to the CBI.

After a while the CBI arrived at with the best detective in town Sir Conan Doyal. All the Enid Blyton- Agatha Christie fans were very happy as they were getting to witness the proceedings of such a mysterious case. The CBI sealed the school. Everyone was made to sit in the auditorium and was called one by one to the principal’s room for interrogation by the detective. Some children got so scared from the thought of being detained by a detective that they started crying but others were enjoying the best first day of school. Some were seen pinching each other to recover from the shock and others were still rubbing their eyes. Suddenly a loud noise was heard and everyone fell silent because the students thought the books were found but I realized that it was my alarm clock and this incredible incidence was just a dream. I hurried up as I had to get ready for the first day of school after winter vacations.

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