Drive It Like You Stole It

April 25, 2013
By 3MMM90 BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
3MMM90 BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
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Drive It Like You Stole It

It was just a regular March day that day. The snow was melting, the weather was warm, and people were starting to get out of their houses and come outside. I had been hanging out with one of my best friends, and we were just biking around town. We were over in soldier’s field baseball park, playing in the two foot deep over flow of water.
There was about six inches of ice still on top of it and we were riding our bikes on it doing tricks. Out of nowhere his bike would not peddle anymore. We had figured out it was more than just the tire; it was his whole entire hub. (The hub is the middle part of the tire where the spokes and chains connect.) We went to all the hardware stores around town looking for a new hub, but with no luck. So we had gone to a friend’s house and asked, but still no luck. After that we had gone around and asked but they were too busy to look and sent us on our way. We had just given up for the most part.
That night we had an idea to just go out and take a bike from somebodies yard. We had scouted around on my bike, while my friend was on my pegs, and asked a couple of people until we had finally found a bike. We were so nervous that we almost didn't take it. We stood in the parking lot for an hour, until just about curfew. Finally my friend slowly crept into the dark backyard, and tip-toed behind the parked truck towards the bike, the next thing I knew he was flying out of the yard riding the bike he had just stolen. We rode so fast down Main Street; it had seemed like a blur. We put the bike on the side of my house and went inside. My sister was still up, so we talked to her until she was tired and went to bed.
When everyone had finally gone to bed, my friend and I went out to the side of the house, and got the bike. We rolled it through the house and into the garage where we had put it up on the work bench and started taking it apart, and got done within twenty minutes. We got almost everything apart except we couldn't get the peddle off so we could not take the crank off and had to leave it as is. We bagged all the parts we had taken off the bike and started walking out on the lake behind my house. We were bringing the frame to a place where we could have friends pick it up and take it away. I was worried about getting caught by the police while we were walking over to the place, because I had just got a warning for curfew awhile before, and didn't want to get ticketed.
The next morning we woke up and hung out with the people that were going to pick up the bike from where we had left it the night before, and take the bike off our hands. We hung out with them until about noon and then they had left to go get the bike out of a culvert and then go home. We thought we had got away with it after that, and enjoyed our nights feeling accomplished.
The next morning was like any other Monday morning. We went to school, got through all the classes with no incident. We got on the bus and went to the high school to pick up the high schoolers at the end of the day. We were talking in our seats with some other kids when all of a sudden we here a loud bang on the window, our hearts sank right to the floor. It was the guy we had stolen the bike from. He was asking us where his bike was, and we just kept telling him we didn't know, but we really did. He told us he was going to call the cops and he left. That’s when the anxiety started to kick in. We were so scared that we were going to get caught.
An hour after I got home, a cop car shows up in my driveway. My grandma had just come over and she was asking why a cop was at my door. I told her I was just giving a report to him on something that I had made up on the spot. She had left, and the next thing I know the cop is banging on my door wanting to talk to me. I thought about not answering the door and acting like I wasn't there. But I realized that wasn't a good idea and answered the door. He asked me if I had anything to do with it, and I told him that it was my friend that did it and not me. He believed it and asked me where my friend lived and asked me where the bike was. I told him my friend had taken it somewhere and I didn't know where it was. Meanwhile in the next town over where my friend had taken the bike, two cop cars show up and find the bike lying in the driveway. He was arrested on the spot for possession of stolen property, and went to jail.
He had asked me a few more questions and let me go back inside. I got a phone call from my friend, telling me to just give the parts back. So I brought parts out from my basement where my friend and I had stashed them the night before, and gave them to the police officer. He had taking some pictures of the bike parts and told me I could be in some legal trouble but I would be fine. About five minutes later my mom shows up and is wondering why the cops were at the front door. The cop explained it to her and she freaked out! She was so mad, I have never even seen her that mad. The cops left and that’s when the anxiety really hit me bad.
I was so nervous what was going to happen the next day. The people that we stole the bike from were a grade ahead of us, and they said they were going to beat us up. So I pretty much stayed in my house for the next couple months, till summer started. When summer finally started I was nervous they were going to come and find me wherever I was so I stayed home most of the summer. But the worst part of the whole problem was the first day of high school. I had so many thoughts running through my head that could happen. I was worried about getting beat up, where all my classes were going to be, if I was going to get garbage canned or not, and how people would look at me after stealing the bike.
So the first day of school came around and I woke up, ate some breakfast and got on the bus. I almost puked three times before I got to school. I got there and it was awkward, but it didn't seem too bad. My friend showed me how to work my locker and I found all my classes without too much trouble. After 3rd block I was starting to hear about someone wanted to get in a fight with us and teach us a lesson. I got scared at that point and just wanted the day to be done. At the end of school I thought that the buses would be right there, but turns out they didn't get there for twenty minutes. I was looking around wondering where I could go and what I would do if something happened. I ended up just running home on the ATV trail every day after school just so I wouldn't have to encounter them. It took all the way up to the beginning of last summer till I wasn’t scared to go out anymore. I started hanging out with friends again and enjoying life. But I sure learned a lesson, and that lesson was to never take something that is not yours, because the consequences could really be bad.

The author's comments:
This is a piece about something that I did in 8th grade.

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EllaJ GOLD said...
on Apr. 29 2013 at 10:19 am
EllaJ GOLD, Reinach, Other
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i love the voice you give! so sweet and pure! this is brilliant, keep it up!


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