The Start of a Werewolf Brotherhood

April 22, 2013
The Start of a Werewolf Brotherhood

Intro: The date is January 25, 2013, a month after the Mayans’ prediction of the end of the world. The remaining living creatures are the humans, trolls and werewolves. The Northern part of the United States is where the Werewolves live and the south is where the humans live. The trolls inhabit Quebec, Canada due to the fact everywhere except Quebec was destroyed when the Mayan Cataclysm came. A werewolf cult arranged a meeting with the werewolf lord, and this is where the story begins.

Chapter 1: The Leader of the Werewolf Country
Benjamin, the leader of the werewolves walks in wearing his Wolven Warleather armor. “So Antares, You and your cult want to wage war on the humans? Why is that? Is it because they are weak and worthless beings? Is it because you want to claim their part of the country? Or is it both?” Ben asked with a grin. Antares was speechless for a few seconds, and then asked, “How did you know what I was going to say…?” “I can read minds boy.” Ben responded as he still grins. “But we are split for a reason, and your reason for wanting to wage war on the humans is not an excuse. Seconds later, Ben is surrounded by lightning and his hands hold flames surrounded by electricity. He then threw the flames at Antares and his officer, burning and electrocuting them at the same time, while his other two cultists run in fear. “Cultists these days.” Ben thought to himself. Rayne, Ben’s eldest son then walks in. “Father, Boston was ambushed by the humans last night. I’m leaving tonight to find supplies for our soldiers.” “Alright son, just be careful.”

Chapter 2: Rayne’s Power

Rayne arrived in what remained of Boston after the ambush. He walked to the closest shop, went into the crafting room and built himself a modified version of the Wolven Warleather Armor, Instead of hoodless armor, the armor was hooded and covered in black and a dark red color that looked like blood. He put the armor on, and then built himself 2 Hidden Blades and an M-200 Sniper Rifle with Full Metal Jacket .50 caliber bullets, a Thermal Scope and extended magazines, which hold 20 bullets instead of the normal 5 bullets a magazine. Afterwards, he left the shop’s crafting room and as he left the room, the shop was surrounded by the human army.
Rayne threw a smoke bomb to distract the humans and ran to the closest sniper’s nest nearby. Luckily, Rayne was carrying 4 bags with him, each holding 5 magazines of modified .50 caliber bullets that his modified M-200 sniper rifle fires. In the blink of an eye, he loaded his sniper with a magazine, aimed the rifle at the general’s head and… boom! Rayne fired a shot at the General, which went through his skull and out the connection of the spine and the skull.

After Rayne’s first shot, the fallen general’s soldiers charge towards the sniper’s nest to kill Rayne. “This is a perfect time to use my Shadowstep ability.” He thought to himself as he grinned. He then put the M-200 Sniper away and unsheathed his Hidden Blades, One being black with red markings and the other being black with purple markings. Each Hidden Blade was infused with unholy magic and demonic magic. Rayne prepares for the soldiers to run up the stairs of the sniper’s nest. Seconds later, the first soldier runs up the stairs and in the blink of an eye, Rayne used his Shadowstep ability to teleport behind the soldier and stab him in the spine, which paralyzed him and made him start to bleed out slowly. For an entire minute, Rayne used his Shadowstep ability on the rest of the soldiers to wipe them out. Afterwards, he teleported back home to report the news.

“Father,” Rayne said, “The humans are trying to reclaim the north. I was ambushed by their army while searching for supplies. Luckily I survived, but that was because I used my Shadowstep ability to wipe them out.” He then starts to grin afterwards. “Ah, well, if war is what they want, war is what they’ll get.” Ben declares.

Chapter 3: The Start of the Brotherhood of Bloodwolves

“Citizens of Khantoris Nation, the humans have declared war on us by ambushing our cities and destroying them. We already lost Massachusetts, we cannot lose anymore! We will need all the soldiers we can get for this war. We will NOT let the humans take control of our nation brothers and sisters! We claimed this nation for a reason; now let’s show them the power of the Werewolves!” Ben announces to his people on a radio broadcast.

Hours after the radio broadcast, a troll and a werewolf assassin request an audience with Lord Ben. The guards let them through to speak with him. “Greetings Lord Benjamin, my name is Naviel. I’m a troll from Quebec, Canada. I’ve come to make an alliance with you on behalf of my cult. If you allow us to aid you in your war, we will grant you territory in our country, but, we must split the south between the trolls and werewolves.” Naviel greets Ben while explaining why he came to speak with him. “Alright, I’ll accept your cult’s deal but how will I know your cult will keep to their word?” “I made them vow to keep their word. We are peaceful until we decide to wage war on someone. You have not started any problems with us so that is why I made them vow.” And so the deal was made: The Trolls and the Werewolves will be at war.

Naviel then leaves to her quarters, which were bestowed upon to him by Ben himself. The assassin left afterwards, deciding to speak with him at another time.

Chapter 4: The Beast Within

“My Lord, New York is under attack along with Washington. Shall we send Rayne to help them?” “Yes, I will go and kill the armies at those states. Rayne then teleports to Washington, expecting the state to be barely attacked. But as he arrived at Washington, the humans almost took full control of the state. Rayne started to scream as he turned into his true form: The Archaic Wolf. As he starts to turn into the Archaic Wolf, he starts to grow horns and wings his skin turned into fur and his eyes turned black. After the transformation, Rayne howled ferociously and the remaining werewolf soldiers heard it from 40 miles away. “Boys, sounds like we have a reinforcement. 90% of the soldiers head to cover, but one stayed behind. The soldier then transformed into his wolf form; he grew horns and his skin turned into fur. After the soldier transformed, he charged at the human forces as a final stand. Seconds later, Rayne arrives where the soldiers who went to cover are. In a demonic tone, Rayne tells the soldiers, “Head back to base soldiers. I will take care of this.” The soldiers were expecting a regular werewolf to appear, nope, instead the reinforcement was a 9 foot tall werewolf with black and red horns, black fur and black eyes which was The Archaic Wolf.

The Archaic Wolf then charged into the battlefield, pouncing the human soldiers until he was close to the General. When The Archaic Wolf was close to the general, he flew into the air, channeled lightning through his hands, and unleashed thousands of volts into the general’s body, disintegrating the man’s flesh and leaving his bones as remains. The Archaic Wolf then grinned and teleported to New York. When he arrived, Rim, the General of the Werewolf Army of New York was the only survivor. “Rim? Are you alright brother?” “I’m alright, I’m not wounded. Let’s go take this state back.” Rim transformed into his wolf form: The Wolf of Anarchy. After Rim transformed, he grew black and purple horns, black and purple wings, and his skin turned into blackish purple skin. The Wolf of Anarchy grinned and then The Archaic Wolf and The Wolf of Anarchy charge into the battlefield, mauling and eviscerating every human they saw, until they reached the General. When they reached the General, Rim teleported behind him, stabbed him in the back while Rayne grabbed him by the neck, strangulating him, then he impaled his hidden blade into his heart, and said in a demonic tone, “This is werewolf territory fool. Never disrespect us, or even dare try to reclaim the North.” Afterwards, Rayne and Rim teleport back to Connecticut, where the Werewolf base is.

Chapter 5: Naviel’s Power
Naviel arrives in North Carolina with a shoulder-mounted M240 gatling gun with a Holographic Sight, with Full Metal Jacket bullets and a magazine holding 300 .50 caliber rounds, which was customly made by Naviel herself. But, here’s the catch: Naviel’s surrounded by an entire army of human supersoldiers. “Hmm, okay. Let’s have some fun.” Naviel then jumps into the air, activates her “Warborn” ability, which allows her to predict her enemy’s every movement and use it against them, also locking them in place. Afterwards, she fires her shoulder-mounted gatling gun without even firing the trigger or even pressing a button. She kills the army of supersoldiers, and then wipes her shoulders and laugs, “Puny humans. Too easy to kill.” Afterwards, she wanders through the forests of North Carolina and found her base. She then walked into the base, only to be greeted by Maanis in a feminine way, “Oh hello darling, welcome home.” Naviel greets Maanis and then walks into her room, expecting her “slave” to be there. Naviel starts to grin as her “slave” says, “Have you come to play with me Master?” he asks Naviel. Naviel finished grinning and in only a few seconds, they went to have some “fun” shall I say.

After Naviel and her “slave” had some “fun,” Naviel then teleported back to the capital of Khantoris Nation. “Welcome back Naviel, how was the battle at your two states you were designated to?” “Easy, but fun.” After Benjamin asks Naviel about her battle, a soldier storms into his room. “My lord, there’s a portal outside the city gates. What do you want us to do?” “I’ll go and inspect the gate myself. Make sure no one leaves the city, do I make myself clear Lieutenant?” As the Lieutenant nods, Benjamin enters an ethereal state and walks through the walls of the castle. When Benjamin got to the gates of the city, he had already turned into the Necrotic Wolf, The Wolf God of Decay and Destruction, and he punched the gates open, and by the time the gates had opened, the portal was closed and a man riding a ShadowHound, both armored stood in front of him and beside the rider was a female wolf master with 2 wolves beside her. “Are you Benjamin, the leader of Khantoris Nation?” The rider asked, and Ben nodded in response. “My name is Dreamular; I’m one of 3 Fallen Horsemen of the End Times. I have come to aid you.” “And I am Raine Altuwin, The wolf master of the end times, and I have also come to aid you.” Benjamin turned back to normal and responds, “I’d be honored to have you two on our side in this war. But, why have you come to aid us?”

Chapter 6: The Harbingers of the End Times
When Dreamular and Raine had asked to aid us in this war, I was not expecting them to be the Harbingers of the End Times. The Harbingers of the End Times are believed to be Gods, and those Gods are whom I worship. I had them prove that they were who they seem to be, and their test was to destroy their 3 key strongholds.

“So Dreamular, why were you sent here to aid Benjamin in his war?” “I was ordered to by Gabriel Altuwin, our Shadowlord. Let me guess, he ordered you to as well?” Raine nodded. “We’re almost to the first capital. Want me to take care of this one first Dreamular? “Sure, why not?” Raine then whistled to call her two Wolves, Uru’Khai and Uru’Krel, the ShadowHounds of Destruction and Fire. After she called her two ShadowHounds, Raine, Uru’Khai and Uru’Krel jumped over the gate walls of the human’s stronghold and the 3 split into 3 guerilla teams. Raine went to the Northern part of the stronghold and Uru’Khai and Uru’Krel went to the Eastern and Western part of the stronghold.

Uru’Khai arrived at the Eastern part of the stronghold where the first of three generals remained. Uru’Khai shape shifted into his human form to blend in with the soldiers. When Uru’Khai turned into his human form, his entire body was covered in demonic markings; he had black eyes and also had horns. Uru’Khai then walked into the Keep of the Eastern part of the Stronghold and General Malakar glanced at Uru’Khai. “A ShadowHound…lovely… Soldiers, attack!” As the Soldiers charged at Uru’Khai, he faded into the shadows of the keep. “Men, keep an ---“ Before General Malakar could finish his sentence, Uru’Khai put his hand over the General’s mouth and impaled his Hidden Blade into his heart. After Uru’Khai had killed the General, he then went after the Lieutenant. Uru’Khai stepped out of the shadows, to get into a sniping position. Uru’Khai has a M-200 Sniper Rifle with Full Metal Jacket rounds, an extended clip, and a Heartbeat Sensor attached to the sniper. Uru’Khai aimed for the Lieutenant’s head and all you could hear is the sniper firing and the bullet entering through his temple and exiting his spine. Using a wrist intercom, he reported to Raine, “The Eastern part of the Stronghold is annihilated.” “Good, what about Uru’Krel?”
Minutes after Uru’Khai had reported that the Eastern part of the Stronghold was destroyed, Uru’Krel had just arrived at the Western part of the Stronghold. He was already in his human form and positioned to kill the General and his Lieutenant. Uru’Krel’s sniper was a RSASS with Full Metal Jacket Rounds, A silencer, an extended magazine and a Heartbeat Sensor. When Uru’Krel took in a breath, the last thing he heard was the shot and the bullet entering the Lieutenant’s head and leaving out of the General’s head.

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