Her Name

April 11, 2013
By jennings.brooks SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
jennings.brooks SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
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A name.
Her name.
It echoed off the walls, emitting a haunting tune. She opened her eyes and all she saw was black. A black that seemed to wrap around her surroundings, pulling it all into darkness. So black that she might have well been blind. She rose from the cold spot on the floor where she had been lying. Where was she? How long had she been here? A day? Two? She strained to remember a how she had gotten herself into this situation, but her mind was blank.

Her head ached with a dull throb. She raised he fingers tentatively to touch her forehead and touched a warm, sticky liquid clotting her hair. Blood. Who had done this to her? And why? She stuck her arms out in front of her body to avoid running into any protruding objects, and guided herself towards the wall. She felt the smooth surface that sent goose bumps down her arms and legs. Based off of her surroundings and the echoing of her name, she determined that she was in a metal tunnel.

She kept her left hand on the wall of the tunnel to lead her through the dark passageway. Her name. It bounced off of the walls. She was determined to find the source. Maybe they had answers. Maybe they could tell her why she was here. Who put her here. And why. They questions circled through her head like a hurricane. She needed answers. She hated not knowing. Hated it.

She stopped abruptly when the source stopped calling her name. She stood in silence for a few moments getting her bearings. She closed her eyes, even though she couldn’t see, and used all of her senses to focus. Suddenly screams pierced the blanket of silence that had settled over. They were high pitched, so she could only assume that the source was a girl. The screams sounded close, most likely just a little bit of the way down the tunnel. She broke into a sprint. She couldn’t let her only source of answers get away somehow. The screams of the girl vibrated down the metal tunnel. Each step forward was another step towards answers.

She tripped suddenly over a large, disfigured lump on the ground. The girl. She stepped cautiously towards where she lay in a heap on the floor. Her body was sprawled across the metal ground, convulsing with each scream. She tried to speak soothing words to the girl, to calm her enough so she would stop screaming. But the girl seemed unable to hear. All she got in response was agonizing screams that tore at the girl’s vocal chords.

The girl was caught in her epileptic fit and she couldn’t seem to shake her out of it. She pinned the girl flat on the floor; her knees on the girl’s flailing arms. Her whole body was struggling to hold the girl down so that she might stop screaming. But the girl had more strength than she had thought. The girl arched her back and threw her across the tunnel into the metal wall. Spots danced across her line of vision as she tried to pull herself up. She crawled across the ground, trying to reach the girl. She froze in place as she heard the sickening thud of a dagger embedding itself in the girl’s chest.

The screams stopped and were suddenly replaced by the struggled by the struggled breaths of the girl. Probably her last. All hopes of explanations were gone. All answers demolished. The girl’s breathing slowed. She couldn’t save the girl. Could never find what secrets she held. Then she heard it. It escaped the girls lips with her last breath.

A whisper.
A name.
Her name.

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