The Unexpected Journy

April 9, 2013
By scoutcamper292 BRONZE, Avondale, Arizona
scoutcamper292 BRONZE, Avondale, Arizona
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There I was exploring the Islands of Niagara Falls, 20 billion years after the earth exploded, leaping from rock to rock.

“Oof,” I mumble as I topple over a vine, landing in front of two large boulders. Then I saw it, the forbidden cave, hidden away, holding treasures of untold value. Legend has it that every 20 years the treasure magically transforms, leaving explorers like me to only wonder what it looks like.

“Finally,” I said as I reached the entrance of the tunnel, I got to my hands and knees so I could enter the cave.

Feeling the ground with my hands I express, “Feels so smooth.”

I continued forwards feeling the stone grow steadily colder. I then entered the void of darkness that kept me from seeing two inches in front of me much less what lays beyond.

“Man, I wish it wasn’t so dark,” I got after myself for not bringing any light sources, as I continued to crawl forwards through the tunnel like a little mole. My nagging curiosity pulled me deeper into the cave.

“It’s close I can feel it in my bones.” Trekking deeper into the heart of the cave, I saw it, with the wondrous excitement reflecting in my eyes, i accomplished in discovering the one and only golden totem.

“Wait a minute,” I mumbled to myself, then I realized a horrible consumption, “If it looks so easy to retrieve, then why hasn’t anyone else been able to come back with it alive?” Then, with the utmost caution, I slowly shifted my weight forwards and continued towards the totem.

“This just got ten times more terrifying,” I say with wide eyes.

Then a hot, rancid breeze flooded past me, and I heard the most terrifying sound a cave can make screeched out loud and clear, Grind, it sounded like two millstones grinding against each other.

“Oh sn..,” grind, the astringent grinding sound consumed the whole tunnel before I was able to finish my comment, panic flooded through my mind, I crawled as fast as I could as soon as I realized that the tunnel ceiling started lowering at a threatening pace. I raced towards the totem because my life does depend on it.

“Faster,” I yelled at myself, “Faster!” But a flash of pain shot up my arm as my left hand got crushed under the weight of the cave.

“OWWW!” I screamed with horrific pain at the top of my lungs. Instinctively I reached into my satchel, half doubting myself that I would find anything useful. I searched blindly through my satchel until I felt a piece of heaven rain down on me, I felt the cool touch of metal with the back of my hand.

“Oh, please work!” I pleaded, as I pulled out the piece of equipment. “Perfect, a Jack,” I thought to myself, then I jammed the Jack next to my hand.

With all the strength I could muster, I cranked it up, leaving my hand just enough room to pull it out, taking the opportunity I slid my hand out. My body was shaking with exhaustion. With the most excruciating pain, I used both hands to yank myself out of the tunnel just before it collapsed.

“Raww!” I caterwauled as my left hand was burning with pain.

I had just over two feet above my head, but when I stood up exhaustion took over and I collapsed to the ground with closed eyes. When I opened my eyes again, who knows how long later, I stood up quickly, remembering the totem.

“Boom-Ba-Da-Boom!” I snickered to myself. I reached into my satchel and pulled out a shiny, gleaming,lustrous laser blaster 3000. With a grin slapped on my face,I charged the gun, aimed, then I fired.


When I pulled the trigger, a blinding, fluorescent, red light flooded the room for half a second, then vanished. When I climbed up the wall, I was terrified of what I saw, not only was I standing on an ancient space crocodilian, the creature literally swam through space and time, but brought me straight to the place where no living thing wants to lay eyes on. I stared at the planet Knordlevor, land of the soul devourer dragons, the most feared creatures in space.

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