The Good Luck Charm

March 17, 2013
By MelissaJ BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
MelissaJ BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Sofia awoke to the ringing sound of her alarm clock. She turned down the covers and got out of bed. Quickly getting dressed, she put on her lucky pink tank top, a pair of shorts, and her sneakers. Sofia went downstairs, and as she entered the kitchen she noticed her mom washing the dishes from breakfast.

“Good morning, Sofia. Are you hungry?”

“Not really, this will be fine,” replied Sofia as she peeled a banana.
Washing the last of the dishes, her mom turned off the water and dried her hands. Grabbing her purse she walked to the bottom of the stairs and yelled, “Come on Kaitlin! We’re going to be late.”

“I’m coming, alright!” Kaitlin replied as she ran down the stairs while trying to pull up her hair in a ponytail.
Sofia, Kaitlin, Mom then left, shutting the door behind them. They piled into their red jeep where Sofia’s dad had been waiting for them. To Sofia it seemed as if the drive was taking forever. Trying to waste some time, Sofia began counting punch buggies. Finally after two hours of driving they reached the resort where they would be having their zip lining session.
Once Sofia and her family checked, in they met Nate, the zip lining instructor. He was tall, with short brown hair, and bright blue eyes. Nate had explained to them that they would be wearing a harness so everything should be okay and that when they are instructed to they should jump and hold the rope that connects their harness to the zip lining cable. Several times when Nate was going over the procedures, he stopped to fix his hair. This gave Sofia the impression that he was very self-centered.
Once outside, Nate had then led them up to the tower (or giant tree house as Sofia thought) which was fifty feet above the ground. By the looks of it, the cable seemed rather long and high up, for there was a valley down below. According to Kaitlin, she would go first followed by their mom, their dad, and then Sofia. Nate hooked Kaitlin up to the cable and then asked if she was ready. She was.

“Okay,” Nate said, “jump now and hold on.” Kaitlin jumped and grasped the rope. She was moving pretty fast and let out a slight scream.
“Wow, thought Sofia that looked really fun… and also dangerous. Sofia then began having second thoughts. What if something goes wrong?” She was almost positive that nothing would since she was wearing her lucky tank top. Sofia wore this tank top many times and nothing bad ever happened.

“Are you ready Sofia?” Nate asked.
Sofia had been so busy worrying that she didn’t realize that her mom and dad had already gone.

“Um… yes.”
Nate then hooked Sofia up to the cable.
“Okay, you’re all set. Jump when you’re ready.”
“Okay thought Sofia, here it goes.” She began to count, one, two, three, and then she jumped clutching the rope tightly with both hands. Sofia had begun to acquire the magnificent view of the tree tops and a small stream below when she heard a cracking sound. Sofia had then realized the rope on her harness was brittle, old, and about to break. With perfect timing, the rope broke, and Sofia gripped the zip lining cable, holding on for her life.
“Help!” Sofia screamed. “Someone help me!”
From the corner of her eye Sofia could see her family. Kaitlin was shrieking in terror and her dad held her mom who was covering her eyes. Nate, who was prepared, put on a pair of gloves and hooked himself to the cable. Both hands on the cable, he began climbing toward Sofia. Once he had reached her, he grabbed her and instructed her to let go of the cable. Petrified, Sofia hesitated for a second then let go. Nate and Sofia zipped the rest of the way and safely made it to the ground.

Joyed that their daughter was okay, Sofia’s mom and dad hugged her and Kaitlin was so overjoyed she began jumping up and down. Sofia and her family thanked Nate.
“If it wasn’t for him, who knows what would have happened to me,” Sofia thought. While checking out of the resort, dad asked the concierge to give Nate a tip as a thank you. On the way home Sofia sat quietly in the back thinking to herself. “Maybe Nate wasn’t such a bad guy after all… I mean he did save me. And after all this, I don’t think my lucky tank top is so lucky anymore.”

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