Diamonds of death

March 14, 2013
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My excitements were at an all time high. Seeing the mountain with clearings that had little ants slowly crossing back and forth down the treeless slope as we came around the bin shot my excitement to a whole new level. My friend, John, pulled into the dirt and snow covered parking lot. My friends Isaac sat in the back with me and Joel sat in the passenger seat. The car came to a complete stop and John turned off the ignition. After putting on our boots, jackets and pants, my body was already exhausted. My pockets were full of snacks and sunscreen, which caused my pants to constantly fall down. John was in a bright pink jump suit that looked like he had borrowed it from the 80’s. He was a jokester who tried to make everyone laugh, which he accomplished with his jumpsuit. Isaac was more laid back, unlike John. He was in a plaid jacket and black pants. He didn’t want to stand out from everyone else. He was very calm and mature. Joel was my craziest friend. He did what he as he wished, and didn’t care what anyone thought. I liked to hang out with him because I was able to be myself without anyone judging me. He was just in a blue jacket and black pants, which didn’t really show his personality at all.

After walking, what felt like a mile, but was only about 15 feet, we had made it to the ski lift. My heart raced faster every time we became closer to the lift. It felt very awkward to have one foot strapped into the snowboard which, was also turned in the opposite direction of my other foot. We slowly slid to the yellow line that had bright letters that read; “STOP, LOAD HERE” I looked behind me as a chair scooped me up off my feet.

After a long ride, we made it to the top. My friends to slowly rode over to what had looked like the beginning of a trail that led into the woods. A sign to the right of the beginning of the trail read; “Nightmare” followed by to black diamonds. My friends gave me a signal to strap in my other boot and they began to go into the woods. They began to pick up speed laughing. It took me a moment to realize that they were ditching me. Rolling it off my shoulders I began to ride through the woods at my own pace thinking that I would catch up to them at the bottom.

I followed the trees thinking that I would end up on a trail. Back and forth through the trees I followed the moguls until they began to slowly disappear. I was going slow at the start but I had gone even slower when I figured I might have been lost.

After crashing into several trees and falling on my butt continuously I realized I was completely lost. I tried to remain calm because I thought it was nearly impossible to get lost on my first run, EVER. I decided to unstrap my snowboard bindings and walk because of the deep snow was unable to keep my board up.
Hours of trudging through three feet of snow went on as the sun slowly started to fall from the sky and into the horizon, and the temperature dropped with it as if it were attached to it. I knew my friends were looking for me but how would they even know where I was? It felt around 6 o’clock and the panic button finally was pressed. I began to shiver rapidly, but was not sure if it was because of the freezing temperatures or my adrenaline going at full speed and causing my body to shake. All I knew was that I was terrified. I saw the last edge of the sun disappear across the mountainous horizon and there was any light to be found. I began to scream at the top of my lungs as a wolf on its last few howls. My voice became very scratchy as throat begged for water. My strength went with my hopes, down.
It was around midnight when my body and mind decided to give up. I willingly fell into the deep powder and closed my eyes. I felt very warm at the moment of giving up, as if something had comforted me right at that moment.
I don’t know how long I was passed out. I barely remember what happened. My friends told me I was lost for days, but I heard I was lost for weeks. I have no memory of what happened in between the time of me falling to the snow to when I was rescued. Ever since the night I was rescued, one mystery has floated around unsolved for months now. I opened my eyes in the arms of a search and rescue member. I was able to see the spot I had been laying with what looked like wolf prints circling that spot.
It is still unclear whether the wolf was there to wait for my death or to protect me until help found me. That wolf could have made the difference between life and death for me.

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