Birthday Present Gone Wrong

February 26, 2013
By Kaylee123 BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
Kaylee123 BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
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On a girls 16th birthday, she receives a birthday present. Not just an ordinary one either. She soon finds herself in a whole new world, not knowing how to get out of it. Chapter 1: Birthday Present Shopping As I'm standing in the huge, two-story, television store, I'm mesmerized by all of these types of TVs. There's big,
small, 3D, flat screens, pink, blue, small, and new. I'm redecorating my room so I get all brand new things, Mom says it's my "birthday present" but I could hardly believe her. She's the one that wanted to start this gigantic, expensive project.
Today I get to pick out a TV for my room. It's going to be positioned on the wall perfectly in front of my gorgeous,new, white bed.
We ended up spending more then a few hours there. The time was worth it because in 2 days it was on the wall and ready to watch. Chapter 2: Feeling Ill Today is my birthday and I'm feeling sort of ill. My head is throbbing, throat is scratchy, and my stomach feels like a twister. Somehow, I still manage to get up and enjoy the day with my family and friends. Every year on my birthday my family and I sit down and watch my previous birthdays. This year, instead of watching it in the living room, we get to watch it in my room, or should I say my "birthday present".
When everyone left I was still feeling drowsy. I then decided to lay down and watch TV. I clicked the "ON" button on the remote. This TV was absolutely beautiful, words could not explain. I turn to channel 16 hoping my favorite TV show would be on, but for some odd reason it wasn't. Chapter 3: What Exactly Just Happened? The very moment I clicked the "select" button on the remote, I felt myself gliding toward the TV. I seemed to be in what looked like a portal. White and black swirls were everywhere. and suddenly...
"BOOM", I plunk on a bed. The weirdest thing about it was that it wasn't my bed. I had to take a minute to think and digest what just happened like I do my food. The TV I just got tooken into was not only beautiful, but magical! Chapter 4: Confusion I look up and see a TV on the wall, just like mine. Inside the TV was me. It was me sitting in my bedroom watching channel 16 which had on a show called "16th Birthday".
I instantly get out of bed curious about where I am. As walking out of the room, I see a mirror, I'm no longer that
13 year old girl, I look like I'm 16. And the truth was, was that I was 16. The TV must have brought me into the future. At that moment I was thinking about multiple things at once. How could a TV take me into the future? Was I going to stay 16 forever? Where was my Mom? But the number one question was, am I going to be able to go back to the past, when I was 13?! Chapter 5: I Have a Boyfriend When I walked out the door, I turned left. I jumped as if I saw a huge, 10 foot monster. There was a boy, a boy who actually seemed to be cute. "Hey babe" he said smoothly, "Happy 16th Birthday".
"What? Who are you?", I murmured. "I'm your boyfriend" he laughed, "stop joking around", he said boldly. I played along as if I knew what he were talking about. "Um...right. Well I'm going to walk home, I'll be back later", I said. He laughed and suggested he took me home in his Ferrari. I disagreed. I don't actually know where I lived. What if I moved inthe past three years?
I told him I'd be right back and that I was going to the bathroom, but I wasn't. I remembered seeing a house phone in the room I found myself laying in. I dialed my moms number quick, as if I were on a mission. There was absolutely no rings and no dial tone, only words. Those very few words were "This number is no longer in service". I was in complete shock. Chapter 6: Getting Information I went back downstairs and told my "boyfriend" that I've changed my mind and he could take me home. Just to be on the safe side I asked him if he knew where I lived. He answered by saying "Of course, silly. Whats gotten into you lately?
Why are you acting so strange? You seem clueless. Maybe I should tell you some other things. You live in Boca Raton, Florida, and you moved here when you were 14. Your friend Tyra just recently past away. You also go to Boca Raton High School.
Stop being so awkward and enjoy your birthday peacefully". I had no time to respond. He leaned in to kiss me but I had no choice but to kiss him back. I had to still play along so I smiled. Out the door we went. Chapter 7: Crash! We got int he car and got on the road to my house. I started to get nervous because he was speeding. The speed limit was forty five and he was going seventy five. Five or ten miles above the speed limit was okay, but thirty miles above the speed limit was unacceptable. Besides, the last thing I wanted to do on my 13th or 16 birthday was get pulled over.
Yes, he is my boyfriend, but I don't actually know him. For all I know he may not even have a license.
I asked him nicely, "Could you please slow down?", he replied by saying "Chill, I speed all the time, nothings going
to happen.", but something did happen.
The car in front of us started slowing down and came to a stop, we didn't stop though. He tried to slow down but we just kept going.
Then suddenly we crash! We crashed into the pink volkswagen in front of us and the air bag jumps out at me like a man in a haunted house scaring visitors.
I start to see swirls again and I'm gliding again, not to the TV though, but to the sky. All of the sudden I land
into my re-done room. I look in the mirror and I'm thirteen again. Chapter 8: Returning It I run toward the television and instantly turn it off. I then ran out of my room to go tell my mom what had just happend but I was afraid she wouldn't believe me so I stopped myself quickly. I am not going to tell my mom, but what I am going to do is have her return it. I'm just going to tell her it didn't looked good in my room, whick was a total lie. Instead of watching TV, I'm just going to stick with reading and writing.
Shoot! I might even write about being sucked up into a television.

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