Capturing Goldie Lox

February 9, 2013
The Angry Bears

“This girl has gone too far!” The Papa Bear announced. “We must punish her for her crimes!” And with that, his bear claws formed a fist, upper cutting the girl’s lower jaw, instantly slamming her head against the wall, waking her up abruptly.

“Wha—?” She muttered, still half-awake.

“You have stolen our honey and abused our money! Seems like you’ve done this thing before—you’re even sleeping on our bed!” The Mama bellowed in outrage, kicking with all her might into the girl’s solar plexus. The girl looked like she was about to throw up, smoothing her hurt head with her hands.

“Oh my!” The girl exclaimed. “Three real bears in the city! I can’t deal with you guys!” Saying this, she hurried to get to the front door, throwing everything she could in the Bears’ way.

“YAAAAAAA!!!” The Baby Bear screamed, landing on top of the girl. Even though it was only the Baby Bear, Goldie Lox struggled to get Baby Bear off her. The Baby Bear took the advantage of strength and size, running his elbow into Goldie Lox’s chest, breaking a few of the bones. Goldie Lox shouted out in pain, pushing with a great deal of strength. Running, panting, she grabbed the door knob and threw the door open, only to be faced by two police.

“You’re under arrest for stealing the keys!” The police announced. Goldie Lox examined the police. They seemed to have no weapons what-so-ever, so Goldie Lox gave a powerhouse kick to one of the police, surprising them and kicking down the police. The other one was way more prepared, as he held out a Deleter-3000. “Don’t make me use this….This can delete you from this very existence.” He warned, his hand hovering above the button on the Deleter-3000.

Goldie Lox was not intimidated by this at all, as she feinted a punch, following through with a gainer, her legs smashing down upon the police remaining. The police, never seeing any child doing such martial arts, fell down, dropping the Deleter-3000, thus breaking it. The three bears, seeing everything, were surprised by how good Goldie’s martial art was. It was only the surprise they had when they woke her up that made them gain an advantage over Goldie.

“The honey’s nice, you know.” She winked, sprinting toward the exit. It was luck that she didn’t receive enough education to know that bears’ speed far outmatched that of human beings. The three bears wrestled on top of her. She attempted to do a scissor kick, but she was no match for the bears. The Papa Bear bit off Goldie’s head, and the villain’s life came to a satisfying end.

“She deserved it. She killed enough people to get the death penalty.” said the Head of the Fairy City Police Force said. “You bears deserve a medal. We will promise never to hunt and capture you ever again.” The three bears nodded in excitement, each and every one of them glowing with pride.

When they returned to the forest, they told the story to everyone. Even the lions and the cheetahs were astonished by their fascinating tale. From then on, when people saw them, they took off their hats in respect, bowed to them, and even published books about them. The three bears lived a happy life, I could say. Most of all, the Baby Bear got to see the zoo.



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KaylaorBabycakes said...
Feb. 15, 2013 at 1:45 pm
I liked this! It was really good.
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