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February 6, 2013
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The wailing school bell could be heard from a mile away. For a matter of fact, thats about how far away I was when I sprinted out of my cubicle. As I ran through the open metal landscape the stars seemed extra bright this morning. It had been about 5 minutes ago when the 15 minute warning bell screamed out. Only ten minutes left. I shivered as I remembered what would happen if I received another blue tardy slip. Mr. Racsonraphel pulling the airlock’s lever on big bad Johnny. His deeply afraid face as he floated away from the students eyes pressed to the window. He was the only human he had ever seen in his life except for Jessica. Sweet Jessica. That day her hair was a beautiful shade of brown, almost a blonde. As I came up to the bullet capsule station I looked down at my watch. Only 7 minutes left. I knew it was going to be close. I ran up to the station and horror flashed across my eyes. The 7:55 capsule was leaving early! Trying to stop the bullet, I slammed on the speeding doors. It responded by speeding up. I knew I couldn’t wait for the 8:10 ride. By then it would be far too late. My legs stung. I sprinted hard after the train-like machine. Soon it would blast into bullet speed and then, I had no chance. I took three more long strides before leaping at the capsule. My fingers gripped around the safety bars just as it thrust forward, as fast as a bullet. The hard earned grip of the bars disappeared and I flew off, face planting into the metal dust. I slowly drifted off into blackness, watching the bullet train speed away.

I woke up staring at a ceiling fan. It spun around and around, never taking a break. That fan is begging for a break, I thought to myself. Suddenly, the fan turned off. Puzzled by this occurrence I zoned out. Suddenly I realized my face was in a state of terrible pain. I reached up a touched the bubbly skin. It felt more like a slab of vulnerable Jello than skin. I voice screamed out and I retracted my curious hand. An unseen hand touched my arm followed by a sharp pain. It must be a needle. Suddenly a my my line of vision went blank and was replaced by a big bolded message. I slightly turned my head, trying to see. The message wouldn’t leave my head. Finally I read it:

Dear Mr. Smith,

I hate to inform you of this terrible news but we have realized that you have a severe allergic reaction to the gas released from Bullet Capsules. When we found you knocked out yesterday by the tracks, the gas was already eating away at your lungs. We infer that your lungs will be burnt away by Tuesday...

My mind Raced. Today was Thursday. I screamed as I realized I only had 5 days left to live.

... I sincerely apologize, I know what pain you must be going through mentally and physically. As a gift for you in your last days, I left an all access pass on the nightstand to your left. With this pass you can skip school and even take the capsule to Earth and Mars!...

Angrily, I wished I was tardy yesterday. At least that way it would be over quickly. Maybe that option was still possible. I knew I couldn’t end it like that though. I would never forgive myself. Though I was still ticked and upset, I decided maybe the all access pass would be worth giving a chance.

...Thank you, and sorry for your hardships. This message has been made possible by shot mail.

Dr. Alserandeo R. B. Jin

Suddenly my vision became clear again. I screamed, kicked and thrashed around in my bed. My face burned and I realized my lungs weren't in good condition either. I turned to my right and puked all over the floor. As I retreated towards my pillow I finally saw the nurse in my room. Suddenly I grabbed the all access pass from the night table and walked towards the door. The nurse ran over and gripped her fingers around my shoulder, trying to stop my infirmary escape. I whipped around and knocked her to the floor with all the force of my swinging arm. I bolted from the room. Earth? Could It really be possible to go home? Back to my own species? I hate Venusuations. More specifically, I hate Venus in general. What other planet has to live in an air conditioned dome because their species is too stupid? Earth didn’t let global warming affect them! They say Venusuations are the smartest species in the solar system. What a joke. Venus is dead, and I’m getting off of this fireball.

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