The Parachute

January 31, 2013
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“Bang!” I jumped off the building with my prized possession to escape the government, who is trying to kill me to get my limited edition parachute, (I might have taken it from a museum.) My building seemed so small compared to the Empire State Building. I could see my building surrounded by police officers too. A lot of butterflies were attacking my stomach so I had to pull the lever to open the parachute.

“Foosh!” the parachute said as it opened up. A quick jerk pulled me awake even more. I slowly glided down to my apartment, which was on the top of a 32 floor building. I looked back to see the people trying to get me, to see them talking and talking to plan another plan to get the parachute back. I pulled the handle to turn right and immediately pulled the left handle to slow down a bit.

On top of my building was a huge helicopter pad with a huge “X” on it so no one else was allowed to land there but me. I was surprised to see no one on the roof. When I was a few feet from hitting the floor, I pulled on both handles to pull myself away from the building, allowing the wind to grab my parachute and stop my speed so I could land without getting hurt. As soon as I touched the floor, I pressed a yellow button on my backpack’s shoulder, and the parachute collapsed and refitted into the biggest compartment of my backpack. Then I took it off and put it on my outside podium and slipped the glass lid over it. Hopefully my podium’s alarm will go off the next time someone gets into the apartment.

Then my door bell rang. “Hopefully it isn’t the police,” I thought as I opened the door. I am glad to see Bob standing there. “Hey” he said as he walked inside. “Hey” I said back.
“Wow this is a lot of parachutes” he said with his jaw open in amazement.
“I’ve been collecting them since forever you know.”
“I know but it’s way more than I have”
“These ones are the non-cool ones you know, my best ones are outside” I said.
“Okay” he said as we walked onto the oversized deck. “Whoa” he said as he looked at the mountain of parachutes. “I see you still have the limited edition one.”
“Of course I do because if I didn’t I wouldn’t have a favorite one” I said with a frown.
“Can I try it on?” he asked.

“I guess so” I answered back. I walked over and carefully removed the glass case that was around it. I picked the parachute up surprised to see it was way lighter than the others, probably because I have been holding the other ones. He slipped it on and his expression went from happy to an evil look. “Isn’t it cool?” I asked?
“Yeah it is cool,” he said back. He walked over to the edge of the building and looked down. “Can I try it?” he asked.
“No! It has become illegal to do that, and the police are watching me” I said.
“Well too bad,” He said as he punched me in the face.

I turned at the last second to see him jump, turn around, and put his hands behind his head to look like he is awesome. “I can do that any day.” I said as I grabbed the nearest parachute and dove off the edge with my head facing down like I am a swimmer jumping into an Olympic pool.

This time I almost fainted because of all my butterflies. “It better be worth it,” I thought. When I thought I was close enough, I pulled the lever. “FOOSH!” It said with a huge tug. Bob must have figured out the yellow button thing because as soon as he hit the ground he pressed it and took off running. I didn’t have that luck. As soon as I hit the ground my ankle started throbbing and I didn’t pull up so I had all my speed when I hit the ground. I threw my parachute off and started running with little limps every step. I saw him turn a corner, so I followed him and as soon as I turned I regretted it. The first thing I saw was a gun pointed at my face. The police have found me. I then heard a radio that was turned up all the way, “Kill him.”

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