Agent Kelly The gem of Honolulu

January 23, 2013
By leah900 BRONZE, Loveland, Ohio
leah900 BRONZE, Loveland, Ohio
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Hi my name is Kelly. I’m an agent for the ssi and this is the story of my mission to get back the gem of Honolulu back from the tic tic’s this all started on a marvelous day the sun was shining and I was heading to work when the tyrant called me to his office which is like a dragon layer but puck are tyrant is very esteemed. I got in his office and sat down
“Agent Kelly I have a wonderful opportunity for you. You have to get the gem of Honolulu back from the tic tic’s because otherwise they will become all mighty and rule the world and try to find out there next plan is.”
“You said not many people are brave enough puck.”
“I know it just you are always so quiet and quick thinking”
“I may be but.”
“Do you agree to this mission?”
“I agree to this mission”
“Good now don’t forget your tool.”
“I won’t”
“You can leave”
As I walked away the floor was reaching up and grading me making me trip and stumble final got out of pucks office I started to get ready then I left to go on my mission this mission started to engross my hole mind little by little because I know puck was not exaggerated when he said this will be dangers I got to the tic tic’s layer I saw I would have to go through area to get the gem the doors were locked when I saw vent but the vent was screwed in to the wall I was going to use tool but I remember that I forgot my tools but I forgot my tools I thought I was over for when I saw a screwdriver laying right under a rose bush so I grad the screw driver carefully and open the vent I started to crawl when I heard these two guys talking
“So what the new plan? “
“Oh we are planning to over throw the HQ.”
“Oh how are we going to do it?”
“Not sure.”
I figure out there plan so now I just had to find the gem I crawled a little longer then came upon a room with the gem in it. It was an unbelievable room it had a chocolate water fall with candy corn grass was about to jump out of the vent when the tic tic’s came in I thought I was going to have to what a few hours to get the gem then BEEP BEEP BEEP the fire alarm went off all the tic tic’s raced out of the room then I jumped out of the vent grad the gem and climbed back in the vent then I crawled out of the layer as I got out of the vent then one of the tic tic’s spotted me he screamed “get her” I started to run down the road I was on a bridge when I saw a tall truck right on the bridge below me and I jumped then BAM I hit the truck. Soon I heady to the spectacular sunset, and the tic tics gave up. Soon I reached the HQ I give puck the gem and told him the plan he said
“You completed the mission by getting back the gem of Honolulu and saved the HQ from disaster”
“Thank you puck I am happy to help”
“But as your leader I wish to give you the job as head agent”
“I would love to but I wish to stay an agent
“Are you sure Kelly?”
“I don’t went to because head agent is just a another name you do the same job as every other agent your just called head agent”
“I see what you mean how about I change the head agent and make it so they have harder mission and a higher pay.”
“Good I guess.”
“So if I do change it around will you consider being head agent?”
“I’ll think about it puck I’ll think about it.”

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