The Ten Brothers

January 23, 2013
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“Tempest, run!” Storm yelling, screaming at me, while I just stood there, frozen, and suddenly everything made sense. Nothing seemed to matter anymore. I didn’t have to feel bad. It was time to give up.
“Tempest, listen to me, Tempest, please. Listen to me.” Storm raging in my ear, trying to get me to be aware of the situation. Its okay, I wanted to tell him. I’m ready. I’m ready.
“I’m ready.” The words came out of me, I knew that much, but I did not control them. Looking into Storm’s eyes for the last time, I said farewell to him. I said farewell to my last standing brother.
And then, for the final time, I grabbed the dagger.
“Don’t do it, please, Tempest, you’re better than this. You know you’re better than this.” He was begging me now, pleading me to not do it. But it made no difference. I was at peace with myself. I felt no more guilt, no more suffering. It was the end.
“I’m ready.” I told him one last time, and glanced at our surroundings. The cliff was now a mere fifty meters away from where I stood, and Hell lay beneath it. It was time.
“Go home, Storm. Go home.” I smiled at him, as the lightning cracked and the thunder raged above our heads. It was time. Storm was going home.
I raised the dagger high above my head, expecting him to grab it. There was a reason I loved him, and that was because he loved me. He was the only person in the world who loved me. But he didn't take the weapon away. He stepped back, and closed his eyes. He couldn't watch me do this.
“I love you Tempest.” I could hardly hear his soft, calm, tender voice above the howling of the wind sweeping past us. A single tear ran down my cheek. Hell was drawing closer, ever closer. Storm was going home.
“You shouldn't.” Those were the last words I ever told him. The dagger, glistened in the rain, and I screamed.
There was Storm, falling, falling back home. Falling back down to Hell. With the dagger, placed so perfectly, plunged deep into his heart.
My mind flashed back to the last ten years. The ten years in which I had searched and searched for peace, for an end to my suffering.
My ten years. My ten brothers. And now, at last, everything was…

But then my whole world slipped back into the past. I was spun uncontrollably into the life I had tried so hard to get away from. I heard my very own scream.
This is the Journey of the Ten Brothers.

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