December 19, 2012
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I got to Tennessee swiftly after a 16 hour ride, NOT. As we were pulling up I felt something in my gut. As we got closer and closer to the house it got worse and worse. I hadn’t even seen him yet. All I knew about him was he was a blue eyed boy named Oliver Stevens, and he was my new born baby cousin. I walked in the door. the second I crossed from the porch onto the carpet, and felt something almost like a breeze. I knew it wasn’t because it was hot 90º summer day. I could tell the bond was formed. That was just the day he was born. As he grew up we grew closer and closer to each other, And the bond grew stronger and stronger. My mom says i have a special bond with special needs kids, But she doesn’t understand what that actually means. One time when I was 13 I tried to explain the feeling I got, but it got me no where she said I was crazy. Out of the blue I got a knot feeling in the core center of my gut. I thought Oliver was just having a tantrum or something. Then again but harder, and then again, but even worse. I could tell something wasn’t right. I jumped up off my bed and ran to the bathroom with the feeling of puke rising up my throat. I just barley made it to bathroom when the puke came pouring out of my mouth, and then I just collapsed. Lying there, helpless, on the floor. I couldn’t move, my entire body was like it had been put in the freezer. I tried to stop because I know Oliver can feel it too, and that’s why I tried to stop, because of Oliver, because I know he’s hurting too. I don’t wanna hurt him. Oliver and I have always had a special bond sense the day he was born. I could try to explain it but you’d call me crazy and put me in a mental hospital or lock me away like every other crazy person. I don’t wanna be locked away like all the other crazies. Thats what my mom calls it, The crazies. When I tried to explain it to her thats what she said “you’re acting like of those crazies.” I don’t think they’re crazy i think they just think different then every one else, I think they just have their own mind......... Like me.

My mother always jokes about how i have a mind of my own, but the thing is......... i do. Well sense i’ve started i might as well tell you my story. As you know Oliver is my cousin from Tennessee. He lives 16 hours away but his heart is with me. Oliver is a blonde haired, blue eyed boy with autism. The truth can be crazy, but so can life. It’s hard to explain but when no one else can hear him i can, which is a lot because he can’t talk But he talks to me some how. I understand him when no one else can, and thats what I think I need. This is where the story begins.

It was a hot summer day, and i had fell of the water slide at fun town splash town, i was in the hospital, feeling more dead then i felt alive, when oliver came in his cheery, sweet self, with the biggest smile i’ve ever seen. He has a gorgeous smile, With the whitest teeth, and the pinkest lips you’ll ever see, And thats what cheers me up the most. Seeing that sweet pail, but bright face looking strait into my eyes with the kindest heart on this earth.

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