Field Trip Trouble

December 13, 2012
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Field Trip Trouble

It was Friday when Ms. Roberts’s history class attended a field trip at the museum. There were two friends named Jacob and Tyler, who planned to sneak out because they found the field trip a little boring. Tyler decided to make it a little more exciting. “Hey Jacob let’s pull the fire alarm, it’ll be fun seeing everybody run and go crazy” Tyler said. “Yeah, that’s a good idea” Jacob agreed. “Let the party begin!” and they both pulled the fire alarm. RING! RING! RING! Everybody panicked and found a way to get out of the museum. Ms. Roberts their teacher said “What is going on?” The security guard in the museum was questioning everyone.

The very next moment the whole museum was on lockdown, nobody was getting in, and nobody was getting out. “Let’s go to the basement” Jacob said, “They can’t find us there”, “Good idea” said Tyler. Jacob and Tyler rushed to the basement and they heard voices coming from a secret room. “Nice job with pulling the alarm to distract the security” the voice said “All is going according to plan”. “Who are they?” Jacob whispered. “I don’t know; let’s find out who they are.” Tyler answered. They hid and watched over the suspicious men “What is going on?” said Jacob. “I’m pretty sure we pulled the alarm.” Tyler whispered, “Is there anybody in here?” A voice came out of nowhere “What should we do, they’ve noticed us” Jacob said nervously, “I don’t know, this seems kind of dangerous” Tyler answered calmly. “Follow my lead; I just got an idea to make things interesting.” Tyler whispered. “Who are you?” a voice came out behind them.

Jacob and Tyler turned and then they saw two masked men wearing the same clothes as they were. “Who are you?” Jacob exclaimed bravely. “We’re international thieves, who are you?” One of the thieves said. “We’re just two kids who wanted to have fun by pulling a museum fire alarm”. Jacob said. “You mean to tell me this is just one big coincidence?” The other thief said. “Yeah pretty much”. Tyler said. “So what do we do now?” Jacob said. “Wait I know a way out. You all come with me, this way none of us will get caught.” One thief said. In an instant the 4 guys were climbing through the vent. “You can’t let anybody know of this”.

The two thieves said, as the 4 guys eventually made their way to the parking lot. Then Jacob and Tyler made a right to the front of the museum, and the thieves made a left and went through the bushes. “Where have you guys been? I have been worried sick about you two”. Ms. Roberts said as she finally seen Jacob and Tyler. “We got lost, in all the confusion when the fire alarm went off”. Jacob said. “Whenever there’s an emergency, you guys stay close to the group okay”. Ms. Roberts said. “Okay”. The two boys said. “I’m never doing that again” said Tyler. “Ditto”. Said Jacob. Then the two boys boarded the bus with the rest of their classmates, to go back to school.

As for the robbers, they didn’t stay in town for long, even though they failed their mission this time, they went to upstate New York for their next grand theft. However their success afterwards didn’t last too long. They ended up getting caught two months later, for trying to rob an art museum. They are currently awaiting hearing for their trial.

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