Emanating Death

December 12, 2012
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As I gazed into the eyes of Death, a smile fell upon my face. I did not fear nor did I falter. I stood my ground and strangely felt an augmented sense of security. He took my hand and led me away towards the place he recognized as home, a hellish domain known as Hades. However miserable the place was, I became filled with joy. I am not feigning this happiness, for this feeling is genuine. This experience was nothing new, but unlike others, I always return, reborn like a phoenix from the ashes. However, something always pulls me away and drags me with all its force. All that I feel and see disappears, and pain fills the gap that replaced my joy, happiness, and security. Communicating with him can be no easy task. The moments I spend with him are great, but they are of great rarity, a couple of years between each contact.
I realize that he can only expect so many favors from his brother Hypnos, which allows him to visit me in my period of dreaming. This endeavor may ultimately be hopeless and perhaps, my heart will be broken, but for now, I hold no grudge towards him. He has spared me from the dark, dull melancholy of Hades, for he knows that Hades can reconfigure the soul, heart and mind from pure and strong to twisted, frail and dark. I first met him when I was a mere child, and he told me that I was his daughter. My mother was a goddess, but she perished in one of the battles against the Titans.
He believes that I am too young and feeble to live with the other Greek gods, but I plan to prove him otherwise. The civil war between Titans and gods is still in occurrence, and I desire to help with my supernatural assistance. I first discovered my powers when I was in the backyard of my caretakers’ residence. I recall that I sneezed once, and a wave emanated from my body. I reopened my eyes and the flowers, grass and living things in close proximity of me were wilting, cringing in pain, and ultimately dying. I even killed my dog, Flip, and to make it worse, the more melancholy I felt, the more things wilted, decayed, or weakened before my eyes. I realized, at that moment, I had to gain control over my powers so I practiced and practiced every day.
I have always believed that my father was unfair for forcing me to stay on the mortal lands, but as I look to the past, now I believe that Thanatos really knew what was best for me, for I gained so much experience in such a short amount of time. In my years of training, I have learned that I am nearly invulnerable. I have the ability of fast regeneration, meaning that my wounds heal much faster than mortals. Additionally, I cannot die naturally because I am a goddess. I can unleash a wave of death at my will, at any radius I desire it to be. My father never described my mother to me, but I believe I have found out what her abilities were. Somehow, I can fly, pick up tons, have telekinesis and have telepathy, but I know that my father does not possess all of those abilities. Whoever, my mother was, she must have been the deity of the Amazons, the brutal women warriors, worshipped. I have been on the mortal earth for a total of twenty-one years refining my powers, but it feels like it has been more than that.
Twenty-one years in mortal years can roughly equal to one-thousand years in Olympian years. Perhaps this is due to the ability of free will the humans possess; they can do whatever they desire, put on whatever façades will raise their self-esteem, and ultimately shape their own destiny. Gods, however, have basically predestined lives. For example, my father, the Greek god of Death, rarely shows any compassion or happiness. His eyes display emptiness, and one can juxtapose him with a statue and find little to no differences, but what can you expect from someone who witnesses death, murder, and the constant flashback of his wife being slain on the battlefield. He is a god that controls death, but he couldn’t even stop his beloved wife from dying. There are special rules relating to the deaths of gods and goddesses. They aren’t controlled by any specific being, and it must pain my father so much to know that he has lost a part of his life. He can’t escape from his past; it’s not like he can transform into a god of rainbows and happiness. That’s not how Greek mythology operates.

In my heart, I know I can assist the Olympians in defeating their ancient enemies, our ancestors. The power has shifted from the Titans to the Olympians, and the Titans are willing to kill their own kin to gain it back. The leader of the Titans is the infamous Kronos, also known as the father of Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. This conflict has been the ultimate interfamily warfare. It’s only a matter of time until the war reaches the mortal land. Every now and then, I communicate with my father and he gives me advice. For now, he advises me to stay with the mortals until he calls for me, but until then I will be watching over the mortals and assisting the Olympians in any way I can.

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