Low Man That's Above It All

November 27, 2012
By NizZzy1 PLATINUM, Arrowsmith, Illinois
NizZzy1 PLATINUM, Arrowsmith, Illinois
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Quiet. This one word shows the feelings for this one man. Love lost in his aging years. Couldn't grasp what he has seen from the past conflicts and global accidents that have plagued his now current state of mind. War has ridden his only will to survive in that time and place. The honor that should have presented to him is now never been executed. With more then just a pride and pain swallowed his sits here in his state with low mans face of time that has past him by. He wishes to be one with himself. The night time sounds of the wind blowing reminds him of those days ounce spent in foxholes and trenches waiting to be struck upon by the waiting enemy. Their are no allies in war he was ounce told just your comrades and your gun use them to your best capability to stay alive my son says his father. A proud man he was in those days exiting for the lifetime adventure they say. Not even a facade of that has he seen. Men killing themselves for nothing of his understanding. We want to bring peace to these people while we are here his commander said to the people of the existing free world. What is peace sir? I would like to know. I want to know how to help these poor people how to rid them of this destruction. We must kill them to save them he asked? Its like throwing children in the fire while the parents are held to watch. We are no better then the enemy if we treat them like this sir. But nothing came from this low mans lips. He fights his way up the food chain in this distant land that he has become so familiar with. Doesn't know what home is anymore. You have seemed to broken his iron will, what have you become son says his father. We are dancing in this pit to see what may become of it says the son we are fighting for freedom and liberty. No says the father your fighting to preserve the killing name of men and leaders before us son. We must change our ways to seek and find a new way to live i hope you do before its too late son these are my last words Go and Save this wretched land my dear boy make me proud. And with that he is gone no other good byes this low man has become what he was sent to destroy in the land. He looks to the sky for guidance but cannot find a single soul. He returns home a heroes welcome not long lived I'm afraid. He sits at home now many years have passed he still has to think of what he has been told by the old man father time. Go and save this wretched land my dear boy. Did i save this land? Bodies still wreck the land with people killing each other am I another tool in this war game? I salute to you sir my dear father old I may grow but this soldier still fights just not to the obvious eye. We salute you sir I hope you realize how much you have done. He's faded now another name in the book of history but to us we see him as much more then that. We see him as the Low Man that Rose Above everything else when you decided not too. We are the Low mans will. We will never fade sir.

The author's comments:
I wanted to show that we sometimes forget the unknown soldiers of these past conflicts and this is the memory of one Sgt. Whiteside my grandpa I hope you like it.

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