The Case of the Never Coming New Year

October 31, 2012
By Annmarie1234 BRONZE, Midland, Texas, Texas
Annmarie1234 BRONZE, Midland, Texas, Texas
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It was New Year’s Eve and the Evan’s were having their annual New Year’s party. Everyone was talking and excited for the New Year to start. When it came time, everyone gathered around to count down to the New Year. 1...2...3…4...5...6...7...8...9………. but 10 never came. The clocks in the entire world had stopped on 11:59 P.M. and 59 seconds. It is like the whole world just stopped or maybe just the time. Everybody in the world just had one question: What is happening? Nobody in the world knew what was happening. The people whom were so excited for the New Year were so disappointed. The visitors at the Evan’s party were silent and know one said a word. The usual fireworks that the Evans always did were going to go to waist. Everyone’s fireworks were going to go to waist, for there was nothing to celebrate. Every scientist was thinking into this and none of it made sense. They found it illogical and impossible that something like this would ever occur. Everyone was trying to figure out the mystery, but nobody could. The United States had its top investigators on the case, and every commoner was questioning. They received a clue when they figured out all of the clocks were not going past 11:59 pm. They finally figured it out. After a long while of trying to figure the mystery out, they figured out why New Year’s never came. Apparently, every single clock in the world and every calendar, and anything that had a calendar and time on it was rigged to stop exactly at 11:59 pm and 59 seconds. No one knew except clock and calendar designers, but the secret never got out until then. They begged all the clock designers to fix it but they never did. They would be stuck in time forever.

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It was extra credit in 6th grade

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