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October 26, 2012
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Her black hole eyes stared back into his muddy pools, now leaking salt water. The scales below glistened in the light of the setting sun. His earth green wings tightly folded against his rough hide, providing warmth for the fast coming night.
She tilted her skull, covered with deep blue, smooth, chips of armor. He understood her gesture and raised his left forearm, the beautiful shades of green smothered with dark liquid. She grimaced, not enjoying the sight, and shook her brow. He bowed his head in shame.
She opened her wings, offering comfort. He cautiously drew near and snuggled up alongside her underbelly. She bent over and licked his wound clean. Occasionally he would release a yelp of pain, but was quiet most of the time.
When the process was complete he withdrew from her sanctuary, wobbling on his left leg, and nodded his thanks. Expanding his bat-like wings he launched himself into the gaping expanse of darkening blue. With the ball of light kept to his lower right, he began his journey home.
The steady rhythm of his wings beat in the background. He yawned, the great cave opening its aching jaws. It was getting dark. Night was arriving, and with night, danger.
With danger, pain.
With pain, death.
For in the night appear knights. Shiny armor, razor sharp swords. Like one big tooth they would come plunging deep, deep down. Deeper than any doctor can heal.
He hit a pocket of wind. It tossed him about, like a leaf in a storm, his green body bending to use the pocket to his advantage.
He passed through a compact patch of cloud, it was bitterly cold. Once he emerged, it was already pitch black. The warmth and protection of the sun had vanished. He shivered; it was not wise for a creature like him to go flying about at such an hour. Things lurked below, things with jagged rocks atop of sticks.
It was not safe. But what was safe these days? He was hunted down at every corner, every bend, and every square of the sky. It was of no surprise to him when one of those rock sticks twanged up, what did surprise him was when it sank deep into his injured flank. The pain eased some what when it passed through to the other side; but was back in an instant, ten times as worse.
He suppressed a cry of agony. For those below may not know of him yet.
Two more sticks shot up, one puncturing his wing. This time the hurt was too much. He opened his maw, releasing a discharge of electric ice accompanied by the howl of an injured winged lizard. The ejection of frozen electricity struck a pine tree blow, shattering it to ice shards. The remains crumpled to the ground. There was a sound, one of many knights screaming as they were pummeled by the tree’s residue.
Despite all the pain, he was able to smile wanly. But dizziness overcame him instantaneously; his right wing was of no use now that it contained a gaping hole. The only way to land was to crash land.
He glided for some time, searching the floor below. He found a spot further up and dared to flap once more to stay aloft. He should not have dared, for the intense torture was that of a thousand bullets.
The remainder of that flight was fuzzy, for he was unsure whether to hold on or let go of life. He was in between.

BrightSphere watched in horror as her friend plummeted to his death. The last male, reckless though he was, was gone. She hung her snake like head; her white skin glowed in the dark of the night. Only two left…

She was next. No matter how hard she tried, she knew she was next.
First him.
Now her.
She was next.
She trudged through the forest. Why hide? She knew that they knew that she was going down that night. So why whimper away, why not face death in the eye?
There was whispering amongst the trees as she strode out into the open.
Spears. Swords. Pain…

BrightSphere shook her scaled head. Why, oh why, oh why. A single tear slipped out from her rock heart.
The last dragon tear.

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Shen4 said...
Jan. 13, 2013 at 12:26 am
nah, it's only one story. though making it another longer story does sound like a good idea. i let you know if i do ...
Bibliomaniac said...
Jan. 11, 2013 at 9:27 pm
Nice. I could feel the escalating beat in my ears as I read. Is this part of another story?
Shen4 replied...
Jan. 13, 2013 at 12:45 am
nah, it's only one story. though making it another longer story does sound like a good idea. i let you know if i do ...
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