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October 21, 2012
By Roamingwolf BRONZE, Westminster, Colorado
Roamingwolf BRONZE, Westminster, Colorado
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Chapter 1: The Portal
It is just another day in the war. People come and go, patients are brought in, some live, some don’t. Then a boy, 19 years old, is wheeled in, he has no legs, he was blown up by a roadside car bomb. He has no way to live, he is losing too much blood, and it is a far way to the nearest hospital in Dubai. Alarms blare as another helicopter lands. He is almost dead, when a large rectangular portal appears and a man with the nametag, “Notch” walks out, picks up the boy, and then goes back through the portal. Everyone is staring at it, when the portal disappears and all that is left is a black rectangle made of obsidian.
I remember the driver yelling to get down, then a bright light, and then I remember being loaded into the helicopter. I couldn’t take the pain and I lapsed into unconsciousness. I woke up in a square bed inside of a stone room. I looked down and was surprised when I saw that I was made of right angles and squares too. I saw the door was made of iron, and I felt alone, when a man walked in, he looked exactly like me, and he went to a chest, pulled out some stuff, and walked to a stone box. I was surprised when flames lit inside of it, and the man placed some bloody meat inside. He walked to the corner and placed down a wooden box with tools hanging from it. He placed a clear, blue material onto it, and then some sticks. After a lot of beating and banging, he walked to the wall, beat out a square of it, and pulled me out of bed. I started to protest, to say I had no legs, when I looked down and saw that I did. He handed me this tool, and said, “Go out the door.”

Chapter 2: The Knowledge
I walked down a long hallway, and then it opened onto a veranda. The man said, “Go to the shelf and read.” I did and I learned that this place was formed for dying soldiers and people looking for a new life. It talked how our families did not know where we went, and we were registered as KIA. It said that the first one here, Notch, formed a great castle on top of a tall mountain, and that it looked out over the entire world known as Minecraftia. Many say this is just a legend, some have seen it themselves. There are people who walk the lands in full diamond armor, who were chosen, who were saved, and who were carried to this place by notch himself. They live underground, and they come out at night. They are known as “the Chosen Ones” or the “Elders.” It is said that at the new moon they all meet at Notch’s palace and plan ways to protect the land from monsters. It is said that one day, Notch’s brother got angry at him and created a world, known on earth as hell, in Minecraftia as The Nether. His name was Herobrine, and he released all the zombies and skeletons out into Minecraftia. The book showed how Herobrine created a creature known as the Creeper, which has one purpose in life, to blow up the players. These Elders have spent years trying to find a way to rid Minecraftia of these creatures once and for all. They have tried everything from blowing a hole through the bottom of the world to sending them into the sky. Either way, they keep popping back into the world.
I read for hours, until it was dark out, all of a sudden Notch came out and said, “It is time for your ceremony.” I began to ask for what, until it clicked in my mind, this is Notch’s palace, and I am one of the Chosen Ones.

Chapter 3: The Ceremony
We walked deeper and deeper, deeper than I ever thought possible. As we walked, players in diamond armor, holding diamond swords, joined the group. The path widened as we walked and we finally reached the level I read about, Adminium. I could hear the void calling to us through the layer of Adminium. The players took their seats and Notch walked to a table with a floating book on it. On a table next to it there was diamond tools and armor floating on it. In the center of the circle was a hole with red torches ringing it. Notch said, “Stand in front of the hole, when I say go, jump into it. If your survive, you will bounce back up here, if you don’t, you will spawn in the desert.” All the Elders stood up and bowed to me, and Notch said one word, “Go.”

Chapter 4: The End
I fell for what seemed like forever, until I saw a single torch. As my eyes adjusted, I saw a floating island of what looked like cracked sandstone. In the chest was a bow and thousands of arrows. There was a single block of TNT with a switch next to me, and a sign that said, “Blow up at the end of The End, then go to the portal.” I did not understand what that meant, but I had other issues, as a dragon had just appeared next to me. I grabbed the bow and arrows, and started firing at the dragon. I then looked up and saw the dragon had landed on a black tower, then it launched again and all of it’s wounds were gone. I started firing at the tower, when an explosion came from the top. I saw about 15 of them scattered about. I started firing at the towers, when the dragon came and pushed me back, and I flew in mid-air momentarily. All of a sudden, I was standing on a single square, and there was a creature holding the square. I looked at him, and he smiled at me, then looked around, and started talking. He said, “I am not supposed to talk to you, even saving you may cause me to be killed, but let me give you a hint, mine out the blocks, make a tower to the top of a tower, and when the dragon is flying straight at you, fire an arrow into his eye. I must say goodbye now, please tell no one of this.”

Chapter 5: The Dragon
I towered to the top of the tower, and I took position in the center. The dragon flew by once, and I got ten hits in. As it flew by the second time, I went full auto, and I took down the dragon. My war skills went into action, and, by knowledge, about 50 of the “men” appeared at the bottom, and boy, were they angry. They started climbing my staircase, and I sniped each off. They became harder to kill as time went on, because I was getting tired. I looked up right as the dragon blew up, and there was a fountain, with an egg, and thousands of little green balls. As the dragon blew up, the “men” disappeared, and I collected the green balls, destroyed the egg, set the switch, and went through the fountain.

Chapter 6: The Armor
I reappeared in the room, and everyone jumped noticeably. Notch said, “I guess you never get used to it.” He walked over and handed me the Diamond Armor and the Tools. He pointed to an Elder, and said, “Take the new one to your home, and point him where to dig.” The man bowed and walked away, and I just naturally followed like a lost puppy. I placed on the armor and got my sword ready. The Elder pointed to me then picked up his pickaxe, I did the same. As I walked in, I saw why he wanted me to hold the pickaxe. There were Zombie Pigmen milling around. I read that they attack if you have a sword in your hand. He pointed at a spot on the wall and said, “Dig.”

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