Deal Of Desire

October 8, 2012
By Kelly Johnson BRONZE, Woodland Park, Colorado
Kelly Johnson BRONZE, Woodland Park, Colorado
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The Deal of Desire

Once a time, long ago there lived a fairy named Zazell in a quaint fairy town of daisy and tulips. Quite fond of the gardener, James, Zazell found herself surreptitiously daydreaming of his bright, visceral smile and florescent blue eyes. Desiring to meet James with a passion, Zazell decided to do everything in her power. She dared to venture down to the corner of the town to the Wicked Weeds of Evil where there possessed some powerful magic.

The wind whistled through the billowing purple grasses. As she flitted towards them, drops of crystal green water fell upon her from the sky. All of a sudden, a black blob fell from the sky creating a mysterious sound. Startled and scared, Zazell crept over to a puddle as black as ink and as she got an inch away from it a figure jumped out of the blob; he appeared red, with horns, and a tail with a pointy fierce tip.

“Why, hello darling! You probably don’t know me, but I know you. My name’s Lucifer and I’m an amazing angel who seeks out high-quality, pure chitlens to corrupt, (cough, cough) I mean, care for. I’ve seen that you have run into a scruple that interferes with you and your beloved James. Correct?”

Stunned and ambivalent, Zazell didn’t know how to reply to the angel. After a time, she quietly replied “Yes. Who are you again?” After the devil reintroduced himself, he began to speak latently, “I’ll make an intriguing deal with you. I’ll allow James to become a fairy for the rest of his life, providing that you steal the Queen’s most cherished, golden wand for me in a time period of one week. If you don’t fetch me the wand, you will become my assistant for the rest of your life.”

Zazell agreed. The gold off of the castle glistened like the sun off of water. It was beginning to become lighter but Zazell was so preoccupied, daydreaming of meeting James that she was unaware of the risk and danger she was at. Although the security upon the castle was very intense, she flew over it without any of the guards noticing. The cold, brisk air was allowing her to see her breath like a cloud. The tower that held the magnificent wand grew high up in the air for 100 feet. Landing on the ground after flying over the stone wall, Zazell peered up at her challenge that waited. Taking in one last relaxed breathe of relief Zazell began to fly. Hoping her small, angelic wings would carry her all the way they began throbbing and screaming for a break. Her wings, barely allowed her to make it to the top. They gave out but thankfully her hand reached out and grabbed the edge of the tower before she fell to the ground. At last! Zazell reached for the gleaming wand that sat upon a table of roses. As her fingertips touched the wand, her body became as cold as ice and she was instantly frozen like an ice sculpture.
Marching noises came stomping up the stairs and sure enough there were marshals surrounding her. “You think a fairy would at least have the common knowledge to know that the queen has spells on all of her valuables,” mumbled one of them. Zazella was sentenced to a month in jail but mysteriously disappeared within a week of her punishment. Some fairies have claimed to see her with Lucifer; doing his evil deeds.

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