The Capture

October 12, 2012
By Anonymous

Two black figures sweep into my room and grab me. They gag me with a cloth, and tie my hands. I try to move, but nothing happens.....Bam! I slammed my head on the wall. I had been dreaming. My tan, long, muscular body is curled up like a ball in the corner of my room. I don’t have any weapons on me other because I know they are no use. I sit here thinking of the old days, when I still had mom, dad, and Sarah. I miss them so much. For a moment, I forget what is happening, I think back to our family vacation to Disney, how everything was so happy. How we went to bed with smiles on our faces every night, and for the last time were together as a family. I slowly doze off with happy memories replaying in my head.
When I finally wake up I don’t know where I am. It is darker than the night and I am propped up against a wall. There is not even a glimpse of light. I try to move and make no progress. My hands and feet are tied, and my mouth is taped. It had happened, they got me. My capturing was not unexpected; I knew it was coming ever since that day, the day when I lost my family. Whoever had captured me, had taken them too. When I woke up, the day after vacation, the house was destroyed. The living room was turned upside down, papers were everywhere, all the windows were shattered, and worst of all my family was gone. All that week, I pondered on what could’ve happened to my family. Then it hit me, my dad, Steve Delluchi is a billionaire; due to the fact that he is one of the most famous agents in the FBI. Just recently, he had discovered a valuable program. I don’t know what the program is or who it belongs to, but I figure this is why they want my family.
I take in my surroundings. I am unable to see anything. I can hear what sounds like two men talking. They have very deep voices and are murmuring. All of a sudden, I am struck by a light as bright as the sun. Two men walked in the room with a flashlight. They pull two black chairs in the room with them and sat down next to me. Now, with the light I can see that I am in a small room with no windows and only a steel door. The older man who looks to be around 40 speaks first. “Well why do you think you’re here?” “I don’t know” I reply. The handsome brown haired younger man gives me a mean look. “Enough” says the older one with dark brown eyes and a mustache “We are after your father’s disk. If you ever want to see your family you better tell us all you know.” The truth is I honestly don’t know anything about it other than it is worth a lot and my dad never got to give it to the FBI. However, I knew this wouldn’t satisfy them so I said “It’s at our house” Knowing my dad would never in a million years have left such a valuable item at our house. “Where in the house?” asked the older one. “In one of my dad’s cabinets” I replied. They seem satisfied with my response and the younger one says “I told you should’ve checked the closets. “Shut up Tom” was the older man’s response.
I was led into a small musty room, where I for the first time in a month saw my family. They were all tied up and Tom quickly tied me up. However, none of our mouths were taped shut. We were instructed to stay still and be as quiet as a mouse, for they would be back soon. I shot my dad a confused look. My dad just replied with a blank expression. After they left the room he didn’t tell me much, because they had bugged the room. Dad explained that the night they were captured, the two men hadn’t found me by pure luck. I can understand why, because I’m the only one in my family who sleeps downstairs. The two men must’ve figured we all slept upstairs. Dad said the men had wanted to come back and get me sooner, but were delayed by some kind of sickness. My eyes scanned my dad he was the saddest I had ever seen him. He always looked ready for everything, but I knew he had given up on this. His shoulders were slumped and his normally tan lively face was as white as a ghost. My mom and sister carried the same worn out expression as my dad. I knew it was going to be up to me to save my family.
Remembering my dad’s lessons on escaping rooms from when I was younger, I scanned the room for any possible escape. It took about five seconds for me to see it. There was a vent big enough for a man to fit into in the top right corner of the room. I mouthed my discovery to my dad. He replied with “Jason, I know but not even I, one of the best in the FBI can get out of these ropes, and how are we going to get up there.”
Just as he said this, I heard a car pull out. The door swung open. Tom walked into the room with a knife in one hand and a phone in the other. I was scared to death. He walked over, stood in front of us, and said, “We don’t have much time John will be back soon.” With that, he reached down and freed my dad from the ropes. Then he quickly freed the rest of us. As he began to walk to the door he said “follow me.” We all obeyed and ran out the room as fast lightning. Tom led us outside, through the woods, and to an old beat up 1960 red Mercedes. We all got in the car without questioning it and took off. As we drove he explained that he and John, the older man, were working against the FBI to try to get the program my dad had stolen. Tom never wanted to do this, but John threatened to kill him if he didn’t. My dad informed us that the disk was stolen from an agency in Russia. It contained information worth at least a billion dollars. “Why is it so valuable?” I asked. My dad simply said that he had sworn to never share what was on the disk to anyone but the FBI.
We passed a McDonalds as big as a house on 13th street and pulled into the police station. I watched intently as Tom informed the police of what was going on. Three disguised police cars followed us back to the warehouse. When we arrived, ten armed officers knocked down the wooden door and ran into the warehouse like they were on fire. They quickly arrested John and led him towards the cars. John looked up and saw Tom standing by the police officers. He cursed under his breath and screamed out “liar!” Tom just sighed and shook his head. From this moment on, I knew I was safe.

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