The Hidden Lights

October 6, 2012
Run. That is all you can think about. They are getting closer and closer and your legs start going faster and faster, but they are still gaining. You know you can't outrun them, but you have to try. Each step gets harder and harder and it becomes harder to breath. You lungs are burning from the cool December air and your feet are becoming numb from the wet snow seeping in through your shoes. You can't see anything in the blizzard, but you can still hear the call of the beasts begin to surround you. They are going to attack. Your instinct tells you to climb a tree, but you know all that will do is make you into a frozen t-bone, so you keep running.
All of a sudden you hear a familiar noise. It sounds like a truck. You look for the lights and listen to try to determine the distance and direction. When you hear the horn again, it sounds like its right behind you. You move to the left of the path to get out of the way.
You didn't see it coming. The last thing you saw were the bright lights of the large truck.

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