Skateboard Hero

September 25, 2012
I’m cruising on my skateboard; I see the ramp ahead of me. I kicked the ground as hard as I could, I jumped into the air and now I’m flying. I’m hovering over the villains down below. “What’s that buzzing?” I turn around and theres a bee behind me. I’m flying as fast as I can, it’s too late it stung me. “No!” I’m allergic to bees! I’m falling now; I’m on the ground next to Dr. Pepper and Mr. Assault. The pepper flew out of doctor pepper, now he is empty with no defense! I sneezed as loud as I could! My sneeze knocked them out just long enough for me to grab my board and grind the villains into the ground. I skated to the telephone and dialed 911. I rehearsed what to say before they answered the phone, they answered, I reported the accident, and then I ran away before the cops approached.

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vegetariangirl said...
Sept. 11, 2013 at 2:48 pm
This is a great story!!
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