The Demon Within Chapter 1

June 24, 2012
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Ever since I can remember, I’ve been cursed with an internal demon. The demon can take over my body whenever it pleases. When it does, my body (or the essence of my body) is expelled. Meaning while the demon was running around in my body, I was basically floating around as a ghost. Only I wasn't dead, unfortunately. I usually didn't stick around to watch the gory stuff. The demon killed enough to satisfy itself and then went back to hibernating inside of me. Which is when I am placed back into my own body and wake up with no memory of the killings. At least the demon gives me that pleasure, not having the memories of the last few hours. The first time it happened to me, I was 13 years old. I was at the mall with 3 of my friends and I just lost it. I don't even remember the reason.When I came to, I was lying in a puddle of blood on the second floor. After that, I remember making it home, packing my things, and leaving just before the cops arrived. I don't know my parents reaction to what had happened, and I don't ever want to.Somehow, I ended up here. In the middle of nowhere, with the nearest town 4 hours away. The only company I had was myself, the house I had found, and a very annoying voice in my head. It was a hard life for a 18 year old, with no friends or family. Today was a good day though, despite my lifestyle. The country sky was blue and the field of grass blew around in the mild wind. It was a scene right out of a Lifetime movie. I had just finished making up my bed, when my stomach growled. I was hungry, but I didn't want to eat. Every time I ate something normal, the demon rejected it. It made me cough up blood at certain times (after it had killed) leaving me to think it may have a bit of cannibalism in it. Other times, I woke up standing on the edge of the roof. Those times scared me the most, because I knew what the Demon was trying to do. If it ever succeeded in killing me, it could have my body completely to itself. As i walked down the once skillfully crafted stairs, my stomach once again growled. I sometimes wondered what would happen if I ignored the growling for long enough. i never tried it, but constantly thought about it. "Fine, I’ll feed you. I don't know what though.” That was another problem, food. I couldn't ever leave the area, even years later I was probably still wanted. I was a terrifying story parent told they're kids that would soon evolve into nightmares. If I went out, someone would recognize me and I would face the electric chair. It’s not that I was afraid of death; it’s just that I wasn't quite ready to die yet. I felt like I was meant for something bigger, no matter how corny the statement sounded. I walked into the kitchen and nearly slipped. I laughed at myself and then turned, forgetting nobody was there to laugh with me. I opened the small refrigerator and moved as an avalanche of food fell to the ground. Apparently the Demon wanted to keep me well fed. I was his vessel of use after all.
"Someone is coming." the voice in my head said. I picked up a jar of peanut butter and a glass jar of jelly, trying to find the expiration date. It was a nice offer and everything, but the demon could still have been trying to kill me.
"You’re crazy, this area is deserted. Even if it wasn't, why would everyone come to this run down house?" I asked
"There’s someone coming," the voice repeated. I opened the lid on the jar of peanut butter and the smell drafted up to my nose. It was strange, I liked peanut butter and I loved chocolate, but I had always hated recess. Maybe it was my advanced sense of taste, eventually all food tasted weird and foreign. Outside, something slammed shut. It sounded like a car door, but that wasn't possible. I stuck a nearby knife into the peanut butter. I took a step back and my head hit something.
"Turn around and I'll blow your brains against the window."
"Who are you? What are you doing in my house?" I asked, staring out of the window. Cars and vans were circling the house and mean in black helmets and vests hopped out of them. "What do you want from me?" I said, while at the same time trying to figure a way to escape.
“There is no escape, you know. My squad has this place surrounded, you’re not going anywhere."
He was wrong, there were a million ways that I could have escaped. After all, I knew the area better than anybody. Still, the guy behind me sounded pretty sure of himself. Who was he anyway? The police weren't this organized and there was no way the FBI had been called for something like this. I needed time to think, or even better, a weapon.
"Hey! Did you find him yet Roger?" a voice called from the other room.
"Yeah, I got him right he- what the h*ll?"
I had taken advantage of his distracted state and grabbed the knife I had been using earlier. I spun around and jabbed it into Roger's stomach, expecting him to go down in pain, giving me a chance to escape.
"You really are stupid aren't you?" he asked, and aimed the gun he was holding at my head.
"You-you-you should be dead!" I cried, dropping the knife. It hadn't even pierced him.
"I'm wearing a bulletproof vest kid, second rule of war."
I closed my eyes, "Whats the first rule?"
Roger grinned, " If you have a clear shot on the enemy, take it."

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this piece was a surge of exorcism movies, and all of them left me disappointed at the endings. So I thought to myself "I should take a whack at writing one!" so I've started writing, and I'm proud of the direction it's started to take.

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