Goddess Stories, part one of book one, Kidnapped

June 22, 2012
By dude456 BRONZE, Alameda, California
dude456 BRONZE, Alameda, California
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Favorite Quote:
Don't tell us the Sky is the limit when there are foot prints on the Moon...

Let me tell you about a story of four powerful goddesses of another world that have been secretly protecting the lives of Earth. This is one among many, but this one, it is when a powerful goddess gets… kidnapped…
Each of the four girls was wearing a colored orb as a necklace. The girl on the far left wore a grey orb, the girl next to her wore a red orb, girl next to her wore a blue orb, and the girl on the far right wore a green orb.





“We are the goddesses of the element,” they said as one, “here to protect the world.”

Then, the sky darkened around them, as if the world turned against them, and the crowd charged at them, angry.

They woke up in cold sweat. Loi, Khanh, Jovina, and Hannah woke up at the same time; breathing hard, and shaking a little bit.

“What happened?” they said, even though they lived apart.

“I can’t believe today’s Monday,” Loi said.

“Why can’t today be Saturday?” Jovina said.

“I don’t want to go to school,” Khanh wined.

“I can’t wait to go to school to tell Khanh, Jovina, and Loi about that crazy dream,” Hannah said.
They all looked at the clock: 5:30 AM, they groan. Khanh, Loi, and Jovina went back to sleep, and Hannah went to take a long shower.

Jovina dreamed of failing on a huge math, science, and history test. She tossed and turned the rest of the time, mumbling, ‘No! No! I didn’t study! Wait, I don’t study at all!”

Khanh had flashes of the TV show Young Justice. The flashes contained images of Aqualad, Kidflash, Miss. Martian, Robin, Superboy, and Artemis, but mostly Superboy.

Loi had a dream of being with the guy she liked. They went to a restaurant for their first date, then to the beach afterwards. She was smiling the entire time.

Hannah got out of the shower around 6:15. She ate breakfast, brushed her teeth, got dress in shorts, a shirt, and jacket, and she spent most of her time watching TV. Her mom drives her to school.

Jovina got out of bed at around 7:00. She got dress, ate breakfast, brushed her teeth, and then her uncle drove her to school at around 7:50.

Khanh woke up at around 7:20. She woke up to the sound of music from her alarm clock, and her dog moving around next to her. She ate breakfast of Raman, brushed her teeth, and got dress. Her dad drove her to school.

Loi got out of bed at around 7:25. She got dress, ate cereal for breakfast, and brushed her teeth. Loi waited for her sister and cousin before heading out the door.

They all arrived at school about the same time.

“Hey, guys,” Hannah greeted.

“Hi, Hannah,” Loi said.

“Hey, Hannah,” Jovina said happily.

“’Sup,” Khanh said.

“You guys would not believe the dream I had,” Hannah said. “I was really weird.”

As Hannah told them her dream, students began to gather at the front of the school. They all go to school at Will C. Wood Middle School at Alameda Unified School District.

The four girls are Jovina Tatsumaki, Khanh Moeru, Loi (she chose not to have a last name), and Hannah Tsuchi.

Khanh has long brown/black hair and brown eyes. She’s very tough, so don’t mess with her. She also has a scar over her left eye. She can still see, but it’s blurry. Her scar happened when she and her friends walked to her house when four boys tried to persuaded them to go to their place, and when Khanh and her friends refuses, they try to slash down at Loi’s face. Khanh, being the bravest, protected Loi and was the one to get the scar.

Loi has short black hair and has brown eyes. She is very athletic, so don’t challenge her to a race, and she is different from you average friend. If you insult her, she’ll reverse it and turn it into a complement, and you won’t be able to do or say anything about it. She is also the best drawer.

Hannah, a bit short, has short brown hair and brown eyes. She is a very hyperactive person. She runs around, having fun, and jokes around. Hannah is also a swimmer, a very strong one, too.
Jovina has long black hair and brown eyes. She may have horrible handwriting but she tells good stories, and she may be the best artist you seen, for a kid. She’d drawn ten different outfits for four different people.
These girls aren’t ordinary girls; they are the Four Goddesses of the Element. The girls weren’t born on Earth, but they have live there almost all their lives, and that was saying something because they have lived for thousands of years already.
This time, there were disguised as twelve and thirteen year olds.
Jovina gasped. “I had the exact same dream.”
“Me, too,” Loi said.
“Me, three,” Khanh said. “This is all way to weird.”
“How is it possible for four people to have the same dream?” Jovina asked.
“Well, it’s possible,” Khanh said. She always says that she knows everything.
The three of them looked at her. “How?”
“You guys know about twins, right?” Khanh asked.
“Yeah,” Loi said.
“And they sometimes have mental telepathy,” Khanh said.
“And that means…?” Jovina asked, confused.
“It means a direct transfer of thought and or feelings from one person to another person without using the regular five senses,” Khanh explained.
“I knew that. It’s just that too lazy to answer the question,” Loi exclaimed.
“Well, whatever. My theory is that it could happen to us,” Khanh said.
“Oh,” Jovina said.

“But how could it happen to us?” Hannah asked.
“I’m not really sure, but if those people knew each other well, I guess it could happen. But that’s very rare chance,” Khanh pointed out.
Jovina had a dreamy expression. “I wonder if we could talk to each other using our mind.”
“Jovina,” Khanh said.
“Yeah?” Jovina said.
“We have the watches I made,” Khanh said.
“Oh yeah. I forgot.” Jovina played with the watch on her wrist.
Each of the girls has a watch Khanh made. But what was different was that the watches have more than a hundred different abilities. Like telepathy and hypnosis. And on each of their watch is a very special button, a ‘Stop Time’ button. They can’t always stop time, but it really works.
When the bell rang for school to start, they went their own way. Hannah went to band. Khanh and Jovina went to Mr. Allan’s History and English class. Loi went to Mr. Peter’s History and English class.
During core, Mr. Allan was teaching the class on how to write a narrative story. Over at Loi’s class, Mr. Peter was reading the book, “The Outsider.” At Hannah’s band class, they were playing Jingle Bells.
Then suddenly, an explosion was heard toward the front of the school, the fire alarm, then, went off. Everyone jumped out of their seats.
“Calm down, class!” Mr. Allen said. “Everybody in a single file line.”
Khanh and Jovina looked at each other.
“We need to get to the explosion,” Khanh said.
“I know but how?” Jovina said.
“Maybe we could go to the bathroom and transform, and flash out,” Khanh said,
“What about Loi and Hannah?” Jovina asked.
“We can take Loi with us and Hannah…” Khanh trailed off.
“And Hannah what?” Jovina said.
“And we grab Hannah and take her to the bathroom after we transform,” a voice behind them said.
Jovina and Khanh turned around to see Loi standing right behind them.
“Good idea, Loi. Now let’s go,” Khanh said, hurrying to the bathroom.
When they got to the bathroom, the three girls grabbed their orb on their necklace, except for Khanh, who keeps it in her pocket, and threw it on the ground.
Water surrounded Loi. A tornado swallowed Jovina. Fire erupted around Khanh. When everything settled down, the girls are now in their goddess form.
Jovina is Aura, Goddess of the Winds. She wears a gray shirt with sleeves half attached, grey school girl skirt, with gray shorts under, a leg bracelet, combat boots, fingerless gloves that reaches up to her elbow, and a large belt that hangs diagonally down her waist. Her hair is in circle buns and they were tied with dark gray ribbons. She also wears a gray cape and gray Robin mask. Her eyes are gray.
Loi is Aquarius, Goddess of Water. She wears a blue dress that is ruffled at the bottom with dark blue shorts under, and she wears a blue belt that has a blue orb in the middle. She wears a bow behind her head with blue sneakers. She also wears a blue cape and a blue Robin mask. Her eyes are neon blue.
Khanh is Phoenix, the Goddess of Fire. She wears a red, short sleeve shirt with a flame wrap off her left arm and it ends off with real fire. She wears a red orange/red skirt with dark red shorts under, and steel toe combat boots. Her hair is down and some strands on each side were pulled to the back and were held by a red clip. She wore flame earrings and a red sash was put over her left eye to cover her scar, but she left a little stick out. There’s a red cape flowing behind her, and she wore a red Robin mask. Her eyes are neon red.
Each of them snapped their fingers and disappeared, and reappeared next to Hannah.
Hannah screamed in surprised. “What the heck, you guys?”
“Change in to your goddess form,” Aura (Jovina) said.
“Here? Now?” Hannah asked.
“No. In the bathroom but now” Phoenix (Khanh) said.
“Flash there,” Aquarius (Loi) said.
“Good idea.” Hannah said. They all snapped their fingers, and reappeared in the bathroom.
Hannah grabbed her orb on her necklace and threw it on the ground. A wind of grass surrounded her so you can’t see her. When it all settled down, Hannah was in her goddess form.
Hannah is Terra, Goddess of the Earth. She wears a long sleeve shirt with pink sleeve and the rest is green, and she wears a ragged edge green skirt with dark green shorts under. Some strands of her hair are clipped with a green flower clip. She wore green camouflage combat boots. She also wore a green cape that goes from light green to dark green, top to bottom, and a green Robin mask. Her eyes are neon green.
“I hate wearing skirts! I’ve hated them two thousand years ago and I hate them now,” Phoenix pouted.
“Too bad, Phoenix,” Aquarius said. “We have to be unrecognizable.”
“I still don’t get why I have to wear a skirt and let my hair down!”
“Phoenix,” Aura said, “we have a problem to take care.” Another explosion was heard. The girls snapped their fingers.
When the girls reappeared at the front of the school, part of the main building was on fire. Heading towards the beach was a tall boy. He has black hair, and he wore a black jacket. His left hand was engulfed in flames, his right hand was soaking wet, the winds were whipping his hair around, and every step he took, patterns of grass would form.
“Aquarius, Aura, you guys take care of the burning building while Terra and I chase after that guy over there,” Phoenix said.
“Got it,” Aura said.
“Phoenix, if he’s responsible for the fire, kick his a** for me,” Aquarius said.
“Will do, Aquarius,” Phoenix said.
“Come on, Phoenix,” Terra said, “let’s find out who he is.”
As they follow the guy, Phoenix kept thinking who that guy is and why he looks so familiar.
“How is that possible for one guy to have all our powers?” Terra said.
“I’m not sure, Terra. But he looks familiar, doesn’t he?” Phoenix said.
“A little, now that you mentioned it,” Terra said.
When the boy got to the beach, he turned towards Phoenix and Terra, unsurprised, like he wanted them to follow him.

The author's comments:
i am planning to write a book of my won, i just finished writing my manuscript and am trying to find a publisher, i really want some feedback on this so enjoy :)

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dude456 BRONZE said...
on Jul. 3 2012 at 3:29 am
dude456 BRONZE, Alameda, California
2 articles 0 photos 1 comment

Favorite Quote:
Don't tell us the Sky is the limit when there are foot prints on the Moon...

Okay, thank you for the advise :)

AriShine GOLD said...
on Jun. 27 2012 at 6:05 pm
AriShine GOLD, Norcross, Georgia
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"Whatever you are, be a good one." -Abraham Lincoln

This is pretty jumpy. Watch your verb tenses. You have a very interesting idea, but organize your ideas more, so they make sense.


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