Toto's P.O.V.

June 14, 2012
By Matilda Milkowski BRONZE, Holmdel, New Jersey
Matilda Milkowski BRONZE, Holmdel, New Jersey
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I was running in a garden minding my own business when this wicked old woman comes walking out of a house yelling, “You stupid dog get out of my garden!”
I sprinted away immediately to Dorothy. She looked glad to see me, but also looked annoyed. The next thing I knew the old lady was back again. I heard her arguing with Dorothy to put me “down.” I didn’t think that was good.
Dorothy’s aunt and uncle came out and agreed with the old lady. Dorothy was crying when the old lady picked me up and put me in a basket on the back of her bike. After we turned a corner so I couldn’t see Dorothy or her house, I jumped out of the basket and ran home. I found Dorothy outside crying near the other animals. Then I noticed something in the distant. Dorothy’s aunt and uncle ran to the shelter while Dorothy was still upset.
I ran to her and she was filled with fear. I ran at the vortex a few steps then she picked me up and ran towards the shelter. It was not open so she ran into the house and into her bedroom. The house started to shake and tremble while she held me close with fear. I was in my own little world by then. The old lady was on her bike in the air and after about 5 seconds she turned into a witch.
BOOM! We crashed. Dorothy let go of her grip, stood up and said, “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.”
We went outside the house and saw a lot of people half the height of Dorothy. The witch that I saw through the window appeared before my eyes. She was yelling at Dorothy so I manned up and barked at the hag. I think she said something about ruby slippers and another witch. I looked at Dorothy’s house and there was a woman under the house. She was wearing ruby shoes. I think that’s what the witch with the green skin said.
When the evil witch left all of the little people told Dorothy to go to the Wizard of Oz.
She asked, “Well, how do I get there?” They replied, “I don’t know but the good witch of the North knows.”
Suddenly I’m guessing the good witch of the North came and said to follow the yellow brick road. I didn’t see a yellow brick road, I saw a light gray road and we followed that. After walking for a while we decided to take a rest. I was fine with that because Dorothy was carrying me in her basket, so I didn’t really need a break. There were crows flying around a scarecrow like a bunch of bees. The scarecrow started to walk toward us, Dorothy and I were spooked. While I was eating an apple that Dorothy had in her basket, the scarecrow was filling his chest with hay. I heard Dorothy explain to the scarecrow that she wanted to go home, but she had to go to the Wizard of Oz. He added he wanted a brain, so she said, “Well why don’t you come with us.”
The scarecrow jumped with joy over the news. They both sang, “We’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz.” I did not like the singing; it got so annoying after a while.
We walked a long way before we found something unusual right behind a tree with an ax in it’s hand .I was thinking to myself, “Are we really going to pick up another hitch. I was the one to spot it out with my keen nose, I was really ecstatic because the other two. Dorothy ran over to me and asked, “What is it Toto?”
“Bark, Bark,” I said but I really wanted to say, “There’s something fishy over here.”
The particular object said, “Oil,” in a whisper.
Dorothy found an oil can and put some oil upon the Tin Man’s mouth. The Tin Man said, “My legs.” Dorothy put oil on his legs and other joints.
The Tin Man explained to Dorothy and the scarecrow that he has been stuck there for years after a rainstorm. Dorothy invited the Tin Man to join her and the scarecrow to see the Wizard of Oz.
They all sang while I wanted drill my ears because of it. It was like the rehearsed the song together without me. Again we walked along time and it started to feel cold like someone drained all the happiness out of the world.
Dorothy started to say, “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my.” The scarecrow and the Tin Man started to join in
I think we were almost to the Wizard of Oz because I could see Emerald City. Before it, was a beautiful poppy field. When I saw the magnificent field of dreams, it’s like I ran in slow motion and a song in the background was playing like I found my first love. Suddenly I lost all of my energy to frolic through the meadow, and it looked like Dorothy was too. Before I could finish that thought I passed out, I think it was the Wicked Witch of the East who poisoned the poppy field. I was angry at that witch I wanted to sink my teeth into her cold blooded hand.

Waking up next to Emerald City in Dorothy’s arms I jumped on to the ground. We walked into the city and we were welcome by small people in green clothing. I got groomed (finally) by the people and a few treats. After I was finished being groomed we walked into this gigantic hall to see the Wizard of Oz.

Dorothy, the scarecrow, and the tin man were all scared to see the wizard, and I was to because of all the thunder sounds.

When we had gotten to the end of the hallway Dorothy knocked on the wizard’s door with fear.
A loud and deep voice bellowed, “YES!”
“May we come in?” Dorothy asked in a petite voice.
Dorothy, the scarecrow, and the tin man all walked in, including me in Dorothy’s arms. It felt like she was strangling me, I could barely breath, how would she want me to stay alive. When I walked in I expected a man in a wizard suit with a long beard.
“What do you want?”
“I was wondering if you could bring me and Toto back home, to Kansas.”
“Why of course not that’s preposterous!”
While Dorothy was talking to the big head I saw a curtain with a cardboard foot sticking out of it, I didn’t know were it led so I wanted to have another adventure. I jumped out of Dorothy’s arms, with a smile crept upon my face and I could finally breathe now. I behind the curtain to see what was back there. There was an old man talking into a microphone and saying the same thing the big head was saying. I barked twice and the man said, “Don’t listen to the dog!”
Dorothy and the others came over in a jiffy. The man gave the tin man his heart (it was really a badge). He gave the scarecrow a brain (it was really a badge that said, “INTELLIGENT”).
Dorothy asked if she could go back home or not, the man said, “Then just say you want to go home three times and click your heals together.”
On the last word she said we ended up back in Kansas, on Dorothy’s bed surrounded by her family.
I was so confused because when I blinked, there I was in Dorothy’s room. I had a fun adventure, or was it just a dream; I remembered it like it was real.

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