June 6, 2012
By Anonymous

Chapter 1
“Bye Dad,” said Ronniel.

Ronniel was 12 years old. Ronniel was going to Japan. Ronniel got on his plane and waved back at dad. Then Ronniel was listening to music. He was relaxing. Then he fell asleep. Then he woke up with yells from people on the plane. One of the engines exploded! After a while the other engine exploded too! They were falling from the sky!

Then he went to the back to find a parachute . Ronniel used to skydive in the past. He found one and then opened the door. Then he jumped out of the airplane. Then he was on the sky. He liked the air on his face. After a while Ronniel opened the chute and had a bad landing. He damaged his left arm. Ronniel landed on mountainous place. So he tried to find some shelter for the nite.

Then when he was sleeping some people came and took him to a place. The people put a bag on his head so he couldn’t see where he was going. They threw him on his knees. They took the bag off and he saw a big person.

“Sow what are you doing here?” He was the leader for some criminals that kill for money. His name was Chubaca .They put Ronniel in cell for a few weeks. then they took him outside. They were going to dispose of him.


They were walking for a while then they stop then. They were talking . The assassin got Ronniel, all of them left except for one he got his sword out and got ready to kill him . Suddenly someone got the person from behind and caught he . Then Ronniel start to run then people sow him, and talk Ronniel to a tempal. they help people,they train you to defend yourself and inesent people. After Ronniel recover from thengeri the assassin left him. Ronnil was recovered in a week .

The after the two days after he recovered in the morning he start his training. there was 5 sensa one for spid, and strength, . they state on his strength they test him first they made them push a bolther. he couldn’t ,then a a peospson get some claws and pute it on ronnil. when he put it on he fenl to the gawnd . they said that he has to where that intil he can walk normall .it tolk him a fiw weeks. fafter that his speed and strength got higher. After that they did normal training.


After five years he finished his training. Then he went and the master wanted to talk to him. He told Ronniel that he was going to go back to America. Then the master gave Ronniel some magical tools, this piece of paper that turned drawings into real objects, this bag that he could whatever and it still keeps its shape, and some clothes that can change to look like other people’s clothes.

Then the master tells Ronniel to do this thing and he develops magical powers. The magical powers are that Ronniel can fly, create pranks, and do some other things like changing his age. He also becomes immortal.


Ronniel goes New Brunswick and starts a normal life. He goes to school and makes himself twelve again. He gets adopted parents because his other parents think he is dead. He goes to a terrible school because there is fighting there and people sell illegal things. To blend in he made his bookbag into a Jansport bookbag and then he made the piece of paper into an iPOD so he can take pictures instead of drawing all that hard work.

One day a person was picking on Ronniel and Ronniel was defending himself. The other guy got angry and wanted to fight Ronniel after school. So then Ronniel got prepared after school he pulled out some fake blood out of his bookbag and then put a small bag of fake blood on his hand. So he could squeeze the blood when he gets punched so the kids think he is a normal kid. So then after school came and they fought. His plan worked perfectly.


One day he went walking home there was this person that took his bookbag and punched him. Ronniel fell down. There were some people that saw him and called the police. Then Ronniel went to get his bookbag back. WHen the police came Ronniel beat the person up. The police saw Ronniel and the other guy fighting. The other guy had a knife and knocked him out cold. The police asked Ronniel if he wanted to join the force.

Ronniel said, “yes.”

They tested him doing things like driving a car and he passed. He was a great drifter and they allowed him to have a driver’s license and a badge. They gave him a uniform, but he doesn’t wear it. So the people can think that he is a normal kid and then they showed him a car and Ronniel took a picture with his iPOD so he could use it later on.

Sometimes he walks in the street and he sees nice cars and motorcycles and he takes pictures of everything that looks nice so he can ride them for later on.


One day at school they called him out to chase this person and Ronniel was at recess. Ronniel had outdoor recess and then he put a picture of a motorcycle and it came out. And he ran to catch criminals. And came back and everyone was asking him where he went and where did he get that motorcycle. After that day he was walking home and then there was some people jump out and around him in a circle. There was this criminal oregano saying that wanted to rule the world. It told him to join him because they knew he was a strong person and could fight really good. And Ronniel doesn't want to join but then they tell him that if he doesn't that they will kill his family. So he said yes.

Then he went with them. They gave him some weapons and this jacket that they wear. Then there was this person that went with Ronniel back home and he was seeing if he would tell anybody what happened and if he did they would kill his family.

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